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"They call this a hospital, but don't let that fool you."
Simon to Danny Rand[src]

Birch Psychiatric Hospital is a psychiatric asylum located in New York City. Danny Rand and Ward Meachum were former patients of the hospital, although Rand was able to escape while Meachum was unofficially released by Bakuto.



David Kawecki's Rehab

"It says here he has the IQ of a ten-year-old. Court found him mentally incompetent."
"He's doing life in Birch Psych Hospital."
Jessica Jones and Malcolm Ducasse[src]

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Danny Rand's Rehab

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Ward Meachum's Rehab

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A Visit from the Doctor

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Visited by Jessica Jones

"Let's say, hypothetically, I needed to get into a secure psych ward."
"You want me to commit you?"
"As a therapist. And let's say that I needed the right ID."
Jessica Jones and Oscar Arocho[src]

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Visited by Mary Walker

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Name Position Status
Paul Edmonds Psychiatrist Active
Smith Nurse Active
Stacy Hill Nurse Active
Michaels Nurse Active
Joe Orderly Active


Name Diagnoses Status
Billy Paranoid Personality Disorder In hospital
Dink Insane In hospital
Danny Rand Escaped
Jimmy Schizoaffective Disorder In hospital
Leo Brain fried on methamphetamines In hospital
Simon Bipolar
Mixed affective episodes layered atop a substance abuse disorder
In hospital
Tony In hospital
Ward Meachum Drug Abuse Freed by Bakuto
David Kawecki In hospital


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