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"I'm the Black Panther, and I'm here for retribution."
―Black Panther to Namor[src]

Shuri is the Princess of Wakanda, youngest child of T'Chaka and Ramonda, sister of T'Challa, and the leader of the Wakandan Design Group. An innovator responsible for creating much of Wakanda's modern technology, she is also known for designing the current generation Panther Habits. After her brother's coronation, Shuri assisted him and the Dora Milaje in tracking down Ulysses Klaue, only to be forced to flee the Golden City as Erik Killmonger overthrew the throne, eventually returning to reclaim Wakanda. Shortly after, Shuri succeeded in eliminating the HYDRA programming from Bucky Barnes' mind.

Two years later, she was tasked by her brother and the Avengers in removing the Mind Stone from Vision's head, as the android was under threat from Thanos. She was soon compromised and defeated by Corvus Glaive. Shortly after, she was among the many who died when Thanos completed the Infinity Gauntlet and wiped out half of all life in the universe. She was resurrected by Hulk five years later, where she participated in the final battle against Thanos.

Heartbroken by T'Challa's sudden death, Shuri had to face the threat of Namor and the Talokanil who wanted to wage war on the surface world and protect their home. As Shuri was trying to save Riri Williams, Namor proposed her a military alliance but in the end, the Talokanil declared war on Wakanda, leading to Namor killing Ramonda. Devastated, Shuri yearned for vengeance and managed to synthesize a Heart-Shaped Herb, taking on the mantle of Black Panther. Shuri led the Wakandan army in the grand battle against Namor, during which she managed to defeat Namor but decided to spare his life. As the war ended, Shuri decided to leave Wakanda and allowed M'Baku to challenge for the throne, and stayed in Haiti, where Nakia introduced Shuri to her nephew, T'Challa II.


Early Life[]

Building Technologies[]

"We have watched with disgust as your technological advancements have been overseen by a child who scoffs at tradition."

Shuri was born in the late 1990s to King T'Chaka and his wife, Queen Ramonda, members of the Golden Tribe of Wakanda.[2] Ramonda raised Shuri and her brother, T'Challa, to love Wakanda, its people, and its legacy.[8] At younger than ten years old, Shuri was accepted into Wakanda University. By the time she was thirteen years old, the university gave her the position of assistant professor.[9] Due to her genius-level intellect and incredible engineering skills, Shuri led the Wakandan Design Group, creating much of Wakanda's modern technology, like Wakandan Maglev Train.[2] She advanced assistive technologies for disabled people, such as wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters.[9]

T'Challa's Rule[]

The Return of T'Challa[]

Ramonda & Shuri

Shuri greets T'Challa upon his arrival

In 2016, along with Ramonda, Shuri greeted T'Challa when he returned to Wakanda from a mission to bring Nakia back to Wakanda as well. Shuri asked Okoye whether T'Challa had frozen when he encountered Nakia and laughed when Okoye confirmed. She then told T'Challa that she wanted to improve his EMP Beads, although he insisted that they were fully functional. Shuri then left T'Challa with Ramonda, not without a last obscene gesture towards her brother when he mocked her about her ceremony clothes, which was swiftly reprimanded by her mother.[2]

Incoronation of T'Challa[]

Shuri, Ramonda & Dora Milaje

Shuri watches the duel between T'Challa and M'Baku

"Is there any member of royal blood who wishes to challenge for the throne?"
"This corset is really uncomfortable, so could we all just wrap it up and go home?"
Zuri and Shuri[src]

Shuri then joined the ceremony for the Incoronation of T'Challa, dancing with her mother on the Golden Tribe boat. They arrived on the Warrior Falls for the ceremony and Shuri watched as Zuri prepared to make T'Challa the new King of Wakanda. When Zuri asked whether a member of the royal family wished to challenge for the throne, Shuri jokingly raised her hand, amused by the audience's confusion until she announced that she only wanted to be over with the ceremony so that she could change out of her uncomfortable clothes. However, the ceremony was disturbed by the arrival of the Jabari Tribe, as M'Baku wanted to challenge T'Challa. Shuri attended the duel between T'Challa and M'Baku, strongly encouraging her brother as he had some trouble defeating his opponent. Eventually, T'Challa triumphed over M'Baku, causing Shuri to cheer with the rest of the public.[2]

Mission in Busan[]

Black Panther OCT17 Trailer 26

Shuri greets T'Challa at the lab

"Yes! Wait- which side of the road is it?"
"For Bast's sake, just drive!"
―Shuri and Black Panther[src]

Shortly before T'Challa went to South Korea with Okoye and Nakia to arrest the criminal Ulysses Klaue, Shuri brought him to her lab to showcase new equipment she had developed for him, including sound-nullififying boots She also told him to bring the Remote Access Kimoyo Beads so that she could assist in the capture of Klaue, as she could provide backup for the mission if required and notified she already sent a car to Busan.

Shuri & T'Challa (Panther Habit)

Shuri shows T'Challa the upgraded Panther Habit

Shuri proceeded to demonstrate the new upgraded version of Panther Habit which were even more reliable than his original design. She further explained that the upgraded versions are made of nanotechnology and can be fit in a necklace. Shuri then asked her brother to kick the suit which he proceeded to do so. After placing it back she explained to him that the suit can absorb kinetic energy and redistribute it. Shuri asked him to strike the suit in the same spot and readied her camera, innocently claiming it is for research. As T'Challa kicked it he was knocked out by an impact of kinetic energy a scene which Shuri enjoyed. Shuri was then immediately ordered to delete the video by an embarrassed T'Challa.

Black Panther OCT17 Trailer 43

Shuri helps to chase Ulysses Klaue

Shuri was indeed called for assistance by T'Challa, much to her enthusiasm, as Klaue attempted to escape from the Wakandans. Using the Remote Access Kimoyo Beads, Shuri remotely drove a car which Black Panther stood on to chase Klaue in the streets of Busan. Shuri warned her brother that they would hit other cars, but Black Panther managed to redirect the car, enabling Shuri to keep driving. Together, T'Challa and Shuri managed to take down several of Klaue's bodyguards, with Shuri even driving over one even if she was not fully aware of what went under her car. As they caught up on another of Klaue's bodyguard's SUV, Shuri told T'Challa to use the kinetic energy stored in his Panther Habit to damage their car and mocked him for showing off when he successfully did it. Shuri eventually found Klaue's car and chased him but Klaue used the cannon on his prosthetic arm, which destroyed the Shuri's car. As a result, the hologram Shuri used in her lab was ended, keeping her from further assisting T'Challa.[2] She later got a message from the Department of Defense warning her not to use her technology in public. They explained that much of the public just witnessed her inventions.[10]

Healing Everett Ross[]

BP Shuri (Asked to Fix Everett Ross)

Shuri remarks Everett Ross' as another patient

"Great! Another broken white boy for us to fix. This is going to be fun."

Shuri welcomed T'Challa, Nakia and Okoye in her lab when they returned to Wakanda. As they had taken with them a heavily wounded Everett Ross, Shuri expressed her enthusiasm at the idea of helping another American, due to the fact that she had already been asked to look after Bucky Barnes. Shuri assured her partners that Ross would survive and proceeded on the surgery. Thanks to the Vibranium technology, she successfully healed Ross.

