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"I trusted you! And you played me, and your friends. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Your parents would be proud."
Livvie to Alex Wilder

Big Shot is the ninth episode of the second season of the television series Runaways.


The Runaways face off with PRIDE’S dirty cops, Flores and AWOL. Against all objections, Alex blackmails AWOL to help. But AWOL refuses. PRIDE resolves to take the kids by force. Back at the Hostel, Karolina hears a mysterious voice.


Molly Hernandez and Flores in the Black Box

Following her capture by AWOL and his men, Molly Hernandez is taken to the Black Box to be interrogated by Flores. Despite Flores threatening to torture her so she would disclose where the Runaways have been hiding from PRIDE since they ran away, Hernandez remains defiant, until she uses her superhuman strength to break free. The Runaways arrive the moment after and they decide to return to the Hostel, taking Livvie with them. Upon learning that Livvie has footage of AWOL shooting at her, Alex Wilder decides to use it as leverage.

Flores meets with PRIDE

Flores angrily confronts PRIDE for not having told him about the Runaways' powers and advanced equipment. He warns them that the teenagers are collecting evidence against PRIDE regarding the Assassination of Darius Davis. PRIDE decides to take the search for the Runaways to the next level, and Victor Stein suggests crafting weapons which will be specifically designed against the Runaways. Although initially reluctant, Robert Minoru agrees to help Victor, and they are later followed by Janet Stein, who wants to make sure that their children will not be permanently harmed.

The Runaways face AWOL

Alex tricks the Runaways into going to the Simply Blossom, a restaurant where AWOL and his squad frequently eat. He then confronts AWOL, revealing that he has incriminating footage against him and that he knows that Darius Davis was framed for murder. AWOL refuses to listen to Alex and, after clearing the restaurant, he threatens to shoot down the teenagers. However, they are able to escape thanks to Nico Minoru using the Staff of One. The Runaways then instruct Alex to drop down his reckless plan to get revenge, which he reluctantly agrees.

AWOL grows tired of Flores' leadership, as he was kept in the dark regarding their powers just like Flores was before him. He decides to strike a deal with Tamar, who was just visited by Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder looking for news about Alex. Geoffrey, having learned from Tamar that Alex and his friends faced AWOL at the restaurant, confronts Flores, but the detective denies any involvement, claiming that AWOL acts on his own.

Several members of PRIDE start to display strange behavior, due to their possession by the Gibborim. Under the influence of the Magistrate's Wife, Stacey Yorkes prepares poison aimed at Old Lace, designed to make the dinosaur sick enough to force the Runaways to return home. Meanwhile, Tina Minoru has a massive departure from her usual cold nature and acts very promiscuously towards Robert and Janet.

Gert Yorkes and Old Lace faint

Alex meets with AWOL to strike a deal with him as well. AWOL offers to give Alex all the evidence against PRIDE that Flores gathered as insurance. In exchange, Alex will give up on all the incriminating footage he has against AWOL and his team. Alex's plan is strongly criticized by Livvie, who tells the Runaways about it. Although his friends order him to stop doing things on his own, Alex refuses, calling them hypocrites as he feels as he is the only one trying to fight PRIDE. While Alex is away, Nico and Karolina Dean decide to reconcile. However, the Runaways' situation worsen as both Gert Yorkes and Old Lace get incredibly sick and lose consciousness.

AWOL kills Flores

Despite the alliances he has made, AWOL decides to turn on both Alex and Tamar, and instead goes to meet with PRIDE. He provides them with all the pieces of evidence gathered by Flores, offering to be the head of the LAPD team on their payroll. He then ambushes Flores at the Simply Blossom and kills him to take his place with PRIDE's approval. Now fully in charge of his team, Flores returns to Tamar's home, breaks in and violently kidnaps Livvie to use her as leverage against the Runaways.


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