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"Rise and shine, Midtown Science and Technology, I'm Betty Brant."
―Betty Brant[src]

Elizabeth "Betty" Brant is a student at Midtown School of Science and Technology who had also worked as the co-host of Midtown News with Jason Ionello. During her time hosting, Brant had reported on the heroic actions of Spider-Man, as well as the fallout of the Snap and Blip, which she and Ionello were victims of.

Brant later joined her classmates on a school trip to Europe, where she had formed a relationship with Ned Leeds. During their trip, the students came under attack from all the Elementals, only to be saved by Spider-Man, who later discovered that these attacks were actually illusions that had been created by Mysterio. Once they were saved, Brant and the rest of their students returned home, while she and Leeds then decided to end their relationship and remain as friends. Afterwards, she learned Spider-Man's true identity and became an unpaid intern for The Daily Bugle.


Midtown News

Hosting with Jason Ionello

"Students, don't forget about your Homecoming tickets. Do you have a date for Homecoming?"
"Thanks, Jason, but I already have a date."
Jason Ionello and Betty Brant[src]

Brant on Midtown News

Betty Brant attended Midtown School of Science and Technology, where she was also the anchor of Midtown News along with her co-host, Jason Ionello. One day in 2016, while on air, Ionello tried to ask her to the upcoming homecoming dance, but Brant revealed she already had a date, leading to an awkward moment.

On her lunch break, Brant continued harboring on with her best friend, Liz Allan, assisting her in putting up a banner for homecoming in the cafeteria as part of the planning committee.[1]

Gym Class

Brant and her friends discussing Spider-Man

"Now see, for me it would be... F Thor, marry Iron Man, and kill Hulk."
―Betty Brant[src]

The next day in gym class, Brant and her friends, Liz Allan, Seymour O'Reilly, and Jason Ionello, played a variant of Kiss, Marry, Kill regarding the Avengers. Brant was slightly dismissive of Spider-Man, but Allan hinted that she has somewhat of a crush on him. Amused, Brant pointed out that Spider-Man's identity was unknown so he could be an unflattering adult, but Allan argued he was a good person. Ned Leeds then interrupted by blurting out that Peter Parker knew Spider-Man.[1]

Rescue in Washington

Brant reports on Spider-Man's heroic actions

"Thankfully, no one was seriously injured thanks to the Spider-Man. Thank you, Spider-Man."
"Thank you, Spider-Man."
Jason Ionello and Betty Brant[src]

In the aftermath of the Washington incident, Brant and Jason Ionello reported on Midtown News that Midtown's Academic Decathlon team defeated the country's best to win the national championship and also how they survived the bombing thanks to Spider-Man. Brant and Ionello both praised Spider-Man before reporting Midtown's newfound fascination with the hero in light of his actions.[1]


Brant and Liz Allan say goodbye

"I'm gonna miss you."
―Betty Brant and Liz Allan[src]

A few days later, Brant attended Homecoming and danced with Liz Allan, Jason Ionello, and Seymour O'Reilly.

Following the incidents at Homecoming evening, Brant returned to school. As Allan prepared to move away from New York with her mother after her father's arrest, Brant hugged her goodbye, tearfully stating she would miss Allan. The two friends then parted ways.[1]

Arrest of Shocker

Brant reporting on the arrest of the Shocker

"Questions remain this morning as authorities pieced together the alarming events at this weekend's homecoming dance."
"An unidentified male individual assailant was taken into custody after police found him attached to the side of a bus with Spider-Man webs."
―Betty Brant and Jason Ionello[src]

Brant and Jason Ionello reported that Shocker had been found webbed to a school bus by students after the homecoming dance had ended, with various students taking selfies and images with the assailant. Morita, the principal, made a special announcement where he warned the students to delete the images from all of their social media accounts, lest they were wary of the consequences. Brant also revealed that Shocker's Gauntlet was retrieved by Tiny McKeever, who was seen wearing it during the news footage.[4]

Discussing Spider-Man

Along with other school topics, Brant and Jason Ionello did a segment on who Spider-Man might be under his mask, and interviewed Roger Harrington, Ned Leeds, and Michelle Jones. Harrington was unaware, Jones stated that she isn't sure but has her suspicions, and Leeds proclaimed that the identity of Spider-Man is a mystery no one would ever know.[4]

Snap and Blip

Brant speaks about the Snap and the Blip

"And even though we had blipped away halfway through the school year, and had already taken our midterms, the school made us start the whole year over from the beginning."
―Betty Brant[src]

