"When you find yourself getting older and all you've got is a couple of guitars, a bag of clothes, and... you realize something's gotta change."
―Beth Quinn to Frank Castle[src]

Beth Quinn is a bartender of Lola's Roadhouse and a single mother of Rex Quinn who also works as a guitar and piano teacher. During a bar shift, Quinn met Frank Castle who she soon began a brief relationship with, as Castle confessed his past to her. However, Quinn soon discovered Castle's true nature as, while protecting Amy Bendix from Marlena Olin, he caused mayhem which resulted with Quinn being shot. While recovering in the hospital, Quinn was visited by John Pilgrim and gave him information about Castle as Pilgrim had began making vague threats towards her and her young son.


Early Life

"You play, huh?"
"Yeah, you know... Played in high school. Bands moved around, you know. Never quite got the breaks."
Frank Castle and Beth Quinn[src]
Having a passion for music, Beth Quinn played guitar in several bands while in high school and eventually moved around to tour, but she was unable to catch any breaks. Quinn ended up always dating a drummer from a band and eventually became pregnant with her son, Rex Quinn, but the father abandoned them.

Quinn moved to Michigan, working as a guitar and piano tutor, and at Lola's Roadhouse as a bartender on weekends. While working at her job, Quinn had always asked her mother to take care of Rex while she was gone.[1]

Meeting Frank Castle

Frank and Beth

Beth offers Frank Castle a drink at her place

"You got the "man of mystery" thing down, I give you that. So you come in here and defend my honor and then just vanish into the night?"
"Nah. You didn't need saving."
―Beth Quinn and Frank Castle[src]

Serving Amy Bendix at Lola's Roadhouse, Quinn encountered Frank Castle as just another customer at the bar, and served him several beers. A drunk patron then tried to hit on her rudely and Castle intervened; in gratitude, she served him a beer on-the-house. When asked for his name, Castle introduced himself as "Pete", and the two conversed until closing time, after which Quinn offered him a drink at her place.

Frank and Beth bed

Quinn learning about Frank Castle's past

Discussing Quinn's life, the two soon grew intimate; after having sex, Castle confessed his real first name. Quinn was offended at first, but soon forgave him and they continued to have sex throughout the night, growing more intimate as they bonded over sharing the tragedies of their respective lives.

The Punisher Frank, Beth and Rex Breakfast

Beth having breakfast with Rex and Frank Castle

The next morning, she woke up in time to catch Castle sneaking off and having an awkward encounter with Rex. Castle offered to buy them all breakfast, and together they happily shared a meal of pancakes at the local diner. Quinn then dropped him off at his motel; they shared a final warm embrace, with Castle promising to see her if he passed through town again. Before driving away, Quinn told him that Shooter Jennings and the rest of his band are playing again tonight at the bar, desperate to see him return.[1]

Fatal Bar Brawl

"Hey, Ringo, you wanna deal with these assholes?"
―Beth Quinn[src]

Quinn saw Frank Castle walk back into Lola's Roadhouse that night, and they greeted each other happily. She served him another beer as he sat at the bar, and continued to work, too busy to see Castle wander off and intervene in Amy Bendix's predicament with several Marlena Olin's mercenaries. When Castle's fight with the mercenaries moved to the dance floor, Beth called over Ringo to intervene. The fight soon escalated, prompting Quinn to grab the shotgun under the bar. While trying to load it, she watched helplessly as Ringo was shot dead by one of the assailants; Quinn was then shot in the shoulder while trying to shoot back.

Frank saving Beth

Quinn is saved by Frank Castle

After killing the mercenaries, Castle found Beth wounded and bleeding badly, and carried her to his van. More mercenaries gave chase as Castle and Bendix rushed Quinn to the hospital, but Castle managed to thwart them before finally getting Quinn to emergency workers at Ecorse Hope Hospital. As the workers wheeled her away, she begged Castle to go, possibly to avoid trouble with the police.[1]

Meeting John Pilgrim

Quinn in the hospital

Quinn recovering at the hospital

"What is his name?"
"Pete. Okay? He said his name was Pete. That's all I know."
"There's something you're not telling me. I can see it in you, Beth. A vow before God is not to be taken lightly. Whatever happens, when I leave this room cannot be taken back. Do you understand? You owe this man nothing."
―Beth Quinn and John Pilgrim[src]

Quinn was recovering at the hospital, but upon awakening she saw John Pilgrim at her bedside, reading over the many get well cards her loved ones had left for her, particularly the one by her Rex Quinn. As they conversed, Pilgrim asked for Frank Castle's identity, threatening her son's life if she did not answer.

Pilgrim reasoned that Quinn owed Castle no loyalty, being the person who nearly got her killed. Terrified and with great reluctance, Quinn revealed Castle's full assumed name: "Pete Castiglione." Pilgrim then caressed her face, promising to offer a prayer for her recovery before departing.[2]


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  • Remington Spartan 210: Quinn kept a double-barreled shotgun underneath her bar for emergencies. She nervously loaded the shotgun in order to stop the mercenaries that were fighting Frank Castle and had just killed the bouncer Ringo, but she was shot in the shoulder right as she tried to shot her shotgun. The shotgun was taken by Castle. who killed one of the mercenaries with the remaining bullet, and then used it to beat another one.


Frank and Beth

Beth conversing with Pete Castiglione







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