"I get it, Rex. It's your house. I'm just some strange man."
Frank Castle to Rex Quinn[src]

The Beth Quinn's Apartment is an apartment owned by Beth Quinn.


Thankful to Frank Castle who defended her from Johnny, Beth Quinn offered him a drink at her apartment. Discussing Quinn's life and musical past, the two soon grew intimate. After having sex, Castle told Quinn a bit more about his life and how he lost his entire family. Castle even confessed his real first name and Quinn was quite offended at first, as Castle lied to her but soon forgave him and they continued to have sex throughout the night.

The next morning, Castle tried to sneak off Quinn's apartment, however, he had an awkward encounter with Rex Quinn. Quinn woke up in time to catch Castle sneaking off and the situation became more awkward. Castle then offered to buy them all breakfast, and together they happily shared a meal of pancakes at the Donatello's.[1]



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