"Agent Beringer was a Marine. Three tours."
Daniel Sousa[src]

Beringer was an agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve who was killed while transporting the body of Jane Scott.


Beringer was a member United States Marine Corps who did three tours of duty before joining the Strategic Scientific Reserve. When Daniel Sousa became the chief of the newly founded Los Angeles branch, Beringer joined him there at the Auerbach Theatrical Agency.

Chief Sousa sent Agents Beringer and White to the Los Angeles County Coroner Building to retrieve the body of Jane Scott and to take it to the Agency for study. Since the cadaver was contaminated with an unknown substance, the agents wore hazmat suits. While completing their assignment, they were attacked and killed, while the body of Scott was stolen.

Sousa and Peggy Carter went to the location where the agents' bodies were found. They realized that the attacker was a professional and that the Scott case was bigger than they originally thought.[1] The gun used to kill Beringer was found in the house of Jason Wilkes by Agent Vega.[2]





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