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"The FBI, the army before that... they helped keep me on the straight and narrow path. But now, without that it's all... I'm drowning in deep water, and I don't know whether I'm swimming for the surface or the bottom."
―Benjamin Poindexter to Julie Barnes[src]

Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter is a veteran of the United States Army and a former FBI agent who had a remarkable talent for accuracy. A tortured soul born with a mental illness, who was surfaced from a broken home and a lonely childhood, Poindexter had needed structure and rules to suppress his psychopathic tendencies, and maintaining his sanity, obsessing over Julie Barnes due to her caring nature. Poindexter's world came crashing down as he gained Wilson Fisk's attention, who had proceeded to tear down Poindexter's rigid life, getting Tammy Hattley to fire him from the FBI and killing Barnes. Without rules, Poindexter was manipulated to become Fisk's personal assassin, tasked with impersonating Daredevil in order to turn the public against the vigilante, while ensuring Ray Nadeem and Karen Page did not expose Fisk. Poindexter turned against Fisk as Daredevil had then revealed Kingpin's manipulation to him, as he went on a killing spree in an attempt to kill him. Poindexter was defeated by Daredevil and Fisk, resulting in his spine being broken.


Early Life

Losing His Parents

"I mean, most kids, they have moms or dads to teach them right from wrong, to show them how to behave."
"My parents mostly got mad at me."
Eileen Mercer and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Poindexter was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. From an early age, Poindexter already knew that his parents had failed to teach him right from wrong, as they would instead resort to berating and neglecting him. Poindexter had lost his parents under unknown circumstances, resulting in him being sent to Lyndhurst Home for Boys as an orphan, where he had then joined the baseball team, due to Poindexter's remarkable skills for accuracy.[3]

Developing Perfect Aim

"An all-star pitcher deserves some all-star gear. Come on, let's go break it in."
"Wait. Real quick, can I show you my new wind-up?"
"All right, showboat. Let's see it."
Bradley and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Poindexter practicing throwing a baseball

During his time being raised at the Lyndhurst Home for Boys, Poindexter had spent most of his childhood without any close relations with anyone else. Having joined their baseball team, Poindexter continued to practice with his uncanny talent of pitching the ball with his perfect accuracy. As his talent grew, Poindexter had excelled at Baseball and became the most favored player of Coach Bradley. While they were getting ready for a game, Bradley found Poindexter throwing his ball at the brick wall again, as he had urged Poindexter to get himself ready as their game would begin in just twenty minutes.

Poindexter is visited by his Coach Bradley

Since Poindexter had refused to address Bradley as he had focused on throwing his ball at the wall, Bradley asked if everything was okay and questioned if the headmaster knew that Poindexter was drilling a hole in his wall due to his throwing. While Poindexter noted that their headmaster did not like it, Bradley simply promised to deal with their headmaster, noting that all this was just good practice for Poindexter. Bradley then revealed that he had a gift for Poindexter, noting that he was planning on giving it to him after the game, as he pulled a brand new catchers mitt out from his bag and handed it to Poindexter.

Poindexter showing Bradley his latest throw

As Bradley explained what that glove was made of, Poindexter just remained speechless with joy at the gift, as Bradley suggested that they go break in the glove by playing the game. However, before they left, Poindexter requested a moment to show Bradley his new wind up throw that he had been practicing, which Bradley then allowed, as he then handed Poindexter a new ball to throw. Poindexter had then excitedly demonstrated his latest throw, landing the ball on the same spot as all of his previous throws, as he had even managed to crack the brick wall due to the power of this latest wind up throw.[3]

Murder of Bradley

Poindexter plays another game of baseball

"I need... I need to keep going. If I pitch a perfect game then, they might..."
"Dex, you could pitch a billion perfect games, it won't bring your parents back. Okay, hit the pine. Grab a Popsicle, we'll talk later."
―Benjamin Poindexter and Bradley[src]

During the baseball game, Poindexter had continued to excel in his role as the pitcher for the Lyndhurst Home for Boys, as nobody from the other team was able to hit a single ball that Poindexter threw, causing them to gain an easy advantage over their opponents, as Poindexter gained more and more confidence as the game went along with their game clearly in the lead by a considerable amount. However, while Poindexter was sure that he would prove himself, Bradley told Poindexter that he would be putting him onto the bench.

Poindexter begging to not be benched

Although Bradley had claimed that he wanted to give his arms a rest, Poindexter was completely mortified to be stopped from playing in exchange for Kanon taking over. As Poindexter noted that nobody had gotten a hit off him, Bradley insisted that he had to give some of the other children a chance to play, as Poindexter then begged for a chance to keep on playing, while Bradley told him to calm down and breathe. Breaking down in tears, Poindexter explained that he might bring his parents back if he pitched a perfect game, as Bradley tried to explain that no amount of games would bring his parents back.

