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"Look, it sounds sketchy to say, but me and my buddy Big Harv were doing a little, uh, “job.” Just lifting a few items for a friend with some money, no big. But then bam, we’re surrounded by fuzz! How are we gonna get outta this one? Get this: we blipped! And when we came back… the cops were gone. But the stuff was still there! Score one for the good guys!"
David Jerome[src]

Big Harv was a criminal that was killed by Thanos during the Snap.


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In 2018, David Jerome was committing a crime with his friend Big Harv, when the police surrounded them but Jerome and Big Harv were both victims of the Snap. When they were resurrected by Hulk in 2023 the two of them arrived back at the scene of the crime but the police that were surrounding them were not there. Jerome was later interviewed by The Daily Bugle about his experience.[1]