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"You can't control what people say. Just be the best man that you can be. And always make sure they spell your name right."
―Bobby Fish to Luke Cage[src]

Bobby Fish is a friend of Pop and a recurring patron of Pop's Barber Shop. Following Pop's death, he befriended Luke Cage and helped him both move on with his life the way Pop would have wanted, and confront the criminal elements of Harlem that were responsible for his death.


Meeting Pop

"How'd you know Pop?"
"We used to play chess in Marcus Garvey Park. He got too busy to play, so I started coming here."
Luke Cage and Bobby Fish[src]

Bobby Fish and Pop met each other at Marcus Garvey Park. At the park, they frequently played games of chess, which Fish would win most of the time. Pop eventually became too busy to visit the park, so instead of meeting at the park Fish started to visit Pop's Barber Shop. Over the years, Fish would frequently visit to play chess with the people at the shop. He also started doing Pop's taxes every year.[2]

New York Knicks

Bobby Fish visited Pop's Barber Shop to play chess on his own. While playing he, Pop and some of the others in the shop were discussing the New York Knicks. Fish agreed with Shameek Smith when he pointed out that Pop cursed. Fish corrected Pop after he mistakenly called the guy the Knick drafted Russian instead of Latvian. According to Fish, the Knicks only had one option, and that was to fire Phil Jackson. This started an argument about Jackson and a former coach of the Knicks, Pat Riley.

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While discussing the Knicks, Pop was giving Lonnie Wilson a haircut. When he and his mother, Patricia Wilson, left the barber shop, Smith wondered what a woman like Patricia sees in a man like Luke Cage. Fish told him that you either have it, or you don't. Smith felt like he had it.[3]

Bobby Fischer

Fish plays a game of chess with Turk Barrett

A few days later, Fish was at Pop's Barber Shop playing a game of chess with Turk Barrett. While playing, he witnessed Cornell Stokes, together with two of his men, enter the shop to get a haircut. While Pop was giving Stokes a haircut, Fish and Barrett started mocking each other during their game. According to Turk, Fish was taking to much time before making a move and that him being called Bobby Fish does not make him Bobby Fischer. Fish responded by stating that Turk Barrett is not Turkish. They continued mocking each other. When Stokes and his men left, the two of them kept playing, something Pop noticed after he got back from his break. Barrett eventually stopped to go the toilet and quickly after left the shop. Even though they had stopped playing, Fish stayed and greeted Misty Knight when she entered.[4]

Protecting Pop's Barber Shop

"Besides playing chess, I used to do the man's taxes every year. I know where every account is and who's owed what. Trust me, soon as the word spreads that he's gone, the wolves will be at the door."
―Bobby Fish to Luke Cage[src]

Fish visited Pop's Barber Shop the day after the attack in which Pop had died. He noticed Luke Cage standing outside the shop, and when Luke Cage entered the shop later that day he told him. Cage told him that he was not ready to enter the shop yet, something Fish understood. Walking in the shop was the hardest thing he had ever done. Fish told Cage that he started coming to the shop after Pop got to busy to play chess games at the park, which Fish won most of the time. According to Fish, the bank would eventually take the shop, something he learned while doing Pop's taxes. Fish knew exactly where every account was and who is owed what, and was sure that when it was known that Pop had died the wolves would be at the door.

Fish told Cage that in order to keep the barber shop open they needed to have $80,000 dollar. Cage worried that it was to late, but Fish assured him that as long as everything got payed for on time no one would start asking questions and shut the shop down. In order to make sure they were able to, Cage planned to get into Cottonmouth his pockets. Fish reminded him that all of this had happened because someone robbed Cottonmouth and Cage told him that he would instead of touching the king himself, he would take down everything else on the board. Cage then left the shop to, according to him, check these fools.

While Cage was busy collecting money by robbing Cottonmouth his safe houses, and raiding the Crispus Attucks Complex, Fish stayed at the shop. Feeling unable to leave the place the way it looked, knowing how Pop cared about detail, Fish started to clean up the mess that was made during the shooting. Fish eventually fell a sleep on one of the chairs. He woke up when Cage entered the store with a bag of money, surprised by the way he looked. Because Fish cursed, Cage told him to put some money into the swear jar. Fish could not, because he had nothing on him. Cage handed him the bag, telling him he now has change to make a change. Fish again swore, before opening the bag. Surprised with all the money in it, he asked Cage where all the money came from. Since the bank does not worry about where it came from, neither should Fish. Fish would call some people to get started on repairing the shop.

Fish and Cage laughed about the way Pop wanted to keep the windows, and the logo on it, clean. They agreed that the shop had to stay open, but since neither of them were barbers they were both unable to run the shop themselves. Even though it was a question for another time, they did have to figure out something soon. Cage reminded Fish that he would make sure a solution was found and left the shop to get something to eat. Fish once again took a surprised look into the bag.[2]

Memorial Service

With the money he received, Fish quickly began the repair of Pop's Barber Shop. Fish had also taken on the task to organize Pop's memorial service. Since Luke Cage did not have a suit yet, Fish used some of the money to make sure Dapper Dan would make Cage look right. Fish told Cage to come to the shop, where he received a suit from Dapper Dan himself. Cage told Dan that he only survived the Destruction of Genghis Connie's because he was lucky, but according to Fish, Cage was blessed. Following a brief conversation about Mike Tyson, Dan left the barber shop.

Fish and Cage discussed the seating at the memorial service and Pop's being a women magnet. Fish handed Cage the keys to the upstairs apartment. Fish was sure that Pop would have wanted Cage to get the apartment, especially with his own destroyed. Soon after, Aisha Axton stormed into the shop, asking for Cage. Fish used to know Aisha and her father Eddie Axton before he became a drug edit and knew that deep down Eddie was a good man. Aisha told Cage that Zip and his gang had began hitting up the streets to for money and ordered Cage to do something against it. When Cage left the shop to do so, Fish asked him where he was going, after which Cage told him that he was going to make sure Cottonmouth spelled his name right, something Fish talked about earlier that day.

That evening, Fish lead the memorial service, making sure that those who wanted to say something got the chance to do so. Following the speech of Bert Hunter, Fish comforted him, before asking who else wanted to say something. The first one to step forward was Cottonmouth, followed by Luke Cage. During Cage's speech, Fish looked on, laughing at Cage's jokes.[5]

Eventually, Fish announced to Cage that he was required to move out of the Barber Shop.[6]


"Luke might be bulletproof, but he leads with his heart and his chin. I'm here to protect him."
"You're a good man, Bobby."
―Bobby Fish and Claire Temple[src]

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  • Ex-Wife
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  • Bobby Fish's name is very similar to Bobby Fischer, a chess grandmaster and the eleventh World Chess Champion, which is shown due to Bobby's love of chess.

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