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"Those HYDRA threats still out there causing trouble. That's why we're here. To get you up and running and back fighting the good fight... which is going to be cool. I know we don't have much, but what we have is yours, sir."
―Billy Koenig to Phil Coulson[src]

William "Billy" Koenig is an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., who had been entrusted by Nick Fury with safeguarding and operating the Playground. He is also the brother of Eric, Sam, Thurston, and LT Koenig. He worked closely with Phil Coulson, as Fury made Coulson the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and he took up command of the Playground. While working with S.H.I.E.L.D., Koenig had assisted in their battles against HYDRA, since his brother Eric was killed by Grant Ward. Once HYDRA had been defeated, Koenig continued working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and was eventually captured by the Watchdogs, where he was tortured by the Superior, but refused to break his loyalty to the agency, until he was finally rescued with the help of his siblings.


Early Life

Growing Up with Brothers

"It's a little bit strange, I mean, they're exactly the same. You really think they were just twins?"
"I have heard all your theories, Trip."
"And Koenig's always mentioning other brothers. Every day, another brother. If he brings up one more brother I don't know what I'm gonna do."
Antoine Triplett and Skye[src]

While growing up, Billy Koenig nicknamed his brother, Eric Koenig, "Lightning Foot."[5] He, like all of his brothers, was picked on by his older sister LT Koenig.[4] Billy and Eric were stationed at secret safe houses belonging to Nick Fury in the aftermath of the Battle of New York. As the bases were not named, Koenig called his base the Playground, while his brother named his base Providence. While stationed at the base for two years, Billy and Eric Koenig continued to communicate and played online games with each other.[6] Billy and Sam Koenig also worked as technicians at the original Life-Model Decoy program.[4]

New S.H.I.E.L.D.

Meeting Coulson's Team

Koenig introduces himself to Phil Coulson

"Billy... Koenig, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., although I totally understand the confusion. Eric passed away, sadly, but it's great to have company, finally, and I did not mind minding this place."
Skye and Billy Koenig[src]

During the HYDRA Uprising, Koenig remained at the Playground and got word that his brother Eric Koenig had been brutally murdered by the HYDRA agent Grant Ward. However, despite mourning the death of his brother, Koenig remained focused on his mission as Director Nick Fury brought Jemma Simmons and the comatose Leo Fitz to the base for his recovery, when he saved them from drowning in the sea. When Agent Phil Coulson and his team arrived at the Playground, Agent Koenig had then greeted him with great enthusiasm.

Koenig explaining the situation to Phil Coulson

Coulson's team stared at him bewildered, as Skye had questioned if he was his late brother, although Koenig stopped their confusion by introducing himself, while letting them know that he knew his brother was deceased. Koenig then went on to welcome them into the base, promising to get Coulson his own S.H.I.E.L.D. Lanyard, while all the rest of their team would have to get tested before they got their own Lanyards. Koenig then explained that, while they did not have much equipment in there, it was Coulson's to use, as they prepared for the continued War on HYDRA, which Coulson thanked him for.[1]

Theta Protocol

Koenig updates Sam Koenig on his flight plan

"American flight 220 gets in three minutes early."
"Copy that. And what's with you rage quitting CoD last night?"
"What's with you and all the spawn kills?"
―Billy and Sam Koenig[src]

As they continued working for S.H.I.E.L.D., Koenig and his brothers would continue playing video games, annoying each other with their gameplay styles. One morning, Koenig called Sam Koenig to inform him that Director Phil Coulson was on his way to see him to discuss the Theta Protocol, and would arrive earlier than calculated. Koenig then confronted his brother about the video game they had played, and why he was killing him whenever he spawned and ate pretzels in his microphone.[7]

Hunt for the Obelisk

Koenig debriefing with Isabelle Hartley's team

"So, the guy was bulletproof, huh? That's sweet. What, like, protective clothing or...?"
"Maybe. We found these metal shards, they broke off with the bullet hits. I'm gonna take it to the lab."
"I'll let Coulson know."
―Billy Koenig and Skye[src]

In the wake of their failed mission to obtain the new 0-8-4 from Roger Browning, Koenig had met with their S.H.I.E.L.D. teams to debrief at the Playground, as he noted that Phil Coulson wanted to speak with them. When Isabelle Hartley asked Koenig to put Coulson on their big screen, Koenig had explained that Coulson was actually in the Playground, although Koenig then noted that Coulson wanted to speak to Melinda May first, much to Lance Hunter's annoyance.

