Black Sabbath were an English rock band, generally considered to be the founders of heavy metal.

Their song "Iron Man" is featured in the Teaser Trailer and end credits of Iron Man, the Extended Trailer of Iron Man 2 and the video game Iron Man.




  • The song "Iron Man" is not connected to the character of the same name. The Black Sabbath track is the story of a time traveler who sees the future destruction of mankind and when, on his return, he is turned into steel by a magnetic field and his warning ignored, he takes revenge, paradoxically causing the destruction he has seen. However, in the film novelization Tony Stark baptizes his alter-ego "Iron Man" because it is his favorite song.[1]
  • In The Avengers, Tony Stark wears a T-shirt from the band's Never Say Die tour in 1978. This tour was noteworthy for being the final one to feature Ozzy Osbourne (before he returned years later), and it featured a then-up-and-coming young band called Van Halen as the opening act.
  • Charles Bradley performs his cover of their song "Changes" in the Luke Cage episode Who's Gonna Take the Weight?.
  • Black Sabbath's song "Paranoid" was featured in the DC Extended Universe production Suicide Squad.


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