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"He's got the Black Order doing security. Take it from me, they're bad news."
Thanos to the Ravagers[src]

The Black Order was an elite team comprised of powerful individuals who were hired by the Collector, the new kingpin of the intergalactic underworld.


Working for the Collector

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Theft of the Embers of Genesis

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  • Proxima Midnight's Spear: Proxima Midnight wielded a double bladed spear, one side which had three prongs and the other which had a flat sided blade. The weapon even can incapacitate a Titan like Thanos.
  • Corvus Glaive's Glaive: Corvus Glaive wielded a powerful blade while on security duty.
  • Black Dwarf's Chain Hammer: Black Dwarf's weapon was a massive war hammer which could be turned into a plethero of different weapons based on Dwarf's desire. He could even heavily injured a Titan like Thanos with it.





  • All four members have a word in their names alluding to black and darkness, hence why they are known as the "Black Order".

Behind the Scenes

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