"What's the nearest habitable planet?"
"It's called Berhert."
Star-Lord and Gamora[src]

Berhert is a flourish planet covered in forests, where Peter Quill first encounters his father Ego. Berhert has four known lunar satellites.


Crash Landing

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 43

Drax the Destroyer crash lands on Berhert

During the Escape from the Sovereign Fleet, the Guardians of the Galaxy desperately sought a planet that they could escape to, with the nearest being Berhert. As the Guardians flew towards a hyperspace warp, which would take them to Berhert as the Milano was heavily damaged, with the travel through the hyperspace warp destroying it. The team crashed onto the forest planet, barely surviving.[1]

Meeting Ego

Peter and Ego

Star-Lord is reunited with his own father

"After all these years I found you."
"And who the hell are you?"
"I figured my rugged good looks would make that obvious. My name is Ego, and I'm your dad, Peter."
Ego and Peter Quill[src]

On Berhert, the Guardians meet the mysterious figure who had helped them escape from the Sovereign who is revealed to be Ego, a Celestial who is Peter Quill's father. The group camped on the planet as they discussed Quill's heritage. The next day, Quill, Gamora and Drax left the planet on Ego's Ship as Rocket Raccoon and Groot stayed with Nebula to fix the Milano.[1]

Attack on Berhert

GOTG2 Art of VFX 4

Rocket Raccoon fights against the Ravagers

"There must be some kind of peaceful resolution to this, fellas. Or even a violent one where I'm standing over there."
Rocket Raccoon to the Ravagers[src]

The Ravagers landed on Berhert, tracking the Milano due to being paid by the Sovereign to capture the Guardians. They approached a destroyed Milano that was playing music loudly. Little did they know that it was a diversion by Rocket Raccoon, sitting in a tree, to lead the Ravagers into his traps. A few Ravagers were knocked out by some needles that were shot at them when a button was activated. The rest were launched into the air and hit the ground constantly by Rocket. Rocket then planted some electric mines on the Ravagers heads and shocked them all.

GotGV2 Trailer WP 17

Yondu Udonta tracks down Rocket Raccoon

Eventually, Rocket ran out of traps to use and was cornered by two Ravagers which Rocket then knocked out by himself. Suddenly, the sound of a whistle was heard followed by the Yaka Arrow hovering right in front of Rocket's face. Rocket was greeted by Yondu Udonta and the remaining Ravagers where Udonta decided to not capture Rocket, but take the batteries and sell them infuriating other Ravagers. Taserface, unhappy with Udonta's leadership, then turned on Udonta saying he has gone soft. The Ravagers argued for a bit until they got into a standoff, which was quickly ended by Nebula who shot off Udonta's fin, knocking him out. The Ravagers then left Berhert, taking the Guardians in tow.[1]


  • In the comics Berhert is inhabited by the Sagittarians, and ruled by Princess Daydra.
  • Berhert is the closest habitable planet to Sovereign.
  • The planet's coordinates are: M20 22A4834126+306CA12.


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