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"You where you're supposed to be. In the Black Box. Made for people like you who can't mind their business."
AWOL to Molly Hernandez[src]

The Black Box was a warehouse used by Flores and AWOL.


Strike Team Prisoners

"I want to see a lawyer."
"This isn't that kind of a situation."
"What kind of a situation is it?"
"Well, no one really knows that you're here. It's just you and me."
Livvie and AWOL[src]

The Black Box was a facility used by the LAPD strike team on PRIDE's payroll commanded by Detective Flores. They notably took the Runaway Molly Hernandez to the Black Box after capturing her at the Gordon Hotel. Hernandez bravely confronted AWOL before Flores arrived, instructing AWOL to leave him alone with Hernandez in the Black Box. Flores interrogated Hernandez to know the other Runaways' whereabouts, and threatened to torture her since she did not cooperate. However, Hernandez easily broke out of her handcuffs and attacked Flores before being joined by the other Runaways, who smashed down the door of the Black Box to retrieve their friend.

Flores and AWOL later had an argument at the Black Box, as Flores blamed AWOL for having let the Runaways escape during an encounter at the Simply Blossom restaurant. AWOL retorted that Flores had not informed him about the Runaways' superhuman abilities and the tension escalated, with Flores threatening to kick Flores out of the strike team. This caused AWOL to leave the Black Box with nothing but a smirk.[1]

Having taken leadership of the strike team, AWOL took Livvie to the Black Box after kidnapping her. He then interrogated her, threatening to hurt Livvie's sister Tamar and the baby Xerxes Davis if Livvie did not reveal where the Runaways were hiding. Facing such threat, Livvie agreed to cooperate and they left the Black Box to find the Hostel.[2]