Shuri Designs Gauntlet

Shuri designs Vibranium Gauntlets for herself

While waiting for Ross to regain consciousness, Shuri worked on her Vibranium Gauntlets. She was scared when Ross, who had woken up, asked her where they were, to which Shuri jokingly replied that they were in Kansas. Shuri then explained that she had healed Ross overnight and instructed him to wait for T'Challa's return. While waiting for him, Shuri revealed to Ross that Wakanda heavily relied on Vibranium technology, which she had used to heal him.


Shuri learns of Erik Killmonger's history

Shuri was then called by Okoye, who looked for T'Challa. Shuri answered that she did not know where her brother was. She was then informed about the arrival of an unidentified Wakandan who claimed to have killed Ulysses Klaue and was on his way to the Citadel.[2]

Killmonger's Takeover[]

Shuri Ramonda Citadel

Shuri speaking with Erik Killmonger

"Ask who I am."
"You're Erik Stevens. An American black operative. A mercenary nicknamed Killmonger. That's who you are."
"That's not my name, Princess."
Erik Killmonger and Shuri[src]

Shuri received a picture of the stranger, who Everett Ross claimed was not Wakandan, but instead an American operative. Knowing that something was not right, Shuri managed to contact T'Challa and instructed him to come back to the lab. As T'Challa and Nakia joined, Shuri listened to Ross' explanations about Erik Killmonger and told his brother that although Killmonger had a War Dogs tattoo, he did not appear in the Wakandan files.

Shuri joined the throne room where Killmonger was taken. As Killmonger repeatedly asked T'Challa to ask him his name and T'Challa refused, Shuri claimed that Killmonger was nothing more than an American mercenary. However, Killmonger replied that this was not his true name and, when asked by the River Tribe Elder, he disclosed his real identity: N'Jadaka, son of late Prince N'Jobu. Killmonger then called for a ritual duel against T'Challa to claim the throne of Wakanda.

Shuri and mother

Shuri watches T'Challa get defeated

Shuri went to the Warrior Falls to attend the duel, remaining confident that T'Challa would prevail. However, she watched in anguish as Killmonger slowly gained the upper hand over T'Challa while Shuri tried to encourage her brother. In the end, Killmonger defeated T'Challa and murdered Zuri, who intervened in the fight, before throwing T'Challa down the waterfall as Shuri and her mother Ramonda screamed in horror. In order to ensure their safety, Nakia took Shuri and Ramonda with her so they could escape.


Shuri arriving within the Jabari Land

Shuri waited for Nakia's return with her mother. Nakia eventually came back with Ross but without Okoye, who had refused to accompany them. Together, Shuri, Nakia, Ramonda, and Ross decided to journey to Jabari Land, where they intended to give the last Heart-Shaped Herb to M'Baku. On the way, they were captured by Jabari Tribe who took them in front of M'Baku. When M'Baku noticed that T'Challa had been seemingly killed in ritual combat, Shuri told him not to deepen their pain, but he ordered her to remain silent.

T'Challa On Ice

Shuri finding T'Challa alive on ice

As Nakia offered the Heart-Shaped Herb to M'Baku, he told Shuri and the others to follow him and took them to see an unconscious T'Challa, who had been saved by a Jabari fisherman and covered in snow to prevent him from dying. Shuri suggested to bring T'Challa back to her lab, but M'Baku advised her against it as T'Challa would die in seconds. Thus, under Ramonda's guidance, Shuri and Nakia performed a ritual using the Heart-Shaped Herb to successfully revive T'Challa.


Shuri decides to fight beside T'Challa

Shuri and the others went back to the Jabari throne room. Shuri figured out that Killmonger would seize all of her designs and share Vibranium weapons with the rest of the world, which they could not allow. Although T'Challa suggested having Shuri and Ramonda leave Wakanda for their safety, they insisted on staying. Shuri then revealed she had kept the necklace with T'Challa's Panther Habit and gave it to his brother, claiming that she would fight alongside the Black Panther. Shuri then left T'Challa as he wanted to speak privately with M'Baku and prepared her to return to the Golden City.[2]

Battle of Mount Bashenga[]

BP Teaser Trailer 56

Shuri and Nakia join the Battle of Mount Bashenga

"What's up, Princess?"
"You'll never be a true King."
Erik Killmonger and Shuri[src]

Shuri, Nakia and Everett Ross sneaked in Shuri's Lab while T'Challa confronted Erik Killmonger on Mount Bashenga. There, Shuri reclaimed her Vibranium Gauntlets and told Nakia to wear a Dora Milaje armor. She also gave Remote Access Kimoyo Beads to Ross, instructing him to remain in the lab and be ready to fly the Royal Talon Fighter to destroy the weapons cargos sent by Killmonger. Shuri then left the lab with Nakia to join the battle.

Shuri fights

Shuri fighting against Erik Killmonger

Shuri and Nakia arrived on top of Mount Bashenga. They knocked over two Wakandan Royal Guards who were guarding the Royal Talon Fighter and successfully gave Ross remote access to it, enabling him to fly it away. They then watched as several members of the Dora Milaje, including Okoye, were defeated by Killmonger. Shuri and Nakia attacked him, and thanks to their combined efforts, they were able to briefly subdue him.

BP-Shuri (In Contact With T'Challa)

Shuri aids T'Challa

Despite that, Killmonger proved to be too much of a challenge for them. He damaged Shuri's gauntlets, rendering them useless, and pinned down Shuri on the ground. Expecting to be killed, Shuri told Killmonger that he would never be a true King. However, Shuri was rescued by T'Challa, who threw himself and Killmonger down into the Great Mound. When they landed, T'Challa ordered Shuri to activate the Wakandan Maglev Train so the sonic stabilizers would disable Killmonger's Panther Habit, although Shuri warned him that this would affect T'Challa's suit the same way.

BP Shuri (End of the Battle)

Shuri looks over to Okoye and W'Kabi

Armed with a Sonic Spear, Shuri then rushed to a slightly wounded Nakia and they joined the battlefield, where the Dora Milaje fought against the Border Tribe. Shuri, Nakia, Okoye and Ayo were cornered by their opponents, only to be rescued by the unexpected arrival of the Jabari Tribe, who broke the Border Tribe's formation. Shuri resumed the fight against the Border Tribe, who eventually surrendered. Meanwhile, T'Challa defeated Killmonger, enabling Shuri to safely remain in the Golden City.[2]

Sharing Resources[]

BP Shuri (Offered a Job)

Shuri is offer a job to run a new facility

"When you said you'd bring me to California for the first time, I thought you meant Coachella, or Disneyland."
―Shuri to T'Challa[src]

Shuri was taken by her brother T'Challa to Oakland. She asked him why they were here, expressing disappointment over this first view of California, and T'Challa told Shuri that they were in the place where their uncle N'Jobu, Erik Killmonger's father, had been killed by their own father T'Chaka. As Shuri expressed relief at the idea that the building where the murder had been perpetrated would be torn down, T'Challa replied that he had bought it and that he would make it the first Wakandan International Outreach Centre, appointing Shuri the head of the science and information exchange.

