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"Oh, hey, er... um..."
"Bereet. Look, I'm gonna be totally honest with you, I forgot you were here."
Star-Lord and Bereet[src]

Bereet is a Krylorian who briefly dated Peter Quill.



Bereet inside the Milano

Bereet had a date with Peter Quill, when he decided to leave the Ravagers and strike out on his own. She accompanied him to Morag and stayed in his ship while he retrieved the Orb. After Quill managed to get away from Korath the Pursuer who attacked the ship, Bereet came out of the ship's lower level, asking what happened. Quill was startled before she reminded him of their date, as he reveals he had forgotten she was in his ship, to her disappointment.[1]

Parting Ways

While eating, Bereet unintentionally got Quill in trouble by answering a call from Yondu Udonta. She later went with him back to Xandar where they parted ways.[1]

Battle of Xandar

Bereet in Xandar helping other Xandarians during the battle

Bereet was still on Xandar when the planet was attacked by the forces of Ronan the Accuser. She assisted a Xandarian woman in escaping the carnage during the evacuation of the main city.[1]





  • In the comics, Bereet is a prominent techno-artist on her home planet of Krylor, who uses the inhabitants of Earth as inspiration for many of her films.
  • Bereet appears wearing the same T-shirt Peter Quill was wearing the day he was abducted from Earth.

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