"You're a cold piece of work, aren't you? Melvin told me about the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. He thought you were a hero. I told him assholes like you and Fisk are cut from the same cloth."
―Betsy Beatty to Daredevil[src]

Betsy Beatty is a Melvin Potter's parole officer and his love interest.


"You've been warned, Betsy. You want to live? Run."

Betsy Beatty was under threat from Wilson Fisk in order to make Melvin Potter cooperate with him. Potter was forced to make armored suits for Fisk and his associates. He was warned to never let anyone into his workshop otherwise Beatty would be hurt.

When Daredevil found the workshop, Potter attacked him before breaking down crying that he should not have been there because they would hurt Beatty. Murdock promised he would protect her from Fisk if Potter would build him a suit.[1]

After Potter completed Daredevil's Suit, Murdock reassured him that he would protect Beatty.[2]





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  • In the comics, Betsy Beatty was a therapist/social worker who had Melvin Potter as a patient. She helped him abandon his life of crime, when they fell in love and got married.


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