"Regrettably, you are not the only house guest to whom Mr. Stark has extended an invitation. Meet the newest member of the Stark Mansion menagerie, Bernard."
"Bernard Stark, to give him his full name."
Edwin Jarvis and Peggy Carter[src]

Bernard Stark is a flamingo owned by Howard Stark.


The Devil in Pink

"I couldn't maneuver him into his enclosure. He's the devil in pink."
Edwin Jarvis to Peggy Carter[src]

The flamingo was purchased by Howard Stark to add to the menagerie at his mansion, at which point he was christened "Bernard Stark". Bernard was left in the care of Howard's butler, Edwin Jarvis. While transporting Bernard to his residence, Jarvis collected Peggy Carter from the airport, and she was quite puzzled by Bernard's presence. Once they arrived at the residence, Jarvis was unable to maneuver Bernard into his enclosure, leaving the flamingo to wander around as he pleased and greatly annoy Jarvis.[1]

A View in the Dark 11

Bernard evades Edwin Jarvis

Several nights later, Jarvis attempted to catch Bernard and return him to his enclosure, but was repeatedly outsmarted by the flamingo, much to the amusement of his wife Ana. Jarvis was forced to give up his attempts when he received a distress call from Carter.[2]



Behind the Scenes

  • Four different flamingos were used in filming; two were named "Simon" and "Cannibal". "Cannibal" was used in the scene when Edwin Jarvis was chasing the bird, entertaining his wife.[3]


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