"One of us messes up, we all pay."
―Benny to Tyrone Johnson[src]

Benny is a student at St. Sebastian's Preparatory School and a player of its basketball team.


"We're going to state finals next week, and we're concerned that you're gonna be screwing it up for us."
―Benny to Tyrone Johnson[src]

Benny was a member of the St. Sebastian's Preparatory School basketball team along with Tyrone Johnson. When Johnson failed to attend a training session, Benny was one of the numerous students who texted him to know where he was, but to no avail. Since Johnson did not show up, Benny and the rest of the team were forced by their coach to perform dozens of laps, which continued even after Johnson arrived. This heavily frustrated Benny, who, along with two other players, later attacked Johnson in the locker room, punching him until he passed out and locking him inside a storage room.[1]

By the time the finals against Hancock High School arrived, Benny was willing to forgive Johnson and to be his friend again, since he had been excellent at training ever since this harsh moment in the locker room. As there remained only ten seconds in the game, Benny stared at Johnson to express how he counted on him to score the winning point, but Johnson failed to do so, thus causing St. Sebastian's defeat.[2]

Later, Benny encountered Johnson in the corridors of St. Sebastian's. Johnson paid no attention to him and shoved him, causing Benny to angrily talk to Johnson. However, this led Benny to become the outlet of all the frustration Johnson had accumulated in the past days, and Benny ended up violently beaten up by his schoolmate before he was stopped by a teacher.[3]




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