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"Here's the only lesson you'll ever need."
"Yow!! Where'd that come from, Natasha?"
Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton[src]

Black Widow's Bite is an electroshock weapon used by the Avenger Black Widow, as well as the Black Widows of the Red Room. The weapon function as two shaped bracelets worn by the user, that can deliver powerful electrical discharges. Each bracelet is marked with blue lights from electrical capacitors and electrical wiring that appear when activated and allow their wielder to electrocute enemies by making contact with a pair of electrical probes.


Infiltration into Hammer Industries Headquarters

After joining S.H.I.E.L.D., Black Widow was equipped with her own personal weapon created by S.H.I.E.L.D., a pair of bracelets, dubbed her "Bite". She would wear these whenever she wore her S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform, allowing her to be armed at most times. When she went to find Ivan Vanko at Hammer Industries Headquarters to stop his attack, she suited up, equipping her bracelets to help in the fight.[1]

Chitauri Invasion

Attack on the Helicarrier

Black Widow would go on to receive a modification for her bracelets, giving them a glove attachments and blue lights. During a security exercise on board the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Black Widow got the opportunity to test her Bite against an "infiltrator". However, the weapon malfunctioned after the first shot and she was forced to discard it.[2]

Battle of New York

When the Chitauri forces invaded Earth during the Battle of New York, Black Widow used the Bite in the fight to electrocute several enemy troops by jamming her charged fists into them, while engaging them in her unique style of close combat.[3]

HYDRA Uprising

Retaking of the Lemurian Star

Black Widow fighting against pirates

When S.H.I.E.L.D. sent STRIKE, Captain America, and Black Widow to recapture the Lemurian Star, Agent Romanoff used the Bite to take out a pirate guarding the ship's engine room.[4]

Battle of Washington, D.C.

She also used the Bite's capabilities to dispense Taser Disks to temporarily disable the Winter Soldier's Prosthetic Arm.[4]

Ultron Offensive

Attack on the HYDRA Research Base

Black Widow's modified Bite

Before the Ultron Offensive, Romanoff acquired a more powerful version of the Bite from Tony Stark, which causes the piping in her suit to light up and glow. During the Attack on the HYDRA Research Base, she used the weapon to defeat several HYDRA soldiers.

Battle of Sokovia

Romanoff later used Bite, along with her new taser batons, during the Battle of Sokovia, taking down dozens of Ultron Sentries with a combination of her weapons and martial arts mastery.[5]

Avengers Civil War

Attack on the IFID Headquarters

In 2016, during the Attack on the IFID Headquarters, Natasha Romanoff ineffectively employed her Bite against Crossbones, finding out that he no longer felt pain.

Clash of the Avengers

Black Widow uses her Bite on Black Panther

Later, Romanoff used her Bite at the Leipzig-Halle Airport in Germany during the Avengers Civil War as she fought on Tony Stark's side. After getting restrained by Scott Lang, Romanoff zapped him with her Bite, sending her opponent flying away as he was forced back to his original size. Later, acting against her team, Romanoff let Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes escape via Quinjet by using Taser Disks fired from her Bite to hold off T'Challa.[6]

Termination of the Red Room

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Chase for the Red Dust

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Melina Vostokoff's Deception

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Destruction of the Red Room

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Time Heist

Black Widow stops Hawkeye from making the sacrifice

In 2018, Romanoff had her Bite equipped with her, however, she did not use it during two[7] events. In 2023, Romanoff brought her Bite with her during the Time Heist when she travelled the Quantum Realm to an alternate 2014 timeline. She finally used her Bite again on the planet Vormir to stun Clint Barton and shot her Taser Disk at him so she could jump off the cliff and make the sacrifice instead.[8]

Attack on Clint Barton

Yelena Belova uses her Bite against Maya Lopez

In late 2024, Yelena Belova ambushed Clint Barton on the roof of a building in New York City and engaged him in a fight. When Kate Bishop and Maya Lopez joined, Belova used her Widow's bite to subdue Lopez. After Barton took Belova's mask off, she used the bite on him to prevent him from speaking to her, and made her escape.[9]

Alternate Universe Versions

Assassination of the Avengers

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Zombie Apocalypse

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Age of Ultron

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  • Electrocution: The Bite's main function is to deliver powerful electrical shocks to incapacitate the target.[4]
  • Grappling Hook: The Bite also contains a grappling hook able to support Romanoff's weight and slow her descent in case of a fall.[4]
  • Taser Disk Shooting: The Bite also shoots Taser Disks, which are small disk-shaped objects that deliver an electric discharge with the purpose of incapacitating and disorientating targets.[10]
  • Taser Batons - The Bite's new upgrades by Tony Stark allow for the use of expandable batons that can be charged by the gauntlets and used in close combat.[5]
  • Electrical Blasts: The Bite's new upgrade allows for a projection of focused electricity to knock the target unconscious or disrupt any electromechanical device from either a long or short distance.[11]
  • Garrote: The Bite contains a length of wire Romanoff can use to strangle or block blows from opponents.[1]


Appearances for Black Widow's Bite

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  • In Iron Man 2, Black Widow wears a pair of bracelets reminiscent similar to the Black Widow's Bite during her raid on Hammer Industries searching for Ivan Vanko. However, these bracelets do not have the same glove attachments and blue lights and are not used like the Black Widow's Bite in The Avengers. This pair was most likely a prototype or an older model.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Files' name for the Black Widow's Bite is the "Widow Stings".


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