Koenig and Skye discuss the Absorbing Man

While Hunter complained, Koenig then spoke with Skye questioning if the Absorbing Man was really bulletproof, as was mentioned, with Koenig expressing his excitement at this. While Koenig questioned if this meant that he was wearing protective clothing, before Skye then showed him some metal shards which had been collected which had been found after he had been shot. When Skye noted that she would take these to Leo Fitz to be examined, Koenig had then promised to let Coulson know, with Skye noting that it would be nice if she got to see Coulson as well, with Koenig noting that Coulson was busy.

Koenig bringing Skye into Grant Ward's cell

Once it was discovered that the Absorbing Man was Carl Creel, who they learned was also an agent of HYDRA, Koenig was then ordered to escort Skye to Grant Ward's cell, so that she could attempt to get more information about Creel out from Ward. As they approached the cell, Koenig had assured Skye that there was an Inertial Confinement Laser Barrier, which would protect Skye from Ward, before handing her the keypad, which she could use to turn off the sound. Becoming nervous, Skye then questioned if it was possible for her to free Ward by accident, to which Koenig promised that she would be safe.

Koenig watches Skye questioning Grant Ward

As Skye went down into Ward's cell, Koenig went back to Coulson's office and watched the interrogation, as May questioned Coulson's decision to allow Ward to talk with Skye. Through their interrogation, they learned that Creel had been recruited by John Garrett and had the ability to absorb objects and transform his skin. Eventually, Ward noted that they could hack into a secret frequency that HYDRA used to communicate with Creel, as Koenig confirmed that this was true, as he used that frequency to show Coulson how many HYDRA cells were operating across the world, which had horrified them all.[2]

Losing the Obelisk

Koenig watches Glenn Talbot's questioning

"Alarms have sounded; chances of them being captured or killed have skyrocketed."
―Billy Koenig to Phil Coulson[src]

Using the secret HYDRA frequencies, which Grant Ward had told them about, the team had learned that HYDRA were sending Carl Creel to attack Glenn Talbot. As a result, the team intercepted the ambush, as they had Creel arrested by their United States Armed Forces, while they managed to capture Talbot and bring him in for questioning. Koenig watched on their monitors as Phil Coulson questioned Talbot about the situation, as Koenig commented on how Coulson had been able to annoy Talbot to the point of him gripping his arm rests.

Koenig intercepts Glenn Talbot's distress call

Koenig had used the data they gathered to scan Talbot's fingerprints, while also tracking his voice patterns so that they could mimic them. Once Coulson had knocked out Talbot with an I.C.E.R., they left him in a car with his phone, as Talbot eventually woke up and attempted to call for backup, only for Koenig to intercept that call, as they then tricked Talbot into revealing their codes, which Koenig gave to Skye. Koenig then informed Isabelle Hartley's team that they had managed to trace the call that Talbot had intended to make to the Government Storage Warehouse near the Pentagon, so they were ready to go.

Koenig and Isabelle Hartley discuss their plan

However, Lance Hunter had questioned why they were even going on this mission, which Hartley and Alphonso Mackenzie agreed with, as they had believed that Creel was safely locked away with the Armed Forces. Koenig had then stood by as the discussion continued, until Coulson stepped out and revealed that they planned to do more with this mission than secure Creel, as they also intended to find the 0-8-4 and steal the Quinjet. Following Coulson's speech, Hartley and her team agreed to their mission, as Koenig had returned into Coulson's office while the teams then headed out towards the Warehouse.

Koenig advices Phil Coulson about their plan

As Hartley's team arrived at the Warehouse, they had used the cover of Antoine Triplett as "General Jones" to get inside for their supposed meeting with Talbot, only for Tilden and Walter to refuse to give them entry. However, this had been planned for as Coulson used their scan of Talbot's voice to phone Tilden, before he demanded that Jones be allowed inside, with Koenig offering Coulson advice on how to mimic Talbot's actual tone and phrasing. While Koenig continued to advise Coulson, eventually Skye was able to hack their systems and granted them access, as they immediately began searching the entire military Warehouse for the 0-8-4, as Koenig and Coulson monitored them.

