"What, that this is somehow their fault? Captain America saved my life. Wherever he is and wherever any of them are, I would just... I would wanna say thank you."

Beth is a waitress who works in New York City.


AJ Avengers

Beth sees the Chitauri attacking

Feeling very much out of place in modern day New York City, Steve Rogers sat outside a restaurant and began sketching Stark Tower. Beth approached him and asked if he was waiting to see Iron Man, and he replied that he was not. She told him that nobody was waiting on the table and that he could have it for as long as he wanted, and that the restaurant had free wireless. Unfamiliar with the internet, Rogers thought she meant radio. Someone told him to ask her out on a date.[1]

Beth was doing her job when the Chitauri attacked during the Battle of New York.[2] She ran from the diner and tried to hide from the Chitauri. A cop tried to protect her but was shot by the Chitauri and killed. She was captured by the Chitauri and was put with other prisoners.

When placed in captivity, Beth stumbled upon a pair of glasses and a watch. Her expression became horrified as she realized the Chitauri had already killed a group of civilians they had imprisoned in the bank by vaporizing them and were intending to do the same with her group.[1]

Beth Interwiew

Beth being interviewed

Rogers saved her and multiple others by defeating a Chitauri platoon that was armed with a Chitauri Bomb, and upon seeing him without his mask, she recognized him as the man she had served earlier that week. She was later interviewed on television, where she thanked Captain America and the Avengers for saving her life.[2]




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