BP (Shuri & A Bugatti Spaceship)

Shuri approaches to her Royal Talon Fighter

As Shuri asked her brother whether he was kidding, he brought the Royal Talon Fighter and disabled its cloaking, enabling children playing nearby to see it. Shuri approached the children who admired the ship, introduced herself and began her work of sharing innovative technology with the rest of the world.[2]

Helping Bucky Barnes[]

Shuri Bucky

Shuri speaks with Bucky Barnes

"How are you feeling?"
"Good. Thank you."
"Come. Much more for you to learn."
―Shuri and Bucky Barnes[src]

When T'Challa brought Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes to Wakanda, he entrusted Barnes to Shuri so she could remove HYDRA's programming from Barnes' mind. At the lab, Shuri explained to T'Challa and Rogers that she was using the most sophisticated bio-scanners in Wakanda to create a digital representation of Barnes' mind, in which the process would be tested to avoid damaging it while attempting to remove his brainwashing.

Months later, Shuri brought T'Challa to give his brother an update on Barnes. Shuri explained to T'Challa that, since Barnes programming was mostly connected to trigger words, she would use an algorithm that would 'reset' Barnes so HYDRA's programming could be destroyed without removing his memories. Shuri then revealed that her algorithm could be used to improve the Wakandan's technology through artificial intelligence in a more effective way than Ultron.[11]

Infinity War[]

Extracting the Mind Stone[]

IW Clip 4

Shuri talks to Bruce Banner about Vision

"The structure is polymorphic."
"Right. We had to attach each neuron non-sequentially."
"Why didn't you just reprogram the synapses to work collectively?"
―Shuri and Bruce Banner[src]

In May 2018, Shuri was tasked by her brother to help the Avengers at the Wakanda Medical Center. She witnessed when Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, and Wanda Maximoff brought Vision to receive her help in taking out the Mind Stone. Banner believed if the Stone was to be removed carefully, it could be possible for Vision to survive without it and for Maximoff to destroy it. Shuri told them she would need time in order to do so.

Infinity War 184

Shuri getting the Mind Stone out of Vision

With the Avengers and the Wakandan military fighting the alien army, Shuri attempted to disconnect the Mind Stone from Vision under the protection of Ayo and Maximoff.

Shuri hears something

Shuri hearing something outside

However, as Shuri was working on the Mind Stone, she was startled upon hearing something coming up from under the ground on the battlefield. The noise from it shook the lab. Shortly after this, Maximoff left her post to join the battle.

AIW Blu Ray Release 10

Shuri fighting Corvus Glaive

With her absence, Corvus Glaive, a member of the Black Order, attacked the lab. While Ayo briefly held him off, Shuri managed to shut down her work and enable Vision to be active again. Firing her gauntlets at Glaive, Shuri was nonetheless quickly incapacitated and was unable to complete her work.[5]

Shortly afterwards, Shuri disintegrated into dust.[5][12]

Restored To Life[]

Battle of Earth[]


Shuri, T'Challa, and Okoye join the battle

Black Panther and Shuri[src]

Five years later, as a result of the Blip, Shuri was restored to life. She, along with T'Challa, the Wakandans, and the restored Avengers, were contacted by the Masters of the Mystic Arts to help fight in the battle against an alternate Thanos. She then suited up and walked alongside T'Challa and Okoye through a portal that transported them to the ruins of the Avengers Compound.

Endgame women

Shuri helps Carol Danvers during the battle

Shuri then stood alongside the assembled heroes, as Steve Rogers led the charge against the alien army. As the battle proceeded, Shuri fought with great skill using her gauntlets. When the Nano Gauntlet was required to get to the Quantum Tunnel in the brown van, Shuri assisted Carol Danvers in doing so.

Avengers Endgame - Shuri Rescue Wasp

Shuri, Rescue, and Wasp attack Thanos

When alternate Thanos attempted to stop her and started to charge at Danvers, Shuri, Pepper Potts, and Hope van Dyne launched a coordinated blast at alternate Thanos, knocking him away. The battle was concluded when Tony Stark obtained the Infinity Stones and wiped out alternate Thanos and his army. However, Stark died due to the power of the Stones.[12] All the Avengers and allies, including Shuri, showed their respect and kneeled before him.[14]

Reunion in Wakanda[]

Ramonda (Endgame)

Shuri and T'Challa reunite with their mother

Shuri and T'Challa then returned to Wakanda to reunite with their mother and watched from the Citadel as celebrations took place in the Golden City.[12]

Tony Stark’s Funeral[]

T'Challa, Okoye & Shuri

Shuri attends Tony Stark's funeral

A few days later, despite not knowing him before the previous battle, Shuri would join T'Challa and Okoye, as they attended the funeral of Tony Stark at Stark's home. The three stood together, and watched as Pepper Potts and Morgan Stark placed Stark's Arc Reactor into a lake and watched it float away.[12]

The Wakanda Files[]


Shuri begins to study her files

"It appears new information was obtained during the gap in my existence."

Shuri returned home to do research in her lab. Still recovering from the reality that she had missed five years of her life due to the Snap, she sought the need to compile files of important events for technological purposes. She tasked the War Dogs to provide her with information throughout the years, particularly related to the Avengers. Once she received the files, she knew most of the events that were listed, but was surprised to learn about the new events that happened during the five years she was gone. She prepared her notes with a special ink that only people with Kimoyo Beads could read. This way, her research was private. Additionally, she looked through the files pertaining to the Heart-Shaped Herb, remarking at how Nakia was able to obtain a sample before they were burned. However, she had found it very hard to study the one sample.

Shuri opened up files on Human Enhancements and wondered why they used Vita-Rays to turn Steve Rogers into a Super Soldier. She also wondered how Howard Stark obtained the Super Soldier Serum that eventually got him killed. She used this as an opportunity to record her work on Bucky Barnes as well as noting her thoughts on the horrible nature of scientists that would use mind control. After reading the work of Maya Hansen on Extremis, Shuri wanted to develop it the right way. She then moved on to the Iron Man armors, using the specs to note improvements that she could make to the designs. She also noticed the weird connections of radiation with the Infinity Stones. When she got to files on the Time Heist, she grew very upset that she missed the event, seeing it as a tremendous opportunity to further her knowledge.

The next files pertained to weapons which contained information on the Sokovia Accords. Shuri wondered if her father was in the right for signing the accords despite it leading to his demise. When reading about Mjølnir, Shuri continued to wonder about the possibilities on if they could transfer a star's energy to Vibranium. She also noted information about the Black Widow's Bite that was able to overtake T'Challa. However, Shuri was able to counter this disadvantage. On files about vehicles, she noted her envy towards Scott Lang and Hank Pym for being able to go to the Quantum Realm. Shuri also questioned if the Scepter unlocked Wanda Maximoff's abilities or if they were already part of her. Shuri eventually got to a file containing a warning for her not to use Vibranium in public.

Shuri finally compiled her discoveries while scanning Vision in 2018. She wrote this into her notes on the Infinity Stones. Overall, she had learned many things, but was saddened at all the time she had lost. She also mourned the loss of a great mind in Tony Stark.[10]

Teaching Assata[]

"Our dreams are the best and most honest parts of ourselves. If a path toward your dream is not already lit, sometimes you must be the one who shines the light."
―Shuri to Assata[src]
Assata Impresses Shuri

Shuri watching Assata present her impressive technology

Shuri had Assata as a student in her class at Wakanda University. She watched Assata present her invention which would make mining easier for the Mining Tribe. Shuri was so impressed with the invention that she offered Assata a position as her assistant in the Wakandan Design Group.