Poindexter furiously prepares to kill Bradley

Although he was extremely frustrated, Poindexter relented and sat on the bench, as Bradley told him to grab a popsicle as a reward while Kanon had stepped up to take over. However, Poindexter struggled to contain his rage when he sat down, since he believed that Bradley had betrayed him by taking away his chance to play, as Poindexter grabbed a baseball and had proceeded to throw it with considerable force at a steel pole, causing it to ricochet and strike Bradley hard on the head, killing him instantly. Due to the way Poindexter had thrown the ball, it was believed that Bradley's death was an accident.[3]

Going into Therapy

Poindexter takes therapy with Eileen Mercer

"We like honesty around here. When you hit Coach Bradley, was that an accident? Whatever you say stays between us. That's the law."
"No. It wasn't an accident. Am I in trouble?"
"No, no. It wasn't your fault."
"But, I just told you. I did it on purpose."
Eileen Mercer and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Following the incident at the baseball game, Poindexter was sent into the Riviera Psychiatric Institute, where he was then assigned Eileen Mercer as his therapist. Having spent some time getting to know one another, Mercer asked Poindexter about Bradley and how he died, questioning if Poindexter had felt sad or scared. Poindexter claimed that he had not felt sadness as Bradley was a jerk, as he claimed that Bradley had never let him do what he wanted.

Poindexter discussing why he killed Bradley

As Mercer noted how Bradley had named him MVP, Poindexter then admitted that he used to think Bradley was awesome, as Poindexter continued sketching his picture of himself as a baseball player while Mercer wrote notes about Poindexter's current mental state. Mercer had then asked Poindexter to be honest with her, as she questioned if Bradley's death had been an accident, promising that whatever he said would remain between them. Poindexter then confessed that it was not an accident. As Poindexter had then asked if he would be in trouble, Mercer promised he was not, since this was not his fault.

Poindexter shows Eileen Mercer his drawing

Poindexter had questioned this, noting how he had just confessed to killing Bradley on purpose, but Mercer reassured him that this did not mean that it was his fault. As Mercer began to consider another way to explain it to him, she then noticed the picture that Poindexter had been drawing, questioning if that was meant to be him in the picture, which Poindexter confirmed. Mercer had noted how Poindexter had drawn himself alone, surrounded by emptiness, noting how she knew that things had been that way for most of Poindexter's life, which he agreed with, as they then discussed Poindexter's absent parents.

Poindexter beginning practicing empathy

Mercer commented that most children had parents who could teach them right from wrong, while Poindexter then noted that his parents mostly just yelled at him before their deaths. Mercer then explained to Poindexter that Bradley's death was not his fault since his parents had died before they could teach him the concept of right and wrong, as Mercer promised that things would be better now as he had her to support him from this point on. Mercer promised to help Poindexter establish routines to help with his rage, and teach him of empathy, as Mercer had always complimented Poindexter during their lessons.[3]

Losing his North Star

Poindexter in his therapy with Eileen Mercer

"I want... I want to kill you."
"Say more. Why do you want to kill me? To put me out of my misery?"
"To punish you."
"I'm not quite sure what I've done wrong."
―Benjamin Poindexter and Eileen Mercer[src]

Teaching him about the act of empathy, Eileen Mercer was eventually able to connect with Poindexter while advising him on control of his psychopathic tendencies. Poindexter had become attached to her and managed to gain some stability in his life. However, Mercer was diagnosed with cancer, and her health began to deteriorate swiftly. To celebrate their final session together at the Riviera Psychiatric Institute, Mercer had presented Poindexter with some champagne.

Poindexter begging Eileen Mercer not to go

The potential loss of Mercer had utterly devastated Poindexter, but he had attempted to appear strong for Mercer, even turning down her offer for a drink as he was not twenty-one yet. Poindexter listened as Mercer explained how it had been a challenging day to say goodbye to a lot of people, as Poindexter used his lessons on empathy to try and relate to her pain, as Mercer told him that she had been dreading their final session together ever since her diagnosis. Poindexter then began to beg Mercer not to leave him, insisting that they could keep meeting and she could keep doing better until Mercer stopped him.

Poindexter becomes increasingly angry

Mercer assured Poindexter that he would be fine, reminding him that he would soon be able to get himself a new job with a rigid structure, stick to his medication, before she presents him with her box, which contained the recordings of every therapy session that they had had together, as she told him to always listen to them when he felt lost to remember the progress that they had made. Mercer then presented Poindexter with a business card for a new therapist, who she insisted had a lot of expertise with many cases similar to Poindexter, although Poindexter took great offense to the concept of replacing Mercer.

Poindexter threatens to kill Eileen Mercer

Losing his temper, Poindexter then charged across the room as he stood over Mercer, insisting that he did not want another therapist. Mercer questioned if Poindexter was attempting to scare her with this aggression, to which he claimed that he wanted to kill her, as he pulled the oxygen from her nose. Mercer remained strong, asking if Poindexter wanted to kill her to put her out of her misery, to which he claimed that he wanted to punish her for dying. Mercer then tried to explain to Poindexter that death would always win eventually, as she promised that it could be a beautiful event when it came naturally.

