"We're pinned down!"
Emil Blonsky and Bill Mantlo[src]

William "Bill" Mantlo is a member of the United States Army black ops team sent in to the jungle to capture Espinoza.


Team leader Emil Blonsky, Bill Mantlo and Greg Pak formed a three men black ops team tasked with capturing Espinoza, the capo of a cartel dedicated to arms trafficking amongst other crimes, operating from the jungle in South America. The team had explicit orders of capturing him alive, being extracted by helicopter once Espinoza was subdued. Therefore, they were armed exclusively with tranquilizer ammo, albeit in enough quantity to disable a rhinoceros.

However, while advancing through the jungle and voicing their disagreement over the characteristics of the mission, the team was shot by a group of Espinoza's men, and then they were almost reached by a vehicle thrown in their direction.

The team advanced and reached the Espinoza's compound, who had been destroyed by what the only person found conscious, a boy named Miguel, described as a force of nature on legs. However, this did not hamper their mission, as Espinoza was taken into custody and the team was extracted unharmed.[1]






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