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"Nazis! Again! They've got me all tied up! If only Captain America were here to rescue me."
―Betty Carver[src]

Betty Carver is a fictionalized version of Peggy Carter, and a character in the radio serials about Captain America that were made popular in the years after World War II.


In The Captain America Adventure Program, Carver was a triage nurse. In every episode, she encountered Adolf Hitler and had to be saved by Captain America while finding time to do work on her sewing machine.[1] She loved Captain America and was the last to speak to him before he disappeared into the sea of Japan.[2]

Peggy Carter hated how this character was portrayed, constantly asking who the writer was when she heard this character talk. Angie Martinelli auditioned for this part but failed to get it, with it going to Arlene French. The general public did not know that Betty Carver was a fictionalized version of Carter.[1]


Betty Carver is the classic example of the "Damsel in Distress" that was prevalent in the writings of the 1940's. She was often inquisitive and curious, but always needed the "hero" to save her from the "villain" who discovered her in his schemes. As reflective of the times, Carver is the girlfriend of the hero and swoons and praises his masculinity when he saves her.





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