Poindexter begins to cry with Eileen Mercer

Calming down, Poindexter stepped away from Mercer, as she tried to convince him that they should allow death take its course and never rush it. Poindexter told Mercer that he would never be able to live his life alone, as he remembered what he did to Bradley the last time he was alone, as Mercer told him to find someone new who had a good heart who he could look up to. Mercer reassured Poindexter that he was not broken, but just needed somebody to help guide him in the right direction, as Poindexter broke down in tears and then collapsed into Mercer's arms. Mercer died shortly after this final meeting.[3]

Finding Structure

Poindexter working with Julie Barnes

"If this asshole stepdad of yours is giving you so much grief, why take your own life? Why not... Take a deep breath, Craig. We are gonna work through this together. I'm not going anywhere."
―Benjamin Poindexter to Craig[src]

In the wake of Eileen Mercer's untimely death, Poindexter had joined the United States Army, where he was able to hone all his skills with accuracy by using multiple firearms, as well as combat training. Once Poindexter had left the military, he then went into work at a Brooklyn Suicide Prevention Center. Working there for a year, Poindexter had developed an infatuation and obsession with one of his co-workers, Julie Barnes. During one call, Poindexter spoke with Craig who was considering shooting himself. Instead of helping, Poindexter discussed the gun Craig used, and suggested he kill his stepfather.

Poindexter in a photo with his co-workers

Poindexter left the Suicide prevention center shortly after Barnes left to take up ballet, as Poindexter was then recruited into the FBI, after graduating from Quantico.[2] Having proved himself as an exceptional agent, Poindexter was stationed at the FBI New York Crime Division under the direct orders of Tammy Hattley, working as the field sniper, due to his remarking skills at accuracy. Poindexter eventually built a rigid and structured life for himself, while keeping his sanity in check through his work at the FBI, maintaining his healthy lifestyle, although he had continued an obsession with Barnes from a distance.[3]

FBI Agent

Guarding Wilson Fisk

Poindexter ready to transport Wilson Fisk

"Convict... Don't move."
―Benjamin Poindexter to Wilson Fisk[src]

While Poindexter was working at the FBI, he was then recruited into the team responsible with transporting Wilson Fisk out from Ryker's Island, following Fisk making his deal with the FBI to providing them with information on crime organizations in New York City. Poindexter was assigned to be among the agents escorting him to the location, while they waited for Ray Nadeem to fit Fisk with his Ankle Monitor, before Poindexter had then pushed Fisk out the door, only referring to him as a convict.

Poindexter faces off the Albanian Syndicate

However, during the FBI's transportation of Fisk into the Presidential Hotel, they were suddenly attacked by the Albanian Syndicate, as the cars surrounding Fisk's were destroyed, causing Fisk's car to crash and roll upside down. During all the chaos, the other cars were also attacked, resulting in the deaths of several FBI agents, as Poindexter was among those injured. As Poindexter regained consciousness, he discovered that these Albanians had surrounded Fisk's car and were attempting to saw through the roof to get to him, to kill Fisk for betraying both Mother Teresa and Vic Jusufi. Armed with only his handgun, Poindexter managed to get the drop on these Albanians.

Poindexter shoots and kills many Albanians

Using the element of surprise, Poindexter then stepped out from the shadows and began shooting at the Albanians, killing several of them with perfect accuracy before all the others retreated and Poindexter took cover behind a car. Sliding across the ground, Poindexter then managed to shoot a bullet that ricocheted off Fisk's car and killed an Albanian behind cover, shooting another hidden behind a car before ricocheting another bullet from a pole and killing another man, as the remaining Albanians then realized that they stood no chance against Poindexter's incredible skill with firearms and decided to surrender.

Poindexter retakes Wilson Fisk into custody

When two of the Albanians had come forward and had attempted to surrender as they pleaded for mercy, Poindexter unhesitatingly killed them, not long after he was ambushed by a couple of Albanians from behind, he threw magazines at both them with fatal accuracy, further displaying his ability to kill with almost any average item. Despite him initially being in a state of panic, Fisk also took note of Poindexter's actions and grew curious. After checking if his teammates were alive, Poindexter held his gun to Fisk and apprehended him, who crawled out from his wrecked car as he held his hands up to Poindexter.[8]

Stationed at the Hotel

Poindexter bringing Wilson Fisk into safety

"May I see your room key, sir?"
"Yeah, I got it."
"No, I need to see it."
"Oh sure, yeah. They gave me like three of them. You know I must have left it in my car."
"Then I can't let you through."
―Benjamin Poindexter and Matt Murdock[src]

In the aftermath of the Albanian Syndicate ambush,[8] Poindexter and the remaining FBI agents had brought Wilson Fisk into the Presidential Hotel, where Poindexter insured that the area was secure as he and several more agents escorted Fisk through the lobby and towards the elevator. While Poindexter discussed the ambush, they encountered Benjamin Donovan and Nicholas Lee, who then attempted to speak with Fisk as his lawyers from Donovan and Partners, only for Poindexter to order them to stay back.