However, Assata went to Shuri the next day to turn down the offer, having opted to join the Dora Milaje. Shuri nodded and told Assata that dreams are the most honest part of the self, advising her to light the path toward her dream.[9]

Losing Her Brother[]

Attempts to Recreate the Herb[]


Shuri fails to recreate the Heart-Shaped Herb

"Princess, you should go be by his side."
"I have to think. Everyone, get out... Get out!"
―Doctor and Shuri[src]

Shuri was told by her brother that he had fallen ill from an unknown disease and asked for her help. Shuri then made her top priority to recreate the Heart-Shaped Herb, which she had been studying since her return to life,[10] and hoped it could heal him.


Shuri being told of T'Challa's death

Over the next few weeks, Shuri tried every known combination to recreate the herb. Ultimately, T'Challa was in critical condition, while Ramonda and others were next to him, Shuri stayed in her laboratory trying to speed the process. She used Griot's help to run the tests. On her last try, she asked for the confidence interval, which turned out to be less than 30%. After creating it, Shuri grabbed the synthetic herb and tried to rush to her brother, but was stopped by her mother, who confirmed T'Challa's passing. In denial, Shuri asked Griot to reveal what T'Challa's heart rate, which Griot confirmed was non-existent, as the King had indeed passed away.[1]

T'Challa's Funeral[]

Black Panther II Trailer (6)

Shuri attending T'Challa's funeral

Shuri and her mother then took part in the funeral ceremony, wearing the white funeral gowns and proceeding through with the coffin. Before the coffin was beamed up by a Royal Talon Fighter, Shuri put her face against it and wept. She then looked up as it was beamed and closed her eyes.[1]

Visiting Assata[]

Shuri told Ramonda about Assata's decision to follow her dream of joining the Dora Milaje. As a result, Shuri and Ramonda visited Assata. Assata happily greeted Ramonda, who returned the greeting and commended Assata for following her dream.[9]

Talokanil-Wakandan War[]

Meeting Namor[]


Shuri sees Ramonda

"If I sit and think about my brother for too long, it won't be these clothes that burn... it would be the world."

In 2025, Shuri was working in her laboratory, building new models and a new armor. She had her assistants working around her as well as Griot providing assistance. She was creating Midnight Angel Armor, which Okoye believed looked bad. As she was working, Griot tried to get her attention, but she told him not now. Her mother then walked in, in which Griot said that was what he had been trying to say. She reminded Shuri that it had been one year exactly and it was time to burn their funeral clothes. She told Shuri to come with her and leave her Kimoyo Beads behind.


Shuri mourns T'Challa

Ramonda took her out to the edge of the river and lit a fire. They talked about T'Challa before Ramonda told Shuri how she was able to cope with the loss. She wanted Shuri to burn her ceremonial gown, but Shuri refused, in denial about the fact that T'Challa was dead and it was not her fault. Suddenly, a man peered out from the water. Shuri and Ramonda instantly took defensive stances with their spears. The man introduced himself as the K'uk'ulkan or Namor. Despite Ramonda being very worried and defensive, Namor told them that T'Challa exposing the world to Vibranium put his own secret country in jeopardy. Shuri then noticed that he was covered in vibranium.


Shuri protects herself

Namor told them that an American scientist created a Vibranium Detector. Namor believed that since Wakanda caused the problem, they should help Talokan finish it. He wanted the Wakandans to bring the scientist to him. Ramonda told Namor that they would not fight his problems, but Namor argued it was Wakanda's problem, too, because if they did not help, it would be war. He then left a conk shell, telling them to blow into it when they could retrieve the scientist. Namor then left Wakanda without a trace of how he entered. Shuri and Ramonda turned around to find the detector behind them.[1]

Meeting Riri Williams[]

"Brilliance at a young age is not always accepted by the elders."
―Shuri to Riri Williams[src]

Shuri studies the Vibranium Detector

While Wakanda had a meeting about both what to do and how Namor got into the country, Shuri took apart the Vibranium Detector, seeing how sophisticated it was. She marveled at how it had both high tech parts and parts that were made of what looked like junk from a scrapyard. As Okoye and Ramonda arrived, Shuri asked when they were leaving.


Shuri meets with Everett Ross

Shuri and Okoye arrived in Alexandria, Virginia and trailed Everett Ross in hopes that he would tell them information. Ross was very skeptical as he knew he could be tried for treason or other crimes. However, he did tell them that the scientist was in Cambridge, Massachusetts. When he referred to the scientist as a kid, Shuri was very impressed.

Okoye & Shuri

Shuri and Okoye find Riri Williams

Shuri and Okoye went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and scouted out the scientist, Riri Williams. They saw her side business where she did other's homework for cash. Shuri argued with Okoye, convincing her to let Shuri talk to Williams. Okoye was more worried about how her makeup was. They went to Williams' dorm room and Shuri approached Williams. She was flattered at first, but did not want to go with Shuri. Williams claimed she was going to the bathroom, but Okoye knew her plan, coming out of the room to stop her.


Shuri meets Riri Williams

Getting scared, Williams picked up her speaker and threw it. Okoye effortlessly sliced it in half. They then tried to talk down Williams, who made fun of Okoye for her makeup. As Shuri chuckled, Okoye felt betrayed as Shuri claimed it was okay. Okoye and Shuri then decided to leave, noting that Williams would be left to fight a very strong fish man alone. Hearing this, Williams agreed to come with them for protection.[1]

Chase in Cambridge[]


Shuri sees the Arc Reactor blueprints

"I'm Shuri, Princess of Wakanda. I demand that you take me to Namor. Do not bring harm to this girl."
―Shuri to Attuma and Namora[src]

Shuri, Okoye, and Riri Williams arrived at her garage. Williams warned them not to touch anything. As Williams gathered her stuff, she talked about how much code was put into locking her computer, noting that one time she locked herself out. Shuri was more interested in the bulletin board, seeing plans for an Arc Reactor. Shuri asked if she was creating an Iron Man suit, but Williams reminded her not to touch anything.


Shuri escapes on a motorcycle

Suddenly, they heard the FBI outside, calling for Shuri to come out and surrender Williams. Angry, Williams threw all of her blueprints in the trash and burned it all so there was no evidence. While she ridiculed the Wakandans, Okoye found a car and told Shuri to get in as she was under her protection. Shuri argued that she should take the motorcycle so there was room for Williams. However, Williams said that she had another way out. She then brought down her own Iron Man Armor, calling it Ironheart.


Shuri drives alongside Okoye

With Williams getting out, Shuri and Okoye got into the car. However, Shuri told Griot to get into autopilot. She then jumped out of the car as Okoye left, unable to control the car. Shuri then took the motorcycle and escaped herself. They then went on a high speed chase down Cambridge towards Boston. As Shuri drove alongside Okoye, Shuri was told that there was a drone above.


Shuri is struck with a Hydrobomb

Ironheart flew upwards to hit it out of the air, but Shuri warned her about the lack of oxygen. Williams believed she could make it. Williams eventually did hit the drone, but fell down towards the water, unconscious. Shuri feared for Williams, who woke up just before hitting the water. Suddenly, the officers were in front of Shuri and Okoye. Williams told them not to worry as she sent down a present. The drone that Williams hit then dropped on top of the officers, allowing them to get away.


Shuri is unconscious

They drove further until Williams was suddenly grabbed out of the air. Shuri looked over to see a giant whale jumping out of the water. They blasted Shuri and Okoye with Hydrobombs, causing them to go flying. Shuri activated her Kimoyo Beads, breaking her fall, but still knocking her out. Shuri finally woke up when she was splashed by water coming from Okoye's fall when she was thrown off the bridge by the Talokanil.


