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"For, like, a couple million years we were all hunters and gatherers. Life was good. People grew strong and tall and lived into their 70s. Then, like, 10,000 years ago, they all got hit with the idiot stick and decided to start... farmin', build cities. And everything went to shit."
―Big Al to Danny Rand[src]

Big Al was a homeless man living in New York City.


"I'ma stay true to my purpose. I'm a... I'm a hunter-gatherer."
―Big Al to Danny Rand[src]

Big Al was a homeless man living in New York City when he met Danny Rand shortly after the latter arrived back in the city. Big Al had procured an iPhone, and offered to look up anything for Rand on the Internet before the bill payer cancelled the number. He had already looked up his own sister who was living in Florida and called her. Big Al told Rand where he could get shoes from, and later got him a chicken parm sandwich that a deli on Bleecker Street threw out.

Rand later found Al dead in the park he lived in, killed by an overdose of heroin. Rand said a prayer over his body.[1]


  • Phone: Al discovered and taken a lost iPhone somewhere in New York. Since having it in his possession, he used the current service to search and find his sister in Florida and briefly connected with her. He, soon, used the phone to search for Danny Rand and Harold Meachum.



  • Sister



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