Poindexter and Ray Nadeem escorting Fisk

As Poindexter and Ray Nadeem got Fisk into the elevator, Fisk then ordered Donovan to contact Vanessa Marianna and ensure that she was safe. As they got to the penthouse, Nadeem ordered Poindexter to get a medic, as Poindexter noted that Fisk did not need one, only for Nadeem to explain that the medic was for him. Nadeem ordered Poindexter to check in with Tammy Hattley, much to Poindexter's annoyance, although Nadeem had insisted that they still had followed protocol in the wake of the ambush, as Nadeem also told Poindexter to return to the hotel as soon as possible while he dealt with Fisk.

Poindexter and J. Lim talking to each other

Following the debrief, Poindexter was assigned to watch over Fisk while he was in their penthouse suite, as he listened to J. Lim discuss the agents who died, including Garcia who had been Lim's best man, as Poindexter noted that Andrews might survive, although he might never walk again. As they discussed how hard this situation was and the fact that Fisk had been given a penthouse despite in crimes, they were then interrupted by Donovan and Lee, who demanded that the cameras inside their penthouse be switched off so they could have a private talk with Fisk, which Poindexter had begrudgingly obliged.

Poindexter turning Matt Murdock away

Poindexter was later assigned to guard the elevator downstairs to ensure that nobody came towards Fisk's penthouse. During this time, Poindexter encountered Matt Murdock, who attempted to get past him, as Poindexter ordered Murdock to present him with a room key to prove that he was a resident at the hotel. However, Murdock had continued to awkwardly search through his pockets, and simply claimed that he had seemingly lost this key, as Poindexter became suspicious of Murdock's intentions and rested his hand onto his gun and denied to let Murdock go past him, as Murdock walked away.[1]

Wilson Fisk's Compliments

Poindexter guards Wilson Fisk at dinnertime

"I owe those fallen agents a debt that I can never repay, but I also owe you. I've known extraordinary people, but I have never seen a talent like yours. May I ask you where you acquired such skill?"
Wilson Fisk to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

In the evening, Poindexter was ordered to stand guard inside Wilson Fisk's penthouse, as J. Lim then presented Fisk with his dinner before leaving them alone. Instead of eating, Fisk had then spoken directly to Poindexter, making it clear that he knew who he was, while also commenting on how Poindexter had saved his life during the Albanian Syndicate's ambush, as Poindexter joked that this had been a mistake. Fisk expressed his condolences for those dead FBI agents, while Poindexter had simply attempted to ignore him.

Poindexter listening to Wilson Fisk's words

As Fisk then continued to discuss the loss of Poindexter's friends, he asked if his words would bring any comfort, or if the families of those lost would prefer to simply despise him, until Poindexter stopped him from talking about the agents' bravery by reminding Fisk that he only had five minutes to finish his meal. Ignoring this, Fisk noted the debt that he owed to those fallen agents, as well as the debt he owed to Poindexter. Fisk had noted how extraordinary Poindexter's skills with firearms were, and asked where he gained his skills until Poindexter had finally lost his patience and took Fisk's meal away from him.[1]

Therapy Sessions

Poindexter talks about the recent ambush

"If I were wearing a mask, the press would be calling me a hero. Instead, I'm sitting here trying to justify protecting myself."
"I'm not the enemy. I'm just trying to... Look, forget the psych bullshit for a minute. Just tell me for real, how are you?"
"It's hard. It's really hard."
―Benjamin Poindexter and Myman[src]

In the wake of their ambush by the Albanian Syndicate, Poindexter was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation, where he spoke with Myman about their ambush. Poindexter discussed why he risked his life for Wilson Fisk, insisting that it was his job to protect Fisk, as Myman insisted they not discuss Fisk but focus on the ambush, which Poindexter was reluctant to do as Myman then noted that they had to talk so that Poindexter could be cleared for duty.

Poindexter annoyed about being examined

Poindexter noted how he had lost his friends during the ambush, as Myman reminded him that he had also used lethal force against the Albanians, noting that Poindexter should be on active leave from the FBI. Becoming frustrated, Poindexter noted that if he had been wearing a mask, like some sort of vigilante, then he would have been called a hero by the media, but instead, he was having to justify his actions to protect his job. Seeing Poindexter's frustration, Myman simply asked how he was doing, to which Poindexter finally opened up and admitted that he was finding this situation hard.

Poindexter is cleared to return to duty

Myman and Poindexter discussed his use of lethal force in the past as an FBI Sniper as well as being with the United States Army, while Myman had noted how using the lethal force created trauma that could take a toll on the mind, with Poindexter suggesting that he could one day lose control, while Myman then still insisted that Poindexter had to process these events. Poindexter then told Myman all about Julie Barnes, claiming she was his support system as well as the person who listened to him, although Poindexter had not mentioned how he was stalking Barnes, claiming that they ate dinner together.