Shuri is taken by Attuma

Shuri was greeted by Attuma, who explained that they needed them alive. Attuma then took off his Talokanil Respirator and put it on Shuri's mouth, telling her to breathe. They then took both Shuri and Williams to Talokan.[1]

Taken to Talokan[]


Shuri talks to Riri Williams

"When I lost my brother it just felt different. He suffered in silence. When he finally asked me to help him, I couldn't. How does that make sense that the ancestors would give me gifts and skills to help me save my brother, and I couldn't?"
―Shuri to Namor[src]

Shuri awoke in a cenote in Talokan. She woke up Riri Williams, who started panicking. Shuri tried to get her to breathe, but Williams was too scared. Shuri pointed out how the glowbugs above gave off light to the cave. Williams asked why Wakanda could not just send the Black Panther, but Shuri had to explain that it would never work anymore. They were then greeted by Namora, who gave Shuri clothes.


Shuri talks with Namor

Shuri got dressed and was taken to Namor's hut. The two talked and Namor revealed his past. He talked about how his species came to be and how his mother was one of the first Talokanil. He also talked about how a Spanish settler cursed him as the boy without love, or Namor. Namor then gave Shuri a high pressure suit. Shuri put it on and followed him into the water.


Shuri explores Talokan

Shuri traveled to the deep depths of the underwater country of Talokan. Shuri hit a tide and spun down into the bottom of the ocean where she was met by Namor. Suddenly, a whale swam above them, leading Shuri to be shocked at how advanced everything was and even saw a giant throne made of Vibranium. Shuri kept looking around astonished and how beautiful everything and everyone was.


Shuri hears Namor's plan

Shuri and Namor sat down, believing that they understood each other. Namor gave Shuri his mother's bracelet as a gift since she was the first outsider in Talokan. So, the two started talking about how with Wakanda's help, they could rule the world and burn it to the ground. This struck a cord with Shuri, who did not agree with him anymore. Namor then claimed to have heard Shuri by the river, saying she wanted to burn the world.


Shuri reunites with Ramonda

Shuri returned to the cave, where she was met by Williams again. Suddenly, Nakia arrived and nearly attacked the Talokanil. However, one of them grabbed Shuri by the neck. Nakia spoke Yucatec Mayan, warning the woman. She then spoke in Xhosa, telling Shuri to move her left arm. When she did, Nakia blasted the Talokanil. Shuri asked for a Kimoyo Bead to save the woman, but Nakia told her there was no hope, having Shuri jump on her speeder so they could escape with Williams. However, Shuri was worried that they just started a war.[1]

The Last of Royal Blood[]


Shuri with Aneka

Shuri, Nakia, and Riri Williams were beamed up by a Royal Talon Fighter. In the fighter, Shuri saw Ramonda and hugged her dearly. They then returned to Wakanda. Once they returned, they tried to prepare for a possible war. Suddenly, there was a wave of water that swept through the city; the Talokanil have attacked.


Shuri shoots at Namor

Shuri was working in her lab with Aneka when Ramonda called. Ramonda tried to tell her not to engage, but Shuri did not listen, hanging up. Aneka disagreed with her decision to hang up on the queen, but Shuri said there was a difference as she actually hung up on her mother. They then got into a Sunbird to help. Once they got in, they flew over to the survivors. However, Namor saw them. He flew up to the princess and took down their flyer, leaving them to crash into the water. Aneka told Shuri to get out, but she refused, saying she could reboot. They were then beamed up into a Talon Fighter.

Black Panther II Trailer (53)

Shuri crying over Ramonda

Shuri returned to the Citadel, only to see it almost underwater. She then found Ramonda and Williams unconscious on the ground, having drowned. Nakia was able to start Williams' heart, but Okoye struggled to do so with Ramonda. Shuri ran to her mother, but Okoye yelled at her to get back. Shuri struggled to get out of Aneka and M'Baku's hold on her. She broke down crying and fighting to get away as Ramonda was pronounced dead, meaning Shuri had lost another one. Namor told Shuri to bury the dead and mourn her losses as she was declared the queen now.[1]

Ramonda's Funeral[]


Shuri at Ramonda's funeral

"The world has taken too much from you for you to still be considered a child."
M'Baku to Shuri[src]

Shuri became cold as Ramonda was prepared for her funeral. Having lost everyone she loved, Shuri just stared stone-faced into the distance as Ramonda's casket was taken up to the sky. When everyone left the funeral, Shuri stayed there. M'Baku approached her, knowing that she was having trouble. M'Baku asked for her acceptance of the proposition by the elders that the Wakandans would relocate to Jabari Land.

BPWF Funeral

Shuri talks to M'Baku

Shuri asked why he would want the opinion of a child who scoffed at tradition, remembering what he said to her at the Incoronation of T'Challa. M'Baku simply told her that she had lost too much to be considered a child anymore. Shuri told M'Baku that if he provided for the people, they would be in great debt. M'Baku asked what her heart felt. Shuri told him that the last person who truly understood her was gone and her heart was gone with her.[1]

Becoming Black Panther[]

Taking the Herb[]


Shuri takes the Heart-Shaped Herb

"You didn't believe the Ancestral Plane was real did you?"
"So, why did you take it, then? You don't have to lie to me."
"So I can be strong."
―Shuri and Erik Killmonger[src]

Shuri returned to her laboratory where she decided to try to recreate the Heart-Shaped Herb once again as she wanted to take down Namor. She also did research with Riri Williams and figured out that Namor could lose oxygen through certain heating rays that they could build. With the help of Nakia and T'Challa's DNA samples, she got a possible match on the herb. She recreated the artificial herb and mashed it up. Recreating the ceremony, she found herself in the Ancestral Plane. She brought herself out of the water as the Citadel was flooded.

BP Wakanda Forever Trailer (25)

Shuri in the Ancestral Plane

She looked out into the purple sky and then turned around to the throne, asking Ramonda if she was there. When she peered around the chair, she found Erik Killmonger, much to her surprise. Shuri said she thought she would see her family, but Killmonger brushed it off and called it nonsense, saying that she did not believe the Ancestral Plane was real, which she admitted to. Killmonger claimed they were the same, but Shuri refused to believe it. Killmonger just said he had the courage.

Shuri and Killmonger

Shuri argues with Erik Killmonger

As the place started being set on fire, Shuri yelled at Killmonger, blaming Namor and Ramonda's death on him. Killmonger said he had nothing to do with it, and he told Shuri not to take that away from Ramonda, who was protecting a lost girl from her tribe. However, T'Chaka was a hypocrite. Killmonger claimed T'Chaka would have killed Riri Williams right away. He also claimed T'Challa was too noble. So he asked if Shuri would be noble or take care of business like Killmonger.


Shuri holds the new Black Panther mask

Shuri awoke from the Ancestral Plane and immediately told Nakia that it did not work. She argued with Nakia, believing that she did not feel any different. She angrily punched a mannequin, sending it flying across the room, showing her new strength. Nakia told her that she now needed a suit. Shuri created the suit using her own designs and held it up in front of her.

Wanting Vengeance[]


The Black Panther lives

"You speak of my mother as if she's still here, of what she would have wanted for me. Her hopes and her dreams. But she's dead, she's gone! Namor drowned her, right in front of me. So, her goals, her hopes for doesn't exist, it doesn't matter anymore. What matters is what I want, and what I want is Namor dead!"
―Black Panther to M'Baku[src]

Donning her new suit, the Black Panther arrived in Jabari Land, dropping down into a meeting amongst the elders. She looked over to M'Baku, who held out his hand. The two of them arm wrestled with Shuri beating him using her strength. M'Baku then triumphantly yelled that the Black Panther lives. Everyone surrounded Shuri, happy for her and hopeful for a conclusion.


