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Black Widow's Batons are electroshock stick weapons used by the Avenger Black Widow, as well as the Black Widows of the Red Room. The batons carry the same electroshock capabilities as the Black Widow's Bite.


Black Widow takes out an Ultron Sentry

Sometime before the Ultron Offensive, Natasha Romanoff acquired the batons from Tony Stark, which could be collapsed and stored on her utility belt. These batons constantly glowed with a blue light. During the Battle of Sokovia, she used the batons to take down dozens of Ultron Sentries with a combination of her weapons and martial arts mastery.[1]

During the Avengers Civil War. she employed a pair of tonfa stored on her utility belt. Unlike her batons, these were not charged with electricity. The T-shape of the weapon allowed her to hook Hawkeye's Bow and give her a more versatile fighting style.[2]

Yelena Belova fully extending the staff

The Red Room's Black Widows also employed similar if not identical batons. Natasha Romanoff, Melina Vostokoff and Yelena Belova carried batons on their mission to take down the Red Room. The mind controlled Black Widows all wielded red tipped batons while taking on Natasha Romanoff before being cured by Yelena. Yelena also used the staff to destroy Dreykov's aircraft, killing him and ending the Red Room for good.[3]

Coming back from their exile, Romanoff, Captain America and Falcon saved Vision from the Black Order. She fought them with a new pair of metallic batons, once again with electroshock capabilities. Romanoff stored these batons in a holster on her back. Later, Romanoff used them again in the Battle of Wakanda to fight Proxima Midnight. Romanoff was able to combine these batons into one long staff, allowing her to attack and defend simultaneously.[4]

Romanoff later took her batons to the Garden and to Vormir, although she did not use them.[5]


  • Collapsible Transformation: The batons have the ability to extend up to 1.5 times their length for longer reach and fold down for easier storage.
  • Staff Assembly: The ends of the batons are capable of locking in and combining to form one longer staff, giving her alternate fighting options and longer reach.
  • Scythe Configuration: The batons used by the Widows of the Red Room were capable of transforming into a scythe.
  • Electrocution: Similar to the Black Widow's Bite, most versions of the batons can deliver powerful, electrical shocks to incapacitate her targets. The electrocution is powerful enough for Romanoff to take down multiple Ultron Sentries, and even momentarily appear to cause Proxima Midnight discomfort. The batons wielded by Natasha had blue electricity while the batons wielded by the Widows of the Red Room had red electricity.
  • Enhanced Durability: All versions of the batons are shown to be highly durable, with the final model wielded by Natasha being able to deflect several slashes from Proxima Midnight's Sword.


Several versions of the batons have been used throughout the movies featuring Black Widow:

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron: The batons were mostly blue with metal plates and glowed blue when activated. They were strong enough to stab Ultron Sentries.
  • Captain America: Civil War: Natasha wielded two simple tonfa that did not have any special powers
  • Avengers: Infinity War: Natasha's batons were metallic and consisted of multiple segments capable of extending and contracting. They were also capable of forming a staff.
  • Black Widow: Yelena Belova and the Black Widows of the Red Room wielded batons similar to the ones Natasha wielded in Avengers: Infinity War, being metallic and segmented. However these were able to extend even further making them longer and thinner. The electricity these batons produced was red, as opposed to Natasha's blue. They were also able to change shape into a scythe configuration, which Natasha used that to cut some wired and used one to hook herself onto falling debris.

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  • Black Widow's batons are partially based on escrima sticks.
  • Black Widow's metallic batons combining to form a staff is highly reminiscent of how Bobbi Morse's batons appear and operate in the comics.


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