Poindexter spying on Julie Barnes in his car

Poindexter claimed that Barnes was always there for him and did not judge him. Having answered to the Myman's satisfaction, Poindexter was then allowed to leave, with Myman advising him that he should always talk about his feelings to Barnes, since it would do him good. Later that evening, Poindexter followed and observed Barnes from his car as she went to buy pizza, taking his medication before spying on her, using his sniper scope to gain a closer look. While eating her pizza slice, Poindexter watched her and ate his slice of pizza in his car, pretending as if he was actually on a date alongside her.[1]

Tormenting Wilson Fisk

Poindexter and J. Lim search Wilson Fisk

"We'll be conducting a mandatory sweep of the area. You're to cooperate with all instructions. You understand?"
"I understand."
"I'm searching your person to ensure you're not carrying anything that might be harmful to yourself or others. Do you understand?"
―Benjamin Poindexter and Wilson Fisk[src]

Poindexter had continued to monitor Wilson Fisk, as he and J. Lim took it upon themselves to torment Fisk at every opportunity. In the early hours of the morning, Poindexter and Lim burst inside Fisk's bedroom, demanding to do a room check, only for them to find that Fisk was already awake and facing against the wall as per Poindexter's instructions. While Lim searched the room, overturning Fisk's bed, Poindexter searched Fisk to ensure he did not have any weapons.

Poindexter catches Fisk watching him

Once Lim and confirmed that nothing suspicious had been found in their search of his entire bedroom, Poindexter ordered Fisk to turn around, as he questioned if they have done there, while Poindexter looked Fisk in the eye with a smirk and confirmed that they were all clear. As Poindexter and Lim walked out of the Presidential Hotel's penthouse, leaving Fisk's bedroom in a mess, due to their careless search, Poindexter turned back around, seeing that Fisk was now out of his room and was looking down at him, which had then unnerved Poindexter as he then walked out from the penthouse behind Lim.

Poindexter eating half of Wilson Fisk's food

While preparing to give Fisk his lunch, Poindexter looked through the food for anything suspicious and, in an attempt to antagonize Fisk, took a bite of the burger, while Lim removed all of the water, salt and ketchup from the tray to ensure that the meal was as unenjoyable for Fisk as possible. Poindexter then took all the food off the clean plate that the hotel had provided and had instead dumped it on a wooden tray, messily, much to the considerable amusement of Lim and their other FBI agents watching him, as Poindexter put the steel lid on top as a further mockery, as he and Lim returned to the monitor room.

Poindexter waiting for Wilson Fisk's reaction

Returning to the monitor room, Poindexter and Lim waited for Fisk to react to the unfair treatment of the food, only to be disappointed that Fisk failed to react, only cutting out the sections that Poindexter had bitten into, before calmly eating the rest of his food with a spork, with Poindexter noting how strange it was for someone to eat their burger with a spork. Both Poindexter and Lim were then interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Tammy Hattley, who introduced him to Winn, as they simply invited Poindexter to get himself a cup of coffee while they interrogated Fisk alone, which had made Poindexter nervous.

Poindexter gets advice from Ray Nadeem

As Poindexter stepped outside the monitor room, Ray Nadeem had followed him out and told him not to panic. Making it clear that this was not a conversation that they should be having officially, Nadeem then informed Poindexter that the OPR had wanted to interview Fisk about the Albanian Syndicate's ambush, as a discrepancy has been discovered between Poindexter's official report and the analysis by the forensics, while Nadeem expressed his gratitude to Poindexter in saving his life, ensuring that his wife and son had him in their lives, as Poindexter had remained extremely nervous about the situation.[9]

Confronting Wilson Fisk

Poindexter tells J. Lim to leave the room

"I don't need any favors from you, convict."
"But sympathy? Papers protest the mockery. I can carry this burden of humiliation, but you? You're a dedicated federal agent."
"You don't know anything about me."
"Neither does the Bulletin. The press is labeling the attack on my life as an FBI disaster."
―Benjamin Poindexter and Wilson Fisk[src]

Desperate to know what was discussed behind his back, Poindexter had then returned into the Presidential Hotel, as he found J. Lim in their monitor room, who was surprised to meet Poindexter as he believed he had been relieved for the day. Having confirmed that all the other agents had gone home for the day, Poindexter then gave Lim some cash and invited him to go downstairs and get himself a cup of coffee, which Lim agreed to, leaving Poindexter alone in the room with access to all the FBI's cameras.

Poindexter watches Wilson Fisk's interview

Once Lim had gone, Poindexter then sat down at his desk and began looking back at the security cameras, rewinding their footage until he found Tammy Hattley and Winn sitting down for their interview Wilson Fisk. Poindexter watched on as Hattley and Winn presented Fisk with pictures of the corpses of the Albanian Syndicate who had been shot by Poindexter during the ambush. However, when Winn questioned how these men had died, Fisk had claimed that Poindexter had shot them out of self-defense, denying that they had actually surrendered and were executed unlawfully, much to Poindexter's surprise.

