The Bloodaxe was a powerful obsidian battle weapon created by Hela and temporarily branded by Skurge.[1]


After her successful siege of Asgard, Hela appointed the Asgardian Skurge as her enforcer and executioner. Providing him with a weapon, Hela drew the Bloodaxe straight from her body, presenting it to Skurge, who took up the role offered to him.

Having discovered that the Bifrost sword was stolen by its former guardian, Heimdall, Hela sets her sights on the Asgardian citizens, and forces them into divulging the location of the sword with the threat of having Skurge execute every single one of them. Eventually, Skurge, Fenris, and a group of Berserkers cornered the rebellious Asgardians led by Heimdall and force him to give up the sword.

Later erupted, a battle between the Asgardians and the Berserkers had soon became prominent once Thor gained the upper hand, resulting into him saving the Asgardians. Seeing through Hela's sinister intentions, Skurge betrayed her and abandoned the Bloodaxe on Asgard.[2]



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