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The Boot of Jemiah is a bar located in the space colony of Exitar on Knowhere.


The Guardians of the Galaxy visited the Boot of Jemiah while waiting to meet with the Collector. Drax the Destroyer and Rocket Raccoon got drunk and wagered on the Orloni fights. After Drax called Rocket a vermin, the two started to fight until Star-Lord separated them. Carina entered and took the Guardians to the Collector.[1]

The Van'Lan Encounter

Before Drax and Rocket fought each other, a man was winning an Orloni race. However, due to the outbreak of the fight, the man lost. From there, the man planned to get his revenge by killing the Guardians.

Some time before the Guardians of the Galaxy were hit by a Van'Lan, the man who had lost the Orloni race approached Yondu Udonta, who was drinking at the bar. The man talked Yondu into helping him find the Guardians. Yondu told him to monitor the Nova Corps communications, as the Nova Corps and the Guardians were allies. The man left to hunt the Guardians, but not before Yondu placed a tracer on the man's back.[2]



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