Poindexter furiously confronts Wilson Fisk

Determined to get an explanation about this, Poindexter proceeded to turn off all the cameras in Fisk's penthouse before storming inside and demanding to know what Fisk's game was. As Fisk denied any knowledge about what he was referring to, Poindexter insisted that he did not need any favors from him, before attempting to storm out of the room, having reminded Fisk that he was still simply a convict. However, Fisk noted that while Poindexter might not have needed a favor from him, he may still need his sympathy, noting how the New York Bulletin had written a humiliating story in which Poindexter had just been blamed for the Albanian Syndicate's attack on the FBI.

Poindexter listens to Wilson Fisk yet again

Fisk reminded Poindexter of the protests and mockery that would be coming in the wake of the Bulletin's article, commenting that while he could handle all that humiliation himself, he claimed that Poindexter should not have to carry that weight due to being the decorated FBI agent that he was. As Poindexter insisted that Fisk did not know anything about him, Fisk countered by noting that the Bulletin did not know anything about him either, showing Poindexter the new headline on the Bulletin that called their ambush a complete disaster, as Fisk insisted that Poindexter was exceptional at the ambush.

Poindexter considering Wilson Fisk's words

Fisk had noted how Poindexter had saved his life, as well as the lives of several FBI agents, noting how the Bulletin had failed to report on Poindexter's heroism, claiming that they had instead villainized and demeaned his actions. As Fisk got to his feet, Poindexter reached for his gun, watching Fisk closely as he then claimed that the world was changing, and any of these real heroes like Poindexter were ridiculed and dismissed, claiming that he only wanted to offer Poindexter his sympathies due to the newest reality they were in. Considering Fisk's words, Poindexter then turned and walked out of the penthouse.[9]

Return into Duty

Poindexter reading his morning newspaper

"The public is easily distracted. Which makes the solution for my problem quite simple. The city needs a new villain. And I think I might have found him."
Wilson Fisk to Benjamin Donovan[src]

The next morning, Poindexter had prepared for his day, as he read a copy of the New York Bulletin while drinking his usual cups of coffee. As Poindexter prepared to leave, he had shown signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, as he placed his paper on the stacks of older papers that he had been collecting, and delicately cleaned his mug, ensuring everything was placed in the correct spot and remained spotless. As he left, Poindexter glanced at his photograph of him with the Brooklyn Suicide Prevention Center team, including Julie Barnes, before he walked out the door, only to return when the picture dropped slightly on its hook, as he ensured it was still straight.

Poindexter observes during Fisk's meeting

Having returned into the Presidential Hotel, Poindexter had then continued to watch over Wilson Fisk, as he had followed behind Ray Nadeem and another agent to go over the updates in Fisk's deal with the FBI in the wake of Fisk's assistance with several recent cases, as Poindexter stood by while Nadeem spoke to Benjamin Donovan who went over their demands in the wake the intel had provided to them leading to the Albanian Syndicate being wiped out. Poindexter had listened on while Donovan also demanded that Nadeem provide Fisk with several personal items that had been confiscated from him.

Poindexter looking at Wilson Fisk's stare

As Nadeem had confirmed that the FBI would drop all of the charges against Vanessa Marianna, Poindexter remained silent while Donovan also demanded that Fisk being allowed supervised movement within the hotel, in exchange for Fisk's continued support. Although he tried to ignore it, Poindexter had then noticed that Fisk was staring at him throughout their entire meeting, as he commented on how much the FBI had sacrificed for him, while maintaining close eye contact with Poindexter. Fisk had then told Nadeem about Matt Murdock, who he claimed was a criminal he had employed to launder his money.

Poindexter continues to follow Julie Barnes

As he continued to consider his situation involving Fisk, Poindexter had decided to find Julie Barnes to get comfort from her, as he then followed closely behind them during her usual jog through New York City. Poindexter kept a close watch on Barnes, stopping when she stopped and observing her as she gave some money to a homeless woman. Seeing Barnes' kindness comforted Poindexter, although he had still kept his face hidden from her, to ensure that Barnes did not know that he was following her. Once Barnes finished talking with the homeless woman, she continued jogging as Poindexter followed.[3]

Reunion with Julie Barnes

Poindexter greets Julie Barnes at the hotel

"You worked at the hotline for three years. I think you of all people would believe everyone deserves a second chance."
"How did you know I worked there for three years? You were only there for one."
"You mentioned it earlier. You quit doing ballet."
"Did I also mention ballet earlier? Specifically?"
―Benjamin Poindexter and Julie Barnes[src]

While taking his break at the Presidential Hotel's bar, Poindexter was approached by Julie Barnes, who questioned if he wanted something to drink, as Poindexter was so shocked to see her there that he failed to answer her question and sat in stunned silence. However, Barnes then recognized Poindexter from their time working with the Brooklyn Suicide Prevention Center, as she assumed Poindexter did not remember her, as they shook hands while Poindexter had insisted that he did still remember her.