Koenig warning Phil Coulson about the alarms

However, the plan quickly fell apart once Hartley had located the 0-8-4, as she was found and attacked by Creel. When Hartley attempted to defend herself with the Obelisk, she was horrified to discover that it fused itself onto her arm as it began killing her. As Hunter and Skye questioned what they should do, Koenig noted that the alarms on the base had been set off, and their chances of being captured or killed had just skyrocketed. Despite Hartley's condition, Coulson advised their S.H.I.E.L.D. team to continue as planned, although Hunter then disobeyed these orders, as he attempted to get medical aid.

Koenig and Phil Coulson discuss the mission

As their mission was completed, Koenig and Mackenzie spoke with Coulson, who noted that they needed all the weapons they could get to fight HYDRA. Koenig listened as Coulson noted that they needed the Quinjet's cloaking, as Leo Fitz seemed to be unable to recreate it. Although a Quinjet was taken, Hartley and Idaho were killed by Creel, who also stole the Obelisk.[2] As they later returned to work, Coulson said he wanted inventory done before Koenig returned.[8] Mackenzie won a bet against Hunter to do his inventory. Mackenzie told him that sevens with the line across them always drove Koenig crazy.[9]

Protecting Raina

Koenig casually giving some advice to Raina

"Well, we counted four two-man teams, all non-tactical, all in full surveillance mode, and that freaky one told Raina that Whitehall wanted to talk."
"Question is why, and why now?"
"No idea sir, but it's the first sighting we've had of HYDRA since you let Raina out in the wild."
―Billy Koenig and Phil Coulson[src]

Koenig was recruited for his next mission once S.H.I.E.L.D. had been forced to extract Raina, as her location had been compromised, and she was getting pursued by HYDRA agents sent by Daniel Whitehall. As Raina attempted to run away, Koenig waited on the street corner for her to pass and sent her around the corner, where she was greeted by Sam Koenig; although Raina remained skeptical, she had no other choice but to follow Koenig's instructions and managed to avoid detection from Whitehall's soldiers.

Koenig updates Phil Coulson on the situation

Once Raina had been successfully extracted, Koenig reported to Phil Coulson back on the Bus to update him about their mission, while he noted that their HYDRA team was being led by Agent 33, who looked exactly like Melinda May despite the large facial scar, as Coulson had explained that it was due to her damaged Photostatic Veil, while Sam called badass offscreen, much to Koenig's annoyance. Koenig noted to Coulson that Whitehall seemed to intend to kidnap Raina, but not kill her, so Coulson told them to wait for an extraction, as Koenig had continued to argue with his brother who was excited to meet May.

Koenig standing guard inside of his safehouse

While he packed up all the bags ready for the extraction, Koenig was beside Raina when he heard a knock at their door, which he had then noted was not Sam's usual knock, which Raina teased him about as Koenig claimed that all brothers had a knock. Koenig drew a gun as he demanded to see a S.H.I.E.L.D. Lanyard, before he then lowered his gun when the guest had been revealed to be Skye who had come to collect Raina. Stepping into the safe room, Skye mocked Koenig's paranoia for not looking through the peephole, while she mistook him for his brother, although Koenig insisted that Sam was shorter.

Koenig protects Raina from HYDRA assassins

Wasting no time, Skye ordered Koenig and Raina to follow her to the extraction point. However, as Koenig and Skye made their way out to extract Raina, they were suddenly ambushed by Agent 33, who was immediately tackled by Skye, who stopped her from killing them and taking Raina. During their clash, Agent 33 shot at Koenig and barely missed him, as Skye ordered him to take Raina to the stairs for their extraction, which Koenig did. While Skye battled Agent 33, she was eventually assisted by Lance Hunter, before regrouping with Koenig, who handed Raina over to them, to completed the extraction.[3]

Facing Grant Ward

Koenig and Antoine Triplett discuss Agent 33

"I give you my word. Come with me, we won't fire a single shot, everyone gets out alive."
"Good one; is that what you told my brother before you killed him?"
Grant Ward and Billy Koenig[src]

Once they were on board their Bus, Koenig then explained to Antoine Triplett why they left Agent 33 behind in the safe house, while the rest of them had made their escape, claiming that this was too dangerous as they barely made it away into safely themselves, with all of the HYDRA agents closing in on them. Koenig had then commented that this must be strange for Melinda May, as Agent 33 now had an exact copy of her face due to the broken Photostatic Veil, before he joined Sam Koenig, who had asked Triplett about his injured shoulder.