Black Panther speaks to the people

The Black Panther then talked to everyone, saying that Namor believed Wakanda was on its knees and that they had no protector. She wanted to bring the fight to them. The River Tribe Elder asked why they would bring it back to Wakanda, but Shuri explained she wanted to lure them to a separate place. She then asked permission to talk to M'Baku alone.


Black Panther orders M'Baku to help her

Now in a room with M'Baku, Shuri and he talked about moral decisions. Shuri wanted Namor to pay, but M'Baku was skeptical as it could mean eternal war. Wanting vengeance, Shuri asked if Ramonda was not worth eternal war. M'Baku said that of course she did, but it was not what she would want, and it was not what he wanted for his people. Shuri grew angry saying that he spoke as if she was still there, but she was gone. What mattered was not what Ramonda wanted, but what Shuri wanted, which was Namor dead. She ordered M'Baku to help her.[1]

Ending the Conflict[]


Black Panther talks to Nakia

"Yield, and Wakanda will protect your oceans, we will protect your secrets. Yield, and your people will live. Vengeance has consumed us, we cannot let it consume our people."
"K'choi ke'ma.[15]"
―Black Panther and Namor[src]

The next morning, Black Panther readied to end Namor when she was approached by Nakia, who said that Shuri would always have a home with her in Haiti. Nakia then told Shuri to breathe and asked for Shuri to tell her who she saw in the Ancestral Plane. Shuri immediately pulled away from Nakia, who told her that if she went to war with vengeance, it would not fill the hole in her heart, but only make it grow larger until it consumed her. Shuri simply said that it already had.


Black Panther traps Namor

The Wakandans went to the Sea Leopard and lured the Talokanil there. When they arrived, Black Panther jumped to them, fitting her suit with Vibranium Gauntlets. She then fought the Talokanil, climbing along the side of the boat. She clawed at many Talokanil on her way around the boat, able to slice all of them with her nails. Suddenly, Namor was taken by a Royal Talon Fighter. Shuri was told this and jumped in there with him.

The New Black Panther

Black Panther prepares to battle Namor

Now alone with Namor, she turned on the heat rays and said that she was there for retribution. Namor tried to attack, but became very sweaty and weak over the immense heat. Namor started ramming his spear into the ship. Griot told Shuri that his raw Vibranium could make the ship explode. She told Griot to fly them to the desert. She then took on Namor in hand to hand. However, Namor knocked her away and slammed the ship again, causing it to explode.


Black Panther rips Namor's wings

Landing on the desert, Black Panther got up and took off her gauntlets as they were destroyed. She then looked around for Namor, but was hit from behind. Namor picked her up, flying Black Panther into the air. She clawed at him, scratching his face until he rammed her into the ground, punching some more. She then was able to slice off Namor's ankle wing, causing him to scream in pain.


Black Panther is impaled

They exchanged more blows and Shuri dodged a few. Namor then knocked her into a wall and kicked her. She screamed in pain, but blocked a blow and then impaled his back with her claws. She then expelled energy and proceeded to gain the upper hand by knocking him down a few times with kicks. She then walked towards Namor, retracting her claws while Namor grabbed his spear, but he impaled Shuri in the stomach. She gasped in pain and unmasked herself, her nose bloody. She looked down and saw the fatal wound.


Black Panther blows up her ship

She sliced off the spear as Namor tried to make it to the water to stop himself from overheating. She lunged at Namor, who dodged her. A scared Namor said "Imperius Rex." Shuri then protected herself, saying "Wakanda Forever", causing the ship to blow up, setting Namor on fire. As Namor wheezed for air and fell down, she used her feet to flip him over, so his back was on the ground, and took a spear and put it up to Namor's throat. However, she remembered her dying mother and realized who she had become. She then heard Ramonda, telling her to show him who she was.


Black Panther points a spear at Namor

Shuri then yielded to Namor, telling him that vengeance had consumed them both. If he yielded, then his people would live, knowing how much he cared about his people. Namor did yield and the two flew back to the battlefield. Namor yelled to his people, telling them to stop fighting. Shuri then triumphantly yelled "Wakanda Forever" as the victorious Wakandans chanted back.

Black Panther II Trailer (27)

Shuri says goodbye to Riri Williams

Returning back to Wakanda, everyone celebrated. However, Shuri went to a spot of land and planted the Heart-Shaped Herb for the next Black Panther. She then met with Riri Williams. She told Williams that her name was cleared, and she could return. However, she warned her to stop her homework side business. She also told Williams that she needed to take her Ironheart suit, which Williams understood.[1]

Leaving Wakanda[]

Meeting Her Nephew[]

Shuri and Okoye

Shuri leaves for Haiti

"Toussaint is my Haitian name."
"Ungubani?[16] "
"My name is Prince T'Challa, son of King T'Challa."
T'Challa II and Shuri[src]

Shuri decided not to attend her incoronation, instead leaving M'Baku to take the crown unchallenged. She went to Haiti and got help from civilians who led her to Nakia's residence. Before walking in, she noticed Okoye behind her. Shuri told Okoye that she did not need protection anymore. Okoye knew this, saying she was going to travel the world with her Midnight Angel Armor. They said goodbye before parting ways.[17]

Black Panther II Trailer (11)

Shuri mourns T'Challa

Walking into Nakia's residence, the two greeted each other. Shuri told Nakia that she needed to do something herself. She then went down to the beach. Sitting and looking into the water, she started crying, remembering T'Challa. She took Ramonda's advice and burned her ceremonial gown, signifying how she had finally moved past the trauma.[1]


Shuri meets her nephew, Prince T'Challa II

Suddenly, Shuri was approached from behind by Nakia and who she introduced as her son, Toussaint. Shuri talked to Toussaint as Nakia revealed that T'Challa prepared them for his death and that Toussaint was his son. Shuri's tears turned into joy as she realized she had a nephew. She talked to Toussaint as Nakia explained that T'Challa did not want them to attend the funeral. Shuri asked if Ramonda met him, which she did. Toussaint then said that he believed she could keep a secret. He told her that Toussaint was his Haitian name. His real name was Prince T'Challa, son of T'Challa.[18]


"Just because something works doesn't mean it cannot be improved."

Shuri is a technological genius at heart, making good use of the abundance of the rare metal Vibranium to help advance her home country. She is always willing to continue innovations for whatever she invents, believing there's no end to a device's improvement. The Wakandan princess gets very excited to have her latest creation used by herself, her brother, etc. to see how effective it is. Like many younger siblings, Shuri has a very childlike demeanor, always teasing T'Challa and never having many regards to formality. But she loves her family a lot and does become very concerned for her brother's safety. Not to mention that she has faith in her brother in becoming a great king and the next Black Panther, always willing to stand by his side.

