The Birth Pods, previously called Cosmic Cocoons[1][2], are incubators used by the Sovereign to procreate. One of the Cosmic Coccoons was in possession of Taneleer Tivan stored in his museum.


Collector's Cosmic Cocoon

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Cosmic Cocoon in Collector's Museum

Taneleer Tivan collected a Cosmic Cocoon during the time when the Sovereign did not use artificial incubators to reproduce. The Cosmic Cocoon was present in his museum when Sif and Volstagg delivered the Aether to the museum.[3]

When the Guardians of the Galaxy delivered the Orb to the museum, Tivan revealed that it contained an Infinity Stone. Upon discovering this, Tivan's assistant Carina, angry how Tivan had treated her and her predecessors, unleashed its power, destroying much of the museum, as well as his Cocoon.[4]

Creating Adam Warlock

GotGV2 Adam 3

Adam Warlock's Birth Pod

Using an advanced Birth Pod, Ayesha began creating a being capable of defeating the Guardians of the Galaxy. While showing the Birth Pod to her chambermaid, Ayesha decided to call her creation Adam.[5]


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