Billy and Sam Koenig talk with Antoine Triplett

The Koenig brothers then discussed Agent 33, joking about her copy of May's face and broken voice, comparing her to a Robot character from Lost in Space, although Triplett still seemed to be distracted, as Koenig questioned if he simply had something in his teeth which was distracting him. As Triplett saw Billy and Sam side by side, he asked them how many siblings Koenig had. The brothers both jokingly said thirteen at the same time and then took great pleasure with Triplett's shocked reaction, noting that these jokes surprised people whenever they used it, but never gave a definitive answer to his question.

Koenig learns about Daniel Whitehall's threats

However, Koenig suddenly became alerted to a situation, as the Bus was suddenly intercepted by four HYDRA Quinjets. Once Koenig and their team tried to work out what was happening, the message came through from Daniel Whitehall, ordering them to surrender or be shot from the sky, noting that he wanted Raina to be handed back over to a representative. However, despite Lance Hunter recommending that they escape from HYDRA as soon as possible, it became impossible as the Bus was docked by one of these Quinjets, forcing Koenig and the other agents to arm themselves and face Whitehall's soldiers.

Koenig prepares to face HYDRA's soldiers

Koenig stood with Melinda May and Skye as they all prepared to face Whitehall's representative, as Triplett questioned how they were able to find the Bus. However, they were then greeted by Grant Ward, who explained that HYDRA had been able to hack into Raina's tracker, as this was the frequency that S.H.I.E.L.D. used in the Cold War. Koenig kept his gun raised, while Ward then ordered the team to lower their guns, as the Bus would be shot down if anybody had fired one single shot, although May suggested that it could be worth it. Ward told the team that he had been sent to retrieve Raina and to capture Skye.

Koenig threatening to shoot down Grant Ward

While May and Skye had continued to argue with Ward about taking her with him, Koenig and his brother exchanged eye contact. When Ward had promised that if they did as instructed, nobody would get hurt, Koenig lost his temper, questioning if this is what Ward had said to Eric Koenig before he murdered him at Providence, to which Ward then looked back at Sam as he questioned how many Koenigs there were. Ward promised not to hurt the rest of their team if Skye simply cooperated, as Skye had finally agreed to go with him and Raina, as Koenig and the rest of their team could not stop them leaving.[3]

Koenig learning that HYDRA is attacking them

As soon as Ward's Quinjet had left the Bus with Skye and Raina, May immediately ordered Triplett to fly the Bus into cloud cover, while she was asked by Koenig if she believed that Whitehall's Quinjets would be coming back around. While May only glared at Koenig for asking that question, he questioned if they should clock the Bus, while May insisted that they should not yet, while Triplett had then warned that the HYDRA Quinjets had already turned back. As Sam had then also questioned if they should clock, Hunter suggested that he get on the guns, to which May ordered them to simply strap themselves in.

Koenig and Lance Hunter surviving the attack

Following May's instructions, Koenig strapped in as May and Triplett combined their piloting skills to fly the Bus away from the danger, as the Quinjets attempted to shoot them out of the sky, although Koenig had still awkwardly asked Hunter to move across on the sofa, so that he could strap himself in beside them. Koenig had then kept his eyes shut as May and Triplett flew the Bus out of danger and helped them to escape from Whitehall's Quinjets. When Triplett asked Sam where his brother was, he then gave a cryptic message that Billy needed to recharge his batteries; Triplett did not appreciate the answer.[10]

Watchdogs Attack

Hiding away the Darkhold

Koenig rebuilding his Darth Vader alarm clock

"At least we know the Darkhold's safe, right LT?"
"That's the bad news. I gave it back to Billy. It was Operation Hot Potato. Pass it back and forth, keep it moving. Billy was the last one to have it. So my guess is, he put it in the Labyrinth."
Sam Koenig and LT Koenig[src]

Under his orders from Phil Coulson, Koenig was instructed to handle the Darkhold's disappearance, since Coulson believed that only the Koenig siblings could be trusted with the task. Before he went out to remove the book, Koenig had first fixed his Darth Vader alarm clock. With his alarm clock fixed, Koenig went out with the Darkhold, only to pass Sam Koenig and hand it to him, as they had enacted the hot potato operation.