In 2018, Brant was a victim of the Snap, but was restored to life five years later by the Blip.[5] Following her restoration, she returned to the studio where she was recording Midtown News along with her partner Jason Ionello. While a restored Ionello proceeded to throw up, Brant calmly asked for a chair to continue presenting. On the last day of the 2023-2024 school year, Brant reported on the Blip and how the Avengers had saved everyone who had fallen victim to the Snap.[6]

Europe Vacation

Relationship with Ned Leeds

Branch sitting next to Michelle Jones

―Betty Brant to Ned Leeds[src]

Brant attended the trip organized by Midtown to Europe specifically for the students who perished in the Snap. On the airplane to Europe, Brant sat next to Michelle Jones, but was persuaded by Ned Leeds to trade seats with Peter Parker and was then assigned to sit by Leeds by Roger Harrington. When they sat next to each other, however, Brant and Leeds quickly established a rapport. By the time the plane landed in Venice, Italy, Brant and Leeds had decided to form a relationship.[2]

Battle in the Grand Canal

Brant and Ned Leeds witness the Water Elemental

"Who is that guy?"
―Betty Brant to Ned Leeds[src]

Brant and Ned Leeds were entangled as they explored Venice and took pictures together to make memories. Later in the day, as Brant and Leeds were in a boat, a water monster burst through the Grand Canal and attacked the city. Brant and the students then ran away from the scene.

Brant and her classmates discussing Mysterio

Later on that evening at the Hotel DeMatteis, Brant and her classmates tried to make sense on what they had just seen. While watching the local news, they discovered that a strange new superhuman had defeated the monster, much to their shock. Mishearing the Italian news coverage that called the man "I'uomo di misterio", "man of mystery", Brant and Leeds coined the moniker "Mysterio".[2]

Traveling to Prague

Brant and Ned Leeds on the bus

The following morning, Brant and her classmates found out that their trip to Paris had been canceled, and they would be traveling to Prague in the Czech Republic instead, not knowing why it had been canceled. On the way to Prague, Brant and Leeds texted each other as they were bused through Austria, Brant took note of a pair of glasses Peter Parker had recently acquired and said they looked good on him.

Brant and Ned Leeds at the Carnival of Lights

That night, Brant and her classmates were excited to know that they were attending a festival while in Prague, only for it to be changed to a four-hour opera. After entering the opera house, Brant and Leeds checked on the opera glasses when noticing Parker and Michelle Jones sneaking out of the opera. Brant and Leeds soon joined them at the Carnival of Lights, with Leeds being skeptical about the idea.[2]

Attack on the Prague Carnival

Brant and Ned Leeds see Spider-Man

While there, Brant and Ned Leeds rode a Ferris wheel, when suddenly the Fire Elemental appeared. Mysterio and a black suited superhero appeared to counter it and Brant made a connection between the new hero to Spider-Man. Leeds invented the alias "Night Monkey" and claimed the new hero to be a "European knock-off" of Spider-Man. When the Elemental approached the Ferris wheel, it became clear they were in danger, so Brant called for "Night Monkey", to rescue her and Leeds. After the Elemental was gone, Brant stated that she would've kissed Leeds if she hadn't puked in her mouth.[2]

Battle of London

Brant witnesses the Elemental Fusion

Upon arriving in London, Brad Davis tried to expose Peter Parker because of his unusual behavior. However, nobody listened to him and the class continued into the scheduled tour bus. However, they were left stranded on the Tower Bridge, and then witnessed the Elemental Fusion appear above them. The sight of the new Elemental frightened the group with Brant following Leeds and Jones as they ran away from the attack before they were joined by Flash Thompson.

Brant gets help from Happy Hogan

Brant and the others then ran into Happy Hogan, who stated he was an ally of Spider-Man, and was there to get them to safety. When Hogan's jet was destroyed by the drones, Hogan led them into the Tower of London Museum. They hid from the drones inside a vault after realizing they couldn't overpower the drones. Believing that she was at her last moments, Brant confessed she has a fake ID that she never got to use. However, all of the drones were stopped when Mysterio was defeated.[2]

Return to New York City

Brant and Ned Leeds compliment Peter Parker

"Men and women grow apart, but the journey they share together will always be a part of them."
"You are so wise."
Ned Leeds and Betty Brant[src]

Brant and her classmates boarded the plane back home to the United States of America. Sitting next to Leeds, they both decided to end their relationship and remain as friends. When the plane landed at Newark airport, Leeds and Brant complimented Peter Parker for his relationship and revealed to him they ended theirs.[2] One week later, Brant, along with the rest of the world, became aware that Parker was Spider-Man.[3]

