"You wanna call me a loser to my face, you little shit?"
"I didn't call you a loser, man. [...] My dad did. I was just repeating it."
Bill Fisk and Bernie Walker[src]

Bernard "Bernie" Walker was one of Wilson Fisk's neighbors during his childhood and made an enemy out of his father Bill Fisk.


Confronted by the Fisks

When Bill Fisk's campaign to be a councilman in Hell's Kitchen failed, Bernie Walker went across the neighbourhood and kicked down his signs. When Fisk's son, Wilson, attempted to stop him, Walker punched him in the face.


Walker is personally confronted by Bill Fisk

Walker was later approached by Bill Fisk, with his son behind him, demanding to know why Walker had been kicking down his signs and hitting his son. Walker chose not to answer the questions and instead mocked Fisk's attempts to run for the title of councilman. This insult angered Fisk, who attacked Walker and stole his baseball bat, using it to knock Walker to the ground. Fisk then invited his son over and ordered him to kick Walker repeatedly while he lay defenceless on the ground.[1]



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