Koenig hiding the Darkhold in the Labyrinth

However, operation hot potato continued, as Sam had then handed the Darkhold over to LT Koenig, who then gave it back to Koenig, as they believed that anybody trying to keep track of it's location would loss track by this point. Once he had the Darkhold, Koenig had then taken it to the Labyrinth, as it was the location that only the Koenigs were aware of. Once Koenig had arrived into the Labyrinth, he found the secret book that opened up into keypad, as he then entered his passcode and stepped down into the Labyrinth's vault, where he hid the Darkhold and then left, confident that it would not be found.[4]

Captured by the Watchdogs

Koenig and his brother enjoy some downtime

"I'm lucky to be alive. I love Billy, but he is not a fighter. He ran, he left me there to handle it."
"No, no that's Billy, that's him kicking ass, and that's you hiding behind the bar."
"No, I think you got us flipped there."
Sam Koenig and Daisy Johnson[src]

While they enjoyed some downtime from their S.H.I.E.L.D. missions, Koenig joined Sam to a trip to Al and Cam's Arcade, where they rode Hover Boards and quoted Star Wars to each other, until Koenig lost his balance and fell over. While Sam helped him back onto his feet, Koenig insisted that he would stick to walking, as Sam insisted he needed to practice on the board, before he then offered to buy them their round of drinks, while Koenig went to find a game to play.

Koenig fights back against all the Watchdogs

While Koenig was playing on Savage Zombie, he managed to notice that Leo Babikov was approaching him, as Koenig was able to take Babikov off guard and subdue him, while Sam had attempted to call Koenig on their Asset Communication Devices, as he was also being attacked by another member from the Watchdogs, who had followed him to the bar, and had forced him to hide from all the gunfire. While Sam was pinned down behind the bar, as the second Watchdog had continued to shoot at him, Koenig was able to sneak up on the other Watchdog and had struck him around the head with a pool cue.

Koenig getting subdued by Tucker Shockley

However, while Koenig then attempted to follow a second Watchdog outside and take him into custody, he realized that the Watchdog had managed to get away. As Koenig then attempted to contact Sam on his Asset Communication Device, he was then ambushed by Tucker Shockley, who was able to subdue Koenig with his Taser Rod, before being rejoined by Babikov and the second Watchdog. Shockley then ordered the Watchdogs to drag Koenig into the truck and drive away, moments before Sam ran outside as he witnessed his brother getting kidnapped, as he contacted Phil Coulson about the situation.[4]

Questioned by the Superior

Koenig getting tied down by the Watchdogs

"Cut off my fingers, eat my liver, it doesn't matter, nothing you do is going to make me talk."
"That wasn't torture, that was a greeting. The one who comes in this room next, won't be me. The man who comes in here will do things to you, that I can't even watch. He will break you."
"Well, Koenig's don't break, we're programmed to take pain!"
―Billy Koenig and Tucker Shockley[src]

Once Koenig had eventually regained consciousness, he had found himself tied onto a chair onboard the Watchdogs Submarine, before he was then dragged to a room with Holden Radcliffe, who had also been captured by the Watchdogs and left tied to a chair. Koenig and Radcliffe were then told by Tucker Shockley that they should get to know each other, since they would be the last people that they would see alive, only for Koenig to insist that they were ready to die, which Radcliffe had furiously denied.

Koenig being threatened by Tucker Shockley

Koenig had continued to insist that there was nothing that Shockley or any of the other Watchdogs could do to him that would make him betray S.H.I.E.L.D., although Radcliffe suggested that Koenig could have sustained from brain damage from Shockley's torture. However, arming himself with his Taser Rods, Shockley insisted that what they had done was not torture, but merely the greeting, before suggesting that once the Superior arrived, he would do things to Koenig that he would even become disgusted by, promising that the Superior would be able to break Koenig, which Koenig continued to deny was true.

Koenig being introduced to Holden Radcliffe

However, despite promising that Koenigs would be able to take any form of torture, the moment Shockley left the room, Koenig had then confessed to Radcliffe that he was in unbearable pain and would not be able to take more torture. Koenig then questioned if Radcliffe had any Cyanide Pills or a plastic bag that he could then use to suffocate himself before the Superior arrived. Radcliffe then introduced himself to Koenig, as he confessed that the entire situation was his own fault, noting that he had told these Watchdogs that Phil Coulson had given Koenig the Darkhold, since Radcliffe had wanted this for himself.

