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"You don't know about nothin'! You gotta take risks. You want something out of life, you gotta put yourself out there."
―Bill Fisk to Marlene Fisk[src]

William "Bill" Fisk was a political candidate for the Third District Council in New York City in the 1970s. Fisk made deals with the local mafia and went further into debt to support his faltering campaign. Due to his failure in the media, and combined with his drinking habits at home, Fisk frequently abused his family, including his wife Marlene Vistain and his son Wilson. The psychological torment Fisk had inflicted on Wilson drove him to a breaking point, leading to his eventual murder.


Fisk Family

Running for Office

"Come here, come here, come here. It's people like this who want to keep you done, keep you afraid. You have to show them you're not afraid, you gotta show them you're a man. Kick him. Don't give that look that your mother gives, you do what I tell you, kick him! Kick him!"
―Bill Fisk to Wilson Fisk[src]

Fisk shows off his mayor campaign poster

Bill Fisk was married to a woman named Marlene and they had a son who they named Wilson. As a heavy drinker, Fisk often abused his wife and son verbally and physically, which got even worse when he was intoxicated. Fisk ran for Third District Council of New York City in the early 1970s. He and his son even made signs so people would vote for him. Needing money to fund his campaign, Fisk took a loan from a local mobster called Don Rigoletto, much to his wife's disdain.

Fisk threatens Bernie Walker for his attitude

Fisk put up his campaign signs, although he was told by his son that a young man named Bernie Walker was knocking down the signs and calling both of them losers. Fisk quickly took his son and the two went to go hunt the boy down. When they found him, he was using a bat to hit bottles. Fisk tried to make Walker tell him why he was hitting the signs and insulting him, but his response was that his father was the one who called him a loser and all he was doing was repeating his statement. Fisk then beat Walker with his own bat and ordered his son to kick him, which he did again and again, under Fisk's order.[1]

Murdered by Wilson

Fisk verbally abuses his son Wilson

"Shut up I don't wanna hear it! I lost because of you, because of this family! They see, they see you and that little bastard and they laugh, and you don't believe in me, and you see what happens, huh, you see what happens!"
―Bill Fisk to Marlene Fisk[src]

While drunk and angry over his failures, Fisk attempted to make his son think upon his future, Fisk made him sit and stare at a wall to clear his head. Fisk was about to leave to talk with Don Rigoletto again, but he was stopped by his wife. Fisk, enraged by her, began to beat her.

Fisk is murdered by his own son

Wilson picked up a hammer and yelled at his father to stop. Fisk walked over to his son, not thinking he would do anything to him. As Fisk turned back around, Wilson hit him in the back of the head with the hammer, knocking him unconscious. When Fisk fell on his knees after being hit, Wilson continued to batter his skull with the hammer until he was dead. Marlene then used a saw to cut Fisk's body into parts. They put each part into separate bags and had Wilson take one out each night and throw it in the river for the next week.[1]


Wilson's Nightmares

The people who knew that Fisk owed Don Rigoletto money assumed that Fisk had left town to avoid him. As an adult, Wilson Fisk wore his father's cufflinks often to remind him that he was "not cruel for the sake of cruelty" and nothing like his father.[1]


Bill Fisk was a cruel, selfish and greedy alcoholic who ruthlessly abused his wife and son mostly as an outlet to vent his own frustrations. His greed was demonstrated when he ran for a local political office, not so that he could be of public service, but soley under the pretence that politics would be a source of wealth for him and his family. This greed led to Fisk making the shortsighted mistake of borrowing money from local mobster, Don Rigoletto, placing himself in debt when he lost his election. Fisk was also a hypocrite, since he insisted on his son, Wilson, calling him "sir", in order to teach him respect, all while the elder Fisk was a violent abuser of a husband and father. Fisk's violent nature was not exclusive to his family however, as he savagely beat a teenager named Bernie Walker for repeating his own father's degrading comments about Fisk's failed campaign to Wilson. Not only was Fisk violent himself, he tried to instill toughness in his son through forcing him to commit violent acts like repeatedly kicking the already beat up Walker.








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