"I need information about the factory, the guards, and the woman who runs it, Gao. I can pay."
"The only fool bigger than one seeking information about that witch is the fool willing to provide it."
Colleen Wing and Blind Beggar[src]

The Blind Beggar is a homeless man who lived in Anzhou, China.


Seeking for information about the Hand's factory in Anzhou, Colleen Wing spotted two guards who kicked out the Blind Beggar out of the facility. Wing came to him and gave some money from Danny Rand's wallet and he thanked her in English to her surprise. Wing said that she needs information about the factory and Madame Gao. However, the Beggar was afraid of Gao and her terrible power she possessed, and refused to answer her question.

Wing convinced him that he has a chance to do something that must hurt Gao. The Beggar asked if Wing was powerful enough to take her down, in which she answered that someone has to try. The Beggar then agreed and answered her questions. He informed her that the factory's guards leaving the facility for dinner and this is the only chance to infiltrate the factory.[1]





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