Koenig and Radcliffe awaiting the Superior

Koenig listened as Radcliffe had then claimed that these Watchdogs had betrayed him, which resulted in their capture. Radcliffe went on to insist to Koenig that his all intentions with the Darkhold had been based in science, but admitted that the Darkhold had expanded his entire reality, while Koenig compared him to Gollum as Radcliffe told him that the Darkhold could drive any man insane. As they heard the door getting unlocked, Radcliffe suggested that Koenig tell them the Darkhold's location so it could drive them mad, before they had then witnessed Leo Babikov delivering a tray of liquids and an onion.

Koenig being calmly greeted by the Superior

Koenig and Radcliffe had then witnessed the arrival of the Superior, who promised that if they cooperated with him, then they would be treated as welcomed guests, before informing them that, if they did not corporate, then they would get removed, piece by piece. As the Superior had been speaking, Koenig watched as he cut up the onion, before taking some of the liquid and putting it into his cylinder, which Koenig feared was a form of acid. However, to Koenig's surprise, the Superior drank the liquid before sniffing the onion, explaining that it was merely vodka, while the onion simply enhanced the taste.

Koenig almost loses his eye to the Superior

Koenig listened on as the Superior commented on his faith in the old fashioned ways and items, such as his Submarine, while he claimed that S.H.I.E.L.D. put too much faith in the modern machinery, before insisting that man was their superior machine. The Superior had then cracked the glass cylinder with his hand, before commenting on how he had heard that Koenig had refused to speak and he had also been welcoming the concept of torture, as he told him that he also enjoyed pain and making others feel it. While Koenig struggled in his seat, the Superior prepared to cut out his eye with a shard of broken glass.

Koenig learning of Holden Radcliffe's betrayal

However, just before the Superior could cut into Koenig's eyeball, he was stopped by Radcliffe, who had revealed that he had never been tied down as he had really been manipulating Koenig into confessing the Darkhold's location. As Koenig watched, Radcliffe noting that he had been promised by Ellen Nadeer that Koenig would not be killed, before noting that Koenig would not tell them the truth through this torture. When the Superior questioned what Radcliffe would suggest instead of torture to get the Darkhold's location from Koenig, he had then suggested that he be allowed to get inside Koenig's head.[4]

Trapped in the Framework

Koenig being locked inside of the Framework

"This machine will allow me access to his mind, we'll get all the information we need without laying a hand on him."
"Well, you're not gonna get anything out of me, because my mind is a steel trap, inside of a sealed box, surrounded by quicksand and... Oh, is that a puppy?"
Holden Radcliffe and Billy Koenig[src]

Having convinced the Superior not to torture Koenig, in order to gain all the information they needed, Holden Radcliffe then put a blindfold on Koenig and placed a Framework headset on him. Although Koenig still insisted that he would never break, as Radcliffe noted that the beauty of his machine meant that he would not have to talk. Despite this, Koenig simply insisted that his mind was impenetrable, before Aida activated the machine and Koenig got a vision of a puppy.

Koenig being dragged off by Tucker Shockley

With Koenig lost in the Framework with his puppy, Radcliffe and Aida scanned his memories. Once the mapping of Koenig's memories was completed, Radcliffe removed the Framework headset, while Koenig questioned what happened to his puppy. While Tucker Shockley took Koenig out of the room, Radcliffe then used the Framework headset to search Koenig's memories for the location of the Darkhold, as he watched Koenig's memory of handing it Sam Koenig, before getting it back and taking it into the Labyrinth. While the Superior considered torturing Koenig regardless, Radcliffe had convinced him not to.[4]

Showdown at the Labyrinth

Koenig is held at gunpoint by Tucker Shockley

"What did they do to you, man?"
"They took my puppy."
Sam Koenig and Billy Koenig[src]

Having gotten the location for the Darkhold, Koenig was taken along with the Watchdogs team, as they went into the Labyrinth to take the book. As they arrived, they were greeted by a S.H.I.E.L.D. team, who had gotten there before them, as Tucker Shockley placed his gun to Koenig's head and ordered Sam Koenig to hand over the Darkhold or he would execute his brother, although Sam denied knowing Koenig, despite them clearly being brothers.

