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"They're afraid of the headlines. Police corruption. A crime boss who's related to a prominent city councilwoman. And the only person to tie it all together is a corrupt cop. A dead one at that."
"Then I'll be the one to tie it together."
"You're on the wrong side of the glass for that, baby girl. First Fisk, then Cottonmouth. This is huge. But they're over there and we're right here."
―Betty Audrey and Misty Knight[src]

Captain Betty Audrey is a New York City Police Department officer. She was in command of Detectives Misty Knight and Rafael Scarfe at the 29th Precinct Police Station in Harlem


Scarfe Investigation

"The night of the restaurant explosion and Cripus Attucks raid, you and your partner logged into the crime scene 40 minutes apart. [...] In the time that was unaccounted for, your only source of information for the barber shop shooting, Chico Diaz, went missing. He was last seen with Scarfe."
"That's not true."
"Scarfe left the precinct to pick up Chico, but Chico was gone."
"So, he picks up a witness unsupervised, which is against protocol, doesn't even log it in, and he still has time to get to Genghis Connie's before anyone else. What, is he clairvoyant?"
―Betty Audrey and Misty Knight[src]

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Hunt for Scarfe

"Listen up! I'm hearin' a lot of whispers and rumors concerning Detective Scarfe and what he might've been into. Kill that noise. We need him back alive. There was a trail of his blood at the scene. His car riddled with bullets. We don't know what the hell happened. Focus on that. I'm putting out an APB. We're closing streets, tunnels, puttin' up road blocks. Whatever it takes. But remember something. This belongs in our shop. No one else's. Now, there's already too many new faces here, far as I'm concerned. And there's only gonna be more. We need to be the ones to bring him home. Let's do it."
―Betty Audrey to her officers[src]

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