"There's nothing in this world I hate as much as a goddamn bomb."
Frank Castle[src]

The Bombings of New York City were a series of terrorist attacks on several targeted buildings that included, but were not limited to, a federal courthouse, the ATF Field Office and the 10th Precinct Police Station. The perpetrator, Lewis Wilson, was motivated by his late idol's pro-Second Amendment political stance. In the aftermath of the initial bombings, Wilson proposed an ultimatum to the New York Bulletin, announcing that he will commit more terrorist attacks.


When Curtis Hoyle told Lewis Wilson about O'Connor's actual military background, Wilson paid a visit to him. He interrupted his story with knowledge of O'Connor's army records. O'Connor demands Wilson get out of his house and Wilson becomes angry, calls him a liar and stabs until he bleeds out and dies.[1]


"And we should say, everyone in this video is alive, though some others were not so lucky. We are hearing several people have been killed and dozens more injured. The FBI and the police department are at the scenes."
―News Anchor[src]

O'Connor's murder finally pushed Wilson over the edge. He decided to a pro-active stance on O'Connor's rhetoric against the United States Government's apparent opposition to the Second Amendment, leading him to become a terrorist. Returning home, Lewis Wilson crafted bombs and planted them in the ATF Field Office, 10th Precinct Police Station and federal courthouse. In the explosion, multiple civilians were killed and injured. Police and FBI began a hunt for the bomber.[2]


NYB Homegrown
"You're such a coward. Those people that you killed, they weren't making policy. They were secretaries and janitors and beat cops. Regular people. How does that help your cause? Maybe the government did something awful to you. I don't know your story. But awful things happen to people every day, and they don't murder people because of it."
Karen Page to Lewis Wilson[src]

Lewis Wilson writes a manifesto and mails it to [New York Bulletin]] journalist Karen Page. Wilson wants Page to print the manifesto as a call to arms, and threatens the paper and its staff if they do not. Page wants to print the letter and a reply – Mitchell Ellison agrees to print an editorial if the FBI allows it.

Page prints her reply to Wilson, calling him a coward and terrorist. She is also a guest on a radio talk show, The Ricky Langtry Show, alongside Senator Stan Ori. During the talk show, Wilson calls in and threatens her. Frank Castle recognized a phrase that Wilson say "sic semper tyrannis" and remembers that he heard it before. Curtis Hoyle recognized a phrase too and arrive to Wilson's home.[2]


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