Black Widow's Motorcycle is Natasha Romanoff's personal motorcycle. She used it as transport during her missions with the Avengers prior to its destruction during the Battle of Seoul.


During the Battle of Seoul, Black Widow deployed her Harley-Davidson LiveWire[1] from the Avengers' Quinjet to pursue Ultron's truck. En route, she picked up Captain America's dropped Shield and threw it back to him as he was fighting Ultron. Ultimately, Black Widow had to abandon the Harley-Davidson LiveWire as she used it to jump into Ultron's truck while her motorcycle was demolished as it smashed into oncoming traffic.[2]


Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Black Widow's motorcycle is an electric motorcycle that is capable of traveling at high speeds and is highly maneuverable.[1] Like Captain America's Motorcycle, it can fix Captain America's Shield to the front of the bike.


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