Koenig being taken off to safety by LT Koenig

However, Phil Coulson had then arrived, as he told Shockley that he could have the Darkhold if he let Koenig go, before throwing him the bag containing the book. With that, Shockley then handed Koenig to S.H.I.E.L.D., as Sam had questioned what the Watchdogs had done to him, to which Koenig only complained that they had taken away his puppy in the Framework. With Koenig safe, LT Koenig promised that he would be okay, while S.H.I.E.L.D. fought against Shockley's team, in order to keep the Darkhold out from their hands. During the ensuing gunfight, Koenig was able to grab the Darkhold and ran.

Koenig getting knocked out by Melinda May

As Koenig attempted to escape the Labyrinth with the Darkhold, he had then come across Melinda May lying wounded on the floor, as he ran over to her aid. However, Koenig had then learned that it was not the real May, but a Life-Model Decoy, as May pushed Koenig's head down onto the concrete floor, knocking him unconscious, as she had then attempted to reclaim the Darkhold. While Koenig had remained unconscious, Holden Radcliffe had then arrived into the Labyrinth, as he took the Darkhold out of May's hands and escaped, leaving her to be captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. while Koenig got medical attention.[4]

Koenig Family Reunion

Koenig discusses their last mission's failure

"The Labyrinth is compromised, the deadliest tome in the world is in the hands of a mad scientist, who snuck out of the back door with cattle-prod man. I'm sorry, we let you down."
"We have the name of the man who kidnapped you, who's probably funding Nadeer, maybe even Radcliffe. Now, we can hunt them and stop them."
―Billy Koenig and Phil Coulson[src]

Once he was safe onboard of Zephyr One, Koenig had discussed the aftermath of the situation, noting how the Labyrinth's secrets had become compromised, and they had failed to keep the Darkhold away from Holden Radcliffe, while Koenig sadly apologised for letting them down. However, Koenig was told by Phil Coulson that, thanks to his experiences, they knew the identity of the Superior, who had been secretly running the Watchdogs and funded Ellen Nadeer, meaning they could now stop the Watchdogs.

Koenig discusses Radcliffe and the Superior

During their discussions, Sam Koenig expressed his amazement that Radcliffe had built a fully functional Life-Model Decoy, as they agreed that it put all their work to shame. Seeing his visible confusion about this, Daisy Johnson had told James Davis that the Koenigs had been part of the original Life-Model Decoy Program, although Davis had still been highly confused over what they actually did, until Sam had explained that they had been technicians, as LT Koenig questioned if Davis had actually thought that all of the Koenig brothers had been robots, due to their identical appearances, which they all laughed about.

Koenig and all of his siblings prepare to leave

As the Koenigs shared their laugh at Davis' expense, they were then joined by Thurston Koenig, who had immediately hugged his brother, as he had expressed his great relief that he was finally safe from the Watchdogs, before he had then continued to insist that they were all still sheep for believing in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s mission, which all the other Koenigs rolled their eyes about. With that, Coulson then informed the Koenigs that they had their Quinjet ready to take them back home for their safety, before thanking them all for their services to S.H.I.E.L.D., with LT insisting that he could call on the Koenigs at any time.[4]


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"There's a directive going out over those channels right now. Now, I can ping an echo request, see if there's other receivers out there, how many HYDRA agents can communicate this way."
―Billy Koenig to Phil Coulson[src]
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Koenig and Melinda May threaten Grant Ward

  • Walther PPK/S: The Koenigs used a Walther PPK/S as their sidearm. Billy grabbed his gun inside the S.H.I.E.L.D. Safe House in Vancouver, during his assignment to protect Raina from HYDRA, as someone knocked at the door. He did not use it against Agent 33 not to hurt Skye, who hurried to fight her. Billy also used it to point at Grant Ward when he kidnapped Skye on the Bus, and was about to kill Ward to avenge his brother Eric, but his other brother, Sam, convinced him not to do it.

Other Equipment

"I'll get your lanyard shortly. For the rest of you, lanyards will be handed out on a case-by-case basis."
―Billy Koenig to Phil Coulson[src]



"I call it the Playground, although technically it doesn't have a name because technically it doesn't exist, it being a secret base and all."
―Billy Koenig to Coulson's Team[src]






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