"All right, ladies, enough chatting. Back to your codes."

Bletchley Park was the central site of the United Kingdom's Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) during World War II.


The Codebreaker

Peggy Carter spent time at Bletchley Park during World War II, learning skills as a code breaker that would serve her during her career. While there, she studied, among other things, one of the code systems that the Soviet Union used for their messages, such as the one-time pad system, learning that the system was not of use if the original language of the message was not taken into account.[1]

Peggy 1940

Carter working at Bletchley Park

By 1939, Carter was a member of the British Royal Military, engaging in more simplistic office work that was expected of women of that time. By 1940 she was working as a codebreaker in Bletchley Park. During this time, Carter became engaged to Fred Wells, a man who worked in her department. Her priorities were called into question went Mr. Edwards informed her that she had been recommended for the Special Operations Executive. Believing that a woman should not fight, Carter turned down the offer.[2]


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