Poindexter asks Julie Barnes out after work

Poindexter noted that he had not seen Barnes working at the hotel before, as she revealed that it was her first day, noting that she had been offered twice the money to begin working there immediately, as Poindexter assumed that Wilson Fisk had somehow arranged this to get in his head. As they talked, Poindexter told Barnes that he lived in New York City and revealed that he worked for the FBI, guarding Fisk upstairs, as Barnes teased Poindexter and called him a G Man. As Barnes went to serve a table, Poindexter invited her to join him for a drink once she had finished her first shift, which she agreed to.

Poindexter having dinner with Julie Barnes

An hour later, Poindexter and Barnes sat down for dinner together, as they discussed all their favorite routes to jog through New York, with Poindexter not mentioning that he had been following Barnes during her jogs, even jokingly claiming that it sounded like Barnes was the one stalking him. Poindexter asked why Barnes was no longer doing social work, as she had explained that she had attempted to pursue her career as a dancer, noting that she was forced to quit due to an injury, while Poindexter had used Eileen Mercer's technics to appear empathetic, complimenting her on being brave enough to try it.

Poindexter and Barnes discuss their jobs

As Barnes noted that she had failed to make any backup plan due to her parents being overly supportive of her dance career, Poindexter noted that his parents were never very involved with his life, with Barnes noting that he did not need all their support as he had done great on his own. Barnes had then questioned what working for Fisk had been like, although Poindexter immediately corrected her, insisting that he did not work for Fisk but instead worked for the FBI, as Barnes questioned if it was scary to work so closely to somebody so dangerous, asking if he thought Fisk deserved a second chance.

Poindexter frantically grabs Julie Barnes

However, as Poindexter made the comparison to Barnes working at the hotline for three years, Barnes questioned how he knew the exact amount of time she worked there, noting he had only been there for one year. Although Poindexter tried to pass it off, he made it worse by noting that Barnes quit doing ballet, despite her never mentioning ballet. As Barnes then made the excuse that he had to feed her dog, Poindexter noted that she did not have a pet dog, confirming that he knew more than he should, as Barnes quickly got up to leave, while Poindexter panicked and desperately tried to explain himself.

Poindexter has another mental breakdown

Desperate to leave, Barnes threw down money to pay for the dinner and tried to go, as Poindexter grabbed her by the arm as he insisted that she was extremely special to him, as Barnes demanded that he let go of her and stormed out. Completely devastated by the disastrous date with Barnes, Poindexter left the Presidential Hotel as he returned to his apartment, slamming the door behind him. Once he was alone, Poindexter began having a panic attack, knowing that he had ruined his only chance to have a relationship with Barnes, as he punched the wall, breaking the plaster and cutting his knuckles.

Poindexter listens to his therapy tapes

Seeing that he had gotten blood onto his white shirt, Poindexter then removed it, while he began hearing voices in his head as his mental state grew more fragile. As he struggled to get the blood off the shirt, Poindexter continued to panic and threw his possessions across the room in a fit of rage, grabbing a knife and throwing it at his picture of the Suicide Hotline Team, realizing that he had managed to throw the blade directly into Barnes' face. This action caused Poindexter to see that he was losing control of his sanity, as he managed to get ahold of the tapes that Mercer had given to him, as he sat on the floor and listened to his old therapy sessions until he began to calm down.[3]

Poindexter listens to his tapes once again

Still reeling from his disastrous dinner with Barnes, Poindexter spent the night having near-constant nightmares, while hearing the voice of Barnes demanding that he let go of her arm, until Poindexter finally awoke, covered in sweat, with the voices still spinning around inside his head. Needing to calm himself down before he returned to work, Poindexter went into his safe and collected the other tapes, as he sat on the edge of his bed and listened to Mercer's voice, ensuring him that his internal compass was not broken, but he just needed a North Star or a strong structure from his work life to guide him onwards.[2]

Mental Breakdown

Confronting Wilson Fisk

Poindexter struggles to focus during work

"You got it in your head that she means something to me. But she doesn't. She doesn't mean shit to me. So you have me tailed for a few days you think you know me? Think you got me dialed? You don't, all right? You don't know anything about me."
―Benjamin Poindexter to Wilson Fisk[src]

Despite still hearing voices in his head while barely getting any sleep, Poindexter returned into the Presidential Hotel, where he was teased by Alvarez for his appearance, as she also noted that Poindexter was two hours early for work, as Poindexter claimed that his neighbors at his apartment had kept him up all night, as he began watching the security cameras in the penthouse. However, Poindexter found it hard to concentrate due to the voices of Julie Barnes and Eileen Mercer in his head, as Alvarez had attempted to get his attention.