Shuri is a big fan of American culture, with a lot of her inventions hinted to be directly inspired by movies that she would watch with her father. She often dresses in American style clothing as well, such as brand t-shirts, jeans, and shorts in high contrast to the traditional or high-class clothes of other Wakandans. Shuri also disliked traditional ceremonial clothing, once complaining about the corset she had to wear during T'Challa's crowning ceremony. She also appears to be very interested in social media, recording instances of her pranks on T'Challa and quoting internet memes at him. She can also be sarcastic at times and doesn't suffer fools. When Everett Ross asked Shuri what to do with the Wakandan planes he found, she responded impatiently, since she was fighting off Killmonger at the time, telling him "Shoot them down, genius!".

The traumatic events of the Infinity War and being gone for five years caused Shuri to become more mature, as how those events had been frightening. Combined with this, and the deaths of T'Challa and Ramonda, Shuri became hardened in personality. However, she managed to be able to crack jokes and find joy in little things, retaining her innocence. By the time her brother died by his illness, she became isolated in her technology as a way to grieve her brother's death and possibly to prevent her from thinking about her late brother, and refused to properly deal with his brother's sudden passing and did not want to burn the ceremonial robes, and felt responsible as she could not synthesize the Heart-Shaped Herb in time. It was at this period of time that the Midnight Angel Armor and the new weapons for the Dora Milaje were created, while the project of recreating the Heart-Shaped Herb was suspended as Shuri didn't want to face her guilt and sadness. Deep inside, after the death of her brother and the consequent aggression of other surface powers, she developed a vengeful personality.

This sense of revenge was fully heightened when her mother died not long after as well. When Namor killed Ramonda in his attack on Wakanda, she was filled with vengeance and determination to kill Namor for what he did to her mother, as all her family members have passed away now. Even M'Baku and Nakia understand Shuri's rage, but felt that vengeance would consume her, the same way it had consumed her cousin N’Jadaka. Her desire for revenge eventually brought her to N'Jadaka in the ancestral plane, where she was persuaded to go on the vengeful ways. She became arrogant and refused to listen to M'Baku's plan of not killing Namor to prevent eternal war, determined to end the war and avenge her fallen family. But when she had the chance of killing Namor after gravely injuring the latter who was dehydrated, she later realized that vengeance is not only consuming Namor, but also herself, and she doesn't want both Wakanda and Talokan being consumed by vengeance, something she learned from her late brother, who went on a similar path as her. She realized the similarities between the Talokan ruler and herself, which led her to propose a truce with the sea-dwellers and finally be able to see her mother in the Ancestral Plane, who encouraged her to be herself once more. After the conflict with Talokan and Namor, the Wakandan princess finally was able to grieve her loss and accept the passing of her brother, and burnt the ceremonial robes in Haiti.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Heart-Shaped Herb Enhancement: Shuri consumed an artificial Heart-Shaped Herb and was granted enhanced strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes and healing. The effects could be removed by drinking a serum that negates the powers of the herbs.
    • Enhanced Strength: The Heart-Shaped Herb gave Shuri enhanced strength, allowing her to send a mannequin against a wall with a single punch in her first display of strength when she hit it out of anger believing the synthetic her had not worked. She became stronger than the much larger M'Baku, who tested her with an arm wrestle before declaring her the Black Panther. In a duel against Namor, first inside the Royal Talon Fighter and then in the desert when the aircraft was destroyed, Shuri exchanged powerful blows against him, and swiftly threw him into the air and back on the ground with a single hand.
    • Enhanced Durability: Even though she was helped by wearing the Panther Habit, Shuri could withstand extreme blunt force trauma. She survived unfazed the explosion of a Royal Talon Fighter that had been compromised by Namor and the subsequent fall to the ground, along with the many blows that Namor hit her with. It took being impaled by Namor's Vibranium spear to significantly injure her.
    • Enhanced Speed: Shuri's enhanced speed allowed to quickly move and react during her first actual battle as the new Black Panther, moving across the side of the Sea Leopard to fight the first Talokanil warriors that tried to board the ship. As she focused on battling Namor, Shuri ran and quickly moved towards him when she first engaged him, and during the rest of their battle.
    • Enhanced Agility: Shuri used his newly-acquired agility when she first engaged the Talokanil warriors aboard the Sea Leopard. In order to defeat the first wave of warriors, she jumped on the sides of the ship, dodging and attacking the warriors until the time came to confront their leader, Namor. She then accurately jumped towards the Royal Talon Fighter, where he had already been trapped.
    • Enhanced Stamina: Shuri could potentially exert great energy without any sign of fatigue, fighting both the Talokanil warriors and Namor for a considerable amount of time, not even losing her breath until she injured by being impaled by Namor's spear.
    • Enhanced Reflexes: The Heart-Shaped Herb was able to increase Shuri's reflexes along the rest of her physical capabilities. This allowed her to effectively hit and evade her opponent's blows while fighting. Shuri managed to evade some of Namor's blows when she first fought him inside the Royal Talon Fighter, and while fighting him on the ground, accurately go for one of his ankle wings, slicing it with her claws.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Shuri's healing was extraordinarily enhanced, to the point of surviving and rapidly recovering from being impaled by Namor's spear. Even with the open wound, she was able to stand on her feet, and showed no signs of it by the time she travelled to Haiti after the war against the Talokanil.
  • Panther Habit Capabilities: As the Black Panther, Shuri made herself a Vibranium Panther Habit suit that was fitted with gold armor as well as dots to mimic her look while in battle.
    • Superhuman Durability: The vibranium in the habit increased Shuri's durability, making her invulnerable to conventional damage. The habit made her able to withstand the attacks from the powerful Namor. However, its Vibranium composition was also able to be penetrated by other vibranium weapons thrown with enough strength, as Namor's raw vibranium spear was able to impale Shuri through the habit.
    • Claw Retraction:

      Black Panther retracts her claws

      Black Panther's suit was fitted with claws. She used this to track across the walls of the Sea Leopard and take care of the many Talokanil that were climbing up the side. She also used her claws to scratch Namor's face and back. When she was impaled by a spear, she sliced through the spear's rod with her claws.
    • Kinetic Energy Absorption: Shuri's habit was similar to T'Challa's in the fact that it was fitted with kinetic energy storage that could store the energy so she could redistribute it when needed.
    • Energy Projection:

      Black Panther shoots blasts of sonic energy

      Shuri invented her own Vibranium Gauntlets in case she ever went into battle. These gauntlets were designed to look like panther heads with the energy emitting out of the mouth like a panther's roar. When she became the Black Panther, she fitted her gauntlets within the suit. Using her Vibranium Gauntlets, Shuri can shoot blasts of sonic energy. It is powerful enough to briefly subdue Killmonger in the Panther Habit. They are also able to send grown men flying several feet. During the battle with Namor, she blasted him with it, causing to Royal Talon Fighter to explode. She also knocked many Talokanil off the side of the Sea Leopard with the blasts.


