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A list of trivia related to the movie Black Panther.

References to Marvel Comics

  • Characters from the comics adapted from the movie in the main cast are Erik Killmonger, Nakia, Okoye, Shuri, Ramonda, Zuri, M'Baku and W'Kabi.
  • The movie also features locations such as Birnin Zana, Jabari Village, Warrior Falls, and Djalia, from the Black Panther comic books.
  • One of the lines that T'Challa utters to Klaue "every breath you take is mercy from me" was used in New Avengers #22
  • T'Challla facing a rhinoceros was taken from Jungle Action #9
  • Killmonger becoming a version of the Black Panther, has precedence in Marvel comics history.

Inspirations and Themes

  • Ryan Coogler brought in consultants who are experts on African history and politics to work on defining Wakanda: "There are many African countries, each with different histories, mythologies, and cultures; there are several tribes who live amongst each other, and together they make the identity of their country. We honed in on some of the history/cultural influences from African countries and then made estimations."
  • The filmmakers cite The Godfather films and the James Bond films as an influence on the story, calling it "a big, operatic family drama centered on a world of international espionage".
  • Daniel Kaluuya described Black Panther as "Marvel's Game of Thrones."
  • Production designer Hannah Beachler mentioned Blade Runner as one the main source of inspiration for Wakanda's futuristic design.[1]
  • Ryan Coogler describe the film's central theme as responsibility and identity: "What do the powerful owe those in need? It separates the good-guys from the villains. What value is strength unless you're using it to help someone? Wakanda pretends to be just another struggling African country, but some of its neighbours are struggling for real. If Wakandans don't stand up for themselves, who will? But if they stand only for themselves, then who are they?"

Deleted Content

  • Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole considered the possibility of introducing Eli Bradley / Patriot in the film, but they ultimately dropped the idea in favor of focusing on Wakandan characters more.[2]
  • Ryan Coogler wished to add Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter to the movie, though due to legal issues regarding the deal with Sony, he couldn't feature him.

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