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The Black Order was an elite team comprised of powerful individuals who used their abilities to serve their adoptive father Thanos.


Learning of the Future

"There's another consciousness sharing her network. Another Nebula."
"This duplicate carries a time stamp, from nine years in the future."
―Ebony Maw and Thanos[src]

During the Avengers' Time Heist, Nebula had traveled to Morag in 2014, Due to the native 2014 Nebula being in the same solar system, their memories became intertwined. This caused the native 2014 Thanos to view the older Nebula's memories. Thanos soon instructed his forces to capture the older Nebula. After capturing the 2023 Nebula, 2014 Nebula stole her Time-Space GPS and Pym Particles, and disguised herself as the older Nebula.[1]

Traveling to 2023

Nebula, now in 2023 would then use the Quantum Tunnel to bring the Sanctuary II from 2014 to 2023, with Thanos, the Black Order, the Chitauri, the Outriders and the Sakaarans all inside.[1]

Battle of Earth

The Black Order joins the Battle of Earth

After Attack on the Avengers Compound, Thanos summoned the Black Order, along with the rest of his army, to participate in the Battle of Earth. During the battle, Cull Obsidian and Corvus Glaive were killed by Ant-Man and Okoye respectivly, while MEbony Maw and Proxima Midnight disintegrated after Iron Man used the Infinity Stones.[1]


Deceased Members

Ebony Maw

  • Name: Ebony Maw
  • Activity: 2014; 2023
  • Status: Deceased
  • Description: Ebony Maw was the former torturer of Thanos and one of his most trusted lieutenants. He used his telekinetic powers to capture and torture his victims. In 2014, Maw assisted Thanos as they found out the Avengers' mission to revisit past events. He then time traveled along with all of Thanos' army and attacked the Avengers Compound. When Thanos summoned his army in an all-out battle against Captain America and all of the Avengers, the entire Black Order participated. Maw was killed when Iron Man snapped his fingers with the electronic gauntlet containing all six Infinity, perishing alongside Thanos' remaining army.

Cull Obsidian

  • Name: Cull Obsidian
  • Activity: 2014; 2023
  • Status: Deceased
  • Description: Cull Obsidian was the strongest among Thanos' children. He used a chain hammer to fight his enemies. In 2014, Obsidian time-traveled along with all of Thanos' army and attacked the Avengers Compound. When Thanos summoned his army, along with all of the Black Order, in an all-out battle against Captain America, all of the Avengers and the armies they led. During his attempt to attack Iron Man, he was pulled to the ground by Spider-Man and ultimately stepped on by a giant Ant-Man, resulting in his death.

Proxima Midnight

Corvus Glaive




  • Sanctuary II: The Black Order used this massive warship to go to different places in the universe along Thanos and the army. They operated out of the Sanctuary II and kidnapped an alternate Nebula, then brought it to that Nebula's home universe to wage war on its Avengers.
  • Outrider Dropships: The Black Order used their dropships to bring Outriders to battle against the Avengers.



  • Thanos † - Adoptive Father and Master
  • Gamora - Adoptive Sister and Rival
  • Nebula † - Adoptive Sister and Rival




  • All four members have a word in their names alluding to black and darkness, hence why they are known as the "Black Order."
  • In the comics, there's a fifth member with telepathic powers called Supergiant.


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