"You are teaching me? What do you know?"
"More than you."
T'Challa and Shuri[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Shuri is extraordinarily intelligent despite her young age. Indeed, her intelligence marks her as one of the smartest humans in the world, which allows her to be in charge of the Wakandan Design Group and create some of the most recent Wakandan advanced technology. She was able to figure out how Namor's physiology worked which allowed her to heat up his body to weaken him.
"I'm here for the EMP beads. I've developed an update."
―Shuri to T'Challa[src]
"The scientist leading this initiative is the most gifted in Wakanda..."
  • Master Scientist: Shuri is an exceptional scientist, being the leader of the science division of Wakanda, and having expertise in fields such as engineering, physics, chemistry, medicine and computer programming. Some of her most impressive features were saving Everett Ross from an injury that would have rendered him paraplegic in a matter of hours, being able to remove Bucky Barnes' programming, or come up with a method to remove the Mind Stone harmlessly from Vision superior to that of the renowned scientist Bruce Banner. Using Fen's bracelet, Shuri was able to create an artificial Heart-Shaped Herb.
  • Master Physician: Shuri was able to work on Everett Ross and heal him after a bullet to his side. She also was able to experiment on Bucky Barnes to remove his mind control.
  • Expert Tactician: Shuri led the attack against Namor as the Black Panther. This included leading the Talokanils to the Sea Leopard as a trap.
  • Master Martial Artist:
    Shuri vs

    Shuri fighting against Killmonger

    As Shuri is the leader of the Wakandan Design Group, but not a Wakandan warrior, she rarely fights in the frontlines. Despite this, Shuri is an excellent combatant in her own right. She managed to briefly fight against Erik Killmonger for a time, but was swiftly defeated and able to survive the Battle of Mount Bashenga with no injury, and even Battle of Earth. Later she was able to hold her own and eventually overpower Namor in their fight.
  • Expert Marksman: Shuri is an excellent markswoman, she is able to shoot blasts of sonic energy from her Vibranium Gauntlets very accurately. During Battle of Mount Bashenga and Battle of Earth, she was able to hit many targets with the gauntlets.
  • Master Acrobat: Shuri flipped around the side of the Sea Leopard and did not fall into the water. She also performed many acrobatic attacks while fighting Namor.
  • Bilingualism: Shuri is fluent in her native Xhosa, as well as English.


Panther Habit[]

  • Panther Habit: As Black Panther, Shuri donned a uniquely crafted vibranium-weave combat suit that, like Captain America's Shield, is lightweight, nigh-indestructible, and renders him immune to most physical damages, especially from collisions and conventional firearms.
    • Vibranium Claws: Two sets of retractable and extendable vibranium claws embedded in the fingers of the gloves like nails. The suit can also deploy claws from its knuckles, and they were able to hurt Namor's face.


  • Vibranium Gauntlets:
    BP Teaser Trailer 57

    Shuri with her Vibranium Gauntlets

    These gauntlets shoot blasts of sonic energy powerful enough to briefly subdue Killmonger in his own Panther Habit. They are also able to send grown men flying several feet, and in conjunction with Wasp and Pepper Potts, were able to send Thanos backwards. After becoming the Black Panther Shuri fitted her Vibranium Gauntlets within her Panther Habit.
  • Sonic Spear: Shuri goes into battle against Killmonger's forces and gains one of these weapons, which Killmonger states are powerful enough to stop a tank.

Other Equipment[]

  • Kimoyo Beads: Shuri is able to communicate with people and remote Wakandan technology using these beads, including control of the vast Vibranium mines.
  • Remote Access Kimoyo Beads: Shuri uses this equipment to drive and pilot various vehicles from her lab in Wakanda. These disks also possess an array of advanced technological capabilities.


  • Royal Talon Fighter: Shuri helped Everett Ross pilot the Royal Talon Fighter to stop Killmonger's ships from leaving Wakanda. Years later, after the RTF reported damage, Shuri told Griot to take her and Namor to the desert.


"Do you like that one?"
"Tempting, but the idea is to not be noticed."
―Shuri and T'Challa[src]
  • Panther Habit: Upgraded by Shuri, the Panther Habit is now one of Wakanda's more advanced products, housing an advanced array of sophisticated technology to greatly enhance T'Challa's capabilities as the Black Panther. The most prominent feature of the upgraded Habit is its ability to redistribute stored energy. It can receive energy from any incoming source, such as bullets being fired at T'Challa or attacks from enemies.
  • Griot: Griot is an artificial intelligence created by Shuri, using it such as to guide Everett Ross to pursue three jets that Erik Killmonger had ordered an attack on New York City, London and Hong Kong.
"Fully automated, like the old American movie Baba used to watch. And I made them completely sound absorbent."
―Shuri to T'Challa[src]
  • Sneakers: Shuri created sneakers that are sound adsorbent and are incorporated into the Panther Habit with the use of Wakandan nanotechnology.
  • Remote Access Kimoyo Beads: The Remote Access Beads can transmit control to the console in Shuri's Lab, allowing a user to remotely pilot any vehicle they're placed on, even from large distances.
  • Vibranium Gauntlets: Due to the connection between Wakanda and the panther goddess Bast, Shuri designed the gauntlets so they would have the shape of a panther. The Vibranium Gauntlets can fire single energy shots that are powerful enough to throw grown men in the air and force a wearer of a Panther Habit to step back when hit.


  • Citadel: As a member of the Royal Family of Wakanda, Shuri spent time in the Citadel. She watched in the Citadel as Erik Killmonger arrived and challenged T'Challa for the throne. Upon her return in the Blip, Shuri reunited with her family in the Citadel. She later rushed into the room in an attempt to save Ramonda as it flooded, but was too late. Shuri then ingested a synthetic Heart-Shaped Herb, which brought her to a recreation of the Citadel by the Astral Plane, where she confronted Killmonger about her choice on how to deal with Namor.
  • Wakanda University: Shuri was a student at Wakanda University when she was less than ten years old. By the time she was thirteen years old, she became a professor at the university. She taught Assata in the school and was impressed by her inventions.
  • Shuri's Lab:

    Shuri in her personal laboratory

    Shuri personally designed her laboratory beneath Mount Bashenga, close to Wakandan Vibranium mine. Together with the Wakandan Design Group, Shuri worked in her lab on new designs based on Vibranium. Before the battle with Erik Killmonger's forces, Shuri left Everett Ross in the lab to take control over the Royal Talon Fighter and destroy Vibranium weapons. As he completed his task, Ross managed to escape while the lab was destroyed by the Dragon Flyer. She attempted to recreate the Heart-Shaped Herb in the lab, but failed, leading to T'Challa's death. Shuri then buried herself in her work, spending all of her time in the lab. She brought Riri Williams to the lab, where they worked on a plan to defeat Namor together.
  • Wakanda Medical Center: Shuri worked to help people who needed medical attention in Wakanda's medical center. She used it to heal Everett Ross, who had been shot, as well as to free Bucky Barnes from his brainwashing. She then later had Vision brought to the medical center, where she worked to get the Mind Stone out of him, but was attacked by Corvus Glaive.


  • Namor's Cenote: Shuri and Riri Williams were taken by Talokanil forces and brought to a cave in Talokan, where they were held in order to get Shuri to have Williams stay in Talokan. Shuri was taken by Namor to his part of the cave, where Namor told her about his past. Shuri and Williams were rescued from the cave by Nakia, who shot one of the Talokanil, leading to war between Talokan and Wakanda.






Appearances for Black Panther


  • In the comics, Shuri assumed the mantle of Black Panther from her half-brother T'Challa after he was temporarily left in a comatose state.
  • Director Ryan Coogler described Shuri's science skills as being on par with those of world-renowned geniuses' like Tony Stark.[21] Producer Nate Moore also stated that Shuri is "...the smartest person in the world, smarter than Tony Stark but she’s a sixteen-year-old girl..."
  • While Nate Moore claims Shuri is 16 in Black Panther,[22] Black Panther: The Junior Novel[3] and Letitia Wright[23] both state that Shuri is 18 during the film.
  • Although Shuri was shown wearing her battle dress in promotional pictures and posters for Avengers: Infinity War, but in the film, she never wears it.

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