Poindexter prepares to confront Wilson Fisk

Alvarez then noted that she had to give Wilson Fisk his breakfast, as Poindexter offered to do it instead, as he requested that Alvarez get him a cup of coffee. Once Alvarez had left the room, Poindexter shut off the security cameras inside Fisk's penthouse so he could have a private talk with Fisk. Confronting Fisk inside the room, Poindexter told Fisk that whatever he has planned to do against him it did not work, claiming that he had wasted his time with getting Barnes hired at the hotel, insisting that the FBI had trained them to deal with these exact sorts of situations, as he questioned if Fisk had him followed.

Poindexter demands Wilson Fisk to respond

Poindexter insisted that he did not care about Barnes, as he insisted that no matter what research he had done, Fisk did not know who he was. Despite his attempts to appear confident and unfazed, Poindexter lashed out in rage, furiously throwing Fisk's breakfast tray across the room. However, Fisk had then continued to stay silent and let him breathe out his emotions, until Fisk finally spoke out and told Poindexter about how he beat his father's skull in with a hammer as a boy, commenting on how he had been extremely young for his age, having never left New York City or taken the subway on his own yet.

Poindexter listening to Wilson Fisk's stories

Fisk told Poindexter about how it had felt to watch his father die by his own hands, as he suggested that this feeling was something that Poindexter was familiar with. Poindexter then listened while Fisk told him that he had been trained to hide behind many fictions to become something that the world would tolerate, commenting on his time in the United States Army and the FBI, as well as becoming a watchful companion of Barnes, only for Poindexter to comment on how Fisk had destroyed his relationship with Barnes, only for Fisk to claim that if it had been honest and true, then nothing could have destroyed it.

Poindexter trying to stand up to Wilson Fisk

Poindexter told Fisk that he should of let him die during the Albanian Syndicate's ambush when he had the chance, while Fisk then calmly stepped closer towards Poindexter, despite being warned to stand back. Fisk claimed that neither Barnes nor society itself would ever be able to truly understand who Poindexter was, while telling him that the world punished people like him, before then making his comparison between himself and Poindexter. Rather than agree with Fisk's comparison, Poindexter was disgusted by the suggestion, as he shook his head and stormed out from Fisk's penthouse suite.

Poindexter learns that the FBI is firing him

Following a conversation with Fisk, Poindexter left the penthouse as he went back to the monitor room with his mind became distracted, as he continued to try and hold back the voices inside his head, as he continued to watch Fisk walking through the penthouse, while he heard Fisk's voice in his head. As Poindexter was eventually broken from his thought by Alvarez, who had returned with Poindexter's cup of coffee and her copy of the New York Bulletin, Alvarez revealed that the FBI was throwing him under the bus, as the Bulletin was running a story, blaming Poindexter for the Albanian Syndicate ambush.[2]

Fired from the FBI

Poindexter giving up his badge to the FBI

"That is what I want for you. Someone to accept you, without shame. I do. And I've sent you a gift, an opportunity to become your true self. And if you accept this, unlike everyone in your life, I will never abandon you. The decision is yours."
Wilson Fisk to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Having learned that the FBI were now blaming him for their Albanian Syndicate, Poindexter had returned into the FBI Office where he had his meeting with Tammy Hattley and Winn, who formally asked him to step down from his position in the FBI during their ongoing investigation, with Hattley claiming that this was due to optics, claiming that it should be seen as his paid vacation. Poindexter sat in silence, listening to the voices in his head and looking at the New York Bulletin article before he then handed over his gun and badge to Hattley.

Poindexter begs Ray Nadeem to help him

Feeling utterly humiliated, Poindexter walked through their FBI office, passing the other agents who were still reading the Bulletin article, as Poindexter continued hearing Eileen Mercer and Julie Barnes' voices in his head. As he had gotten to the office's exit, Poindexter saw Ray Nadeem and then asked to have a private conversation with him, as he explained the situation to him, clearly in a state of panic. However, Nadeem told Poindexter to take in a breath, insisting that everything would be okay, although Poindexter also noticed that Nadeem could not look him in the eyes as he said this, making Poindexter panic.

Poindexter struggling to listen to Nadeem

As Nadeem insisted that he was on his side, Poindexter begged him to do something to help him, desperately insisted that he needed this job. However, although Nadeem told him that he had already made a point to commend his conduct in the ambush, Poindexter struggled to hear him while the voices of Mercer and Barnes continued getting louder in his head, as the voice of Mercer commented on how alone he was. Nadeem then told Poindexter once again that he had nothing to worry about, before walking away, leaving Poindexter alone and in a state of panic about what was going to happen to with the career.

Poindexter considers on committing suicide

Poindexter had then returned into his apartment, where he looked at the photograph of the Brooklyn Suicide Prevention Center which he had impaled with a kitchen knife during an earlier breakdown. Feeling completely broken from losing his position in the FBI, as well as the failure of his relationship with Barnes, Poindexter then collected all of his medication into a bag and placed it down beside Mercer's tapes. Poindexter continued hