"You're a cold piece of work, aren't you? Melvin told me about the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. He thought you were a hero. I told him assholes like you and Fisk are cut from the same cloth."
―Betsy Beatty to Daredevil[src]

Betsy Beatty is a parole officer and the girlfriend of Melvin Potter.


"What's going on? You've been acting strange all morning."
"I worry about you."
"Because I hang out with paroled cons like you?"
"'Cause they're not like me."
"I can take care of myself, big man."
―Betsy Beatty and Melvin Potter[src]

Betsy Beatty was assigned as a parole officer of Melvin Potter who was released from custody. Eventually, they fell in love with each other and started a relationship. However, unbeknownst to Beatty, her life was under threat from Wilson Fisk who forced Potter to work for him.[1]

One day, Beatty was called to the office, so she had to leave Potter for a while. Potter was worried that Beatty had to spend time with other paroled criminals who could harm her, although Beatty assured him that she can take care of herself. Beatty also promised Potter a dinner when she comes back and went for work.

Later, while apprehending a criminal who violated his parole, Beatty was approached by Daredevil. He informed Beatty that Potter was arrested by the FBI but he was not going to tell anyone about their relationship. However, Daredevil told her about Fisk who would kill her, so she had to leave New York City. Beatty was worried about Potter but Daredevil said that she cannot help him, as the FBI arrested him only because he went back to work for Fisk.

Beatty was not pleased by Daredevil's words and mentioned that Potter used to call him a hero, while Beatty was sure that he is not better than Fisk. Beatty accused him of taking advantage of Potter's kindness the same way as Fisk. Daredevil then reminded her that he warned her and she needs to run to survive before walking away.[2]





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  • In the comics, Betsy Beatty was a therapist/social worker who had Melvin Potter as a patient. She helped him abandon his life of crime when they fell in love and got married.


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