Joining The Daily Bugle


This section needs a rewrite

Later, Brant began working at the Daily Bugle for an unpaid internship as the employee in charge of the news media outlet's TikTok account because of her personal connection to Peter Parker. During her first TikTok video, Brant expressed her gratitude of having her first real job at the outlet, but when she asked her superiors to know about her payment, she then realized that she was working as an unpaid intern. In another of her reports, Brant was asked to tell how she hated Spider-Man without exactly mentioning why. However, recalling how Spider-Man saved her life in Prague, Brant stated that she didn't hate Spider-Man and that Peter Parker was a very nice person and her friend, but J. Jonah Jameson interrupted her transmission to reaffirm the outlet's position of Spider-Man being a public menace.

Later, Brant made another report promoting the unpaid internships at The Daily Bugle, requesting any interested to bring their sightings, misguided opinions, vague rumors and craziest conspiracy theories of Spider-Man using the link in the account's bio.

Brant later posted another video, offering people the chance to test their reporter skills with a "Teleprompter Challenge." She instructed viewers to duet the video and read the teleprompter which appeared in the video. Brant occasionally responded to what was being read as the teleprompter read claims about Spider-Man's villainy, encouraging the people participating to continue. Brant praised the people who duetted it. In the comments of the video, a TikTok user said that they were not good enough for the challenge, so Brant replied to the comment, saying that she believed in the user. Another user commented under the same video, asking Brant to say hi. Brant replied to that comment as well, greeting the user.

For the Bugle's TikTok account, Brant interviewed a few people she was associated with, asking them questions related to Peter Parker. Beginning with Coach Andre Wilson, she asked if he ever noticed Parker's superhuman abilities, he simply mentioned that it was a science school. In the next video, Brant interviewed her fellow classmate Flash Thompson, mentioning his recent book and the fact that he created the moniker "Spider-Man". In the last interview, she was forced to interact with her ex-boyfriend Ned Leeds, but the interview ended with both complimenting each other of how they looked awkwardly.[3]

Spider-Man's Identity

Brant reports on Peter Parker’s return to school

"Go get 'em, tiger! Or, should I say, spider."
―Betty Brant[src]

That September, Brant witnessed Peter Parker's return to school after his identity had been exposed. She proudly announced it to the Midtown News, while being surrounded by pro-Spider-Man and pro-Mysterio supporters, NYPD officers, and journalists.

Soon after, when universe-displaced people from within the Multiverse had arrived, Brant gave a subsequent report for the The Daily Bugle stating that she had experienced unseasonably intense thunderstorms and sandstorms in the city, deducing that they were caused by the universe-displaced. However, Jameson immediately contacted her and ordered her to say that Spider-Man had been behind those events.

In November, Brant, along with the rest of the world, had her memories of Peter Parker erased.[7]


Betty Brant is considered to be a very professional, confident and determined person as shown on the Midtown News, she can also be very awkward when she is reporting news, but most of the time she is responsible and stiff, Brant matures a little bit after the Blip, she also seems to be very annoyed when her fellow co-host Jason Ionello does not follow the script.

Brant is very kind to her close ones and the people she likes, Brant and her best friend Liz Allan had a healthy friendship, Brant is smart and popular one of the reasons why she was friends with Allan, but after Allan moved away, Brant was pretty upset, but she moved on fast, Brant tends to get annoyed easily with people she doesn't have much contact with, when Ned Leeds tried to befriend her, she felt uncomfortable and tried to ignore him, but was unable when the two immediately fell in love, Brant was much kinder when dated Leeds, both were so attracted to each other to the point where they texted when they were sitting side by side, they were always together, but they decided to break-up for the better.

Brant seems to lack self awareness to some extent. This is displayed when Peter Parker and his friends returned to High School after his identity as Spider-Man had been exposed. Meanwhile, Brant was announcing his return on Midtown News and took the time to joke around and banter, despite the fact that Parker was being harassed by the media surrounding him.



  • Halberd: During the Battle of London, Brant used a halberd to protect herself, she later gave it to Happy Hogan, after the battle Hogan left the halberd, leaving its fate unknown.







  • In the comics, Betty Brant was a colleague of Peter Parker's at The Daily Bugle and his very first friend and girlfriend. A year after they broke up, she got together with and eventually married Ned Leeds. Brant even had a brief affair with Flash Thompson, while Leeds was in a time of crisis due to his role as Hobgoblin.
    • The MCU adaptation of Betty Brant shares similarities with Gwen Stacy from the comics in terms of physical appearances.

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