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"I showed you how to heal Colleen, and I've just opened up a way for you to recharge your Chi. I can help you become what you were meant to be."
"But that was the Iron Fist doing his duty. Guarding an entry. If that's why you're interested in me, then you got the wrong man."
"I don't need a guard, Danny. I need a partner. With you at my side, no one would stand against us."
Bakuto and Danny Rand

Black Tiger Steals Heart is the tenth episode of the first season of the television series Iron Fist.


Exhaust with fighting, Danny tries to recharge with Bakuto's help. Meanwhile, Rand's management gets another shakeup.


Danny Rand and Colleen Wing wake up in bed together at Bakuto's Facility. At the Penthouse, Joy Meachum talks to her father, Harold Meachum, after finally reuniting with him. Harold explains that he kept her away from the truth because he didn't want her to be in danger. Joy asks what it was like to die, which Harold explains. This explanation worries Joy, but she excuses it. She then asks where Ward is, to which Harold explains that he is having trouble.


Wing shows Rand the facility because it's where she had trained. They meet with Bakuto, who offers to help Rand train to become a better Iron Fist. Bakuto meditates with Rand, which helps him recharge his Chi. Rand soon questions Bakuto's motives as he thinks there is no reason for him to openly teach him these things without an alternate motive. Bakuto shows Rand a video of an Iron Fist. He explains how that Iron Fist had zero interest in letting the invaders pass. Bakuto then explains that he became obsessed with the Iron Fist when he found out they were real and not an actual fairy tale. He asks Rand if he could be his partner in stopping Madame Gao, who is Bakuto's enemy.

Rand then gets a call from Harold, astonished that he is alive, Rand asks what happened since he saw blood that last time he went to the penthouse. Harold dodges the question and asks where Rand is. Rand explains the situation, which gets Harold curious about Bakuto. Harold happily hangs up when he finds out that they captured Gao. Harold grabs a bottle of alcohol and pours a glass, when Joy questions what he is doing, Harold loses his temper and slams the bottle on the ground. Meanwhile, a servant talks to Bakuto and alerts him of Rand's phone call. Bakito asks him to hack into the transcript and send it to him. Wing then walks in and tells Bakuto that she doesn't want to keep the secret from Rand any longer, Bakuto tells her not to say anything.


Rand walks outside and finds Darryl who has moved in comfortably. Darryl shows Rand his moves, which Rand easily dodges. Rand then asks Darryl which places are off limits. After Darryl tells him, Rand goes to the forbidden building. While inside, he finds that Gao is being held captive in a room. Gao walks up to the camera, knowing that Rand is on the other side. They have a conversation, which Rand fights back saying that he's not the one in prison. Gao calls him an idiot and says that everybody is lying to him. She hints to him that Bakuto is the Hand. Then, Bakuto walks in and escorts Rand out.

Bakuto brings Rand to Wing's room and leaves them alone. Rand talks about how Gao was manipulating him into thinking Bakuto is the Hand. Rand then mentions how he saw a Hand knife in Bakuto's office. He asks Wing if it's true. Wing reveals that her and Bakuto are the Hand. Rand goes berserk while Wing tries to explain how she is in a different faction than Gao and Gao's is a rogue faction. Rand, feeling betrayed, questions Wing's feelings, thinking that she doesn't actually love him, but the Iron Fist. Wing explains how the Hand isn't bad and they were just lies given to him by the people of K'un-Lun. Rand says that the Hand murdered his family and all of this is bullshit.


Harold walks around in his penthouse and finds Bakuto sitting in his chair. Bakuto explains how he is taking over for Madame Gao in her absence. A meditating Rand hears commotion outside. He finds a vent and climbs in. He enters a control room with many computer monitors. He finds a monitor with a camera on both Chikara Dojo and Meachum's Penthouse. Angry, Rand destroys everything. Bakuto walks in saying he is disappointed. Rand then attacks Bakuto, who fights back, but is quickly knocked out. The mysterious man approaches and takes out a few guards. He remarks how Rand is the worst Iron Fist ever. Rand is surprised to see his adoptive brother, Davos. The alarm sounds which alerts Wing. Soon, Davos and Rand are cornered, but are able to defeat the many soldiers. Rand is then stopped by Darryl, with no intention of hurting him, Rand tries to get through, but Bakuto stabs him from behind, which Wing witnesses. Davos then kicks Darryl in the leg and takes Rand to the gate. Rand tries to summon the Iron Fist, but Bakuto tells him that he can't. The two then attack the Hand soldiers. Meanwhile, Colleen punches out a guard and opens the gate for Rand. On the other side, Rand sees that Wing helped him, but Davos pushes him along. Wing runs away.

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Lawrence Wilkins walks into his office, astonished to see Harold Meachum. Harold blackmails him and gives him forged papers that prove he stole money. Harold then shoots Wilkins in the head, killing him. The following morning, Joy talks about their next move after the assassination. With Wilkins now gone, the board votes to reinstate the Meachums as well as Rand. Joy goes to Harold and they have a drink. Harold reveals there is one other person they need to destroy, Bakuto. Davos tells Rand he came to bring Rand back to K'un-L'un. Rand refuses, but Davos calls him a failure since he betrayed his people. An injured Rand then sits on the ground holding his stomach.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Things Changed Trevor Morris
  • Bakuto helps Danny Rand learn to recharge his chi energy which leaves him feeling hungry.
Bad Tea Trevor Morris
I Am the Weapon Trevor Morris
  • Danny Rand meditates when the buzzer for the shift switch goes off, he leaves his and Colleen Wing's room and heads down to the control room of the Hand Compound. Rand and Bakuto. Davos comes to Rand's rescue when the Hand guards swarm the building.
  • End credits.
Gao DIY Trevor Morris
  • As he and Davos prepare to break out of the Hand Compound, Danny Rand finds himself unable to summon the Iron Fist to break down the gate. Bakuto informs Rand that his anger has drained his Chi.
Our Future Trevor Morris
Abandoned Academy Trevor Morris
  • Danny Rand and Davos fight their way through the Hand students and guards after Rand is unable to summon the Iron Fist. Rand is stabbed by Bakuto. Davos breaks Darryl's leg after he attacks Rand. Colleen Wing betrays the Hand and opens the gate for Rand and Davos to escape and closes it with only a few students getting through.
The Iron Fist Trevor Morris
  • Danny Rand tells Davos that he knows of someone who help him with his wound. Davos tells Rand that they need to return to K'un-Lun for actual change.
Miss Sofia (from Hard Target 2) Trevor Morris & Jack Wall
  • End credits.


  • When Bakuto talks to Danny Rand about the Girls Scout he incorrectly states their motto is "Be Prepared". That is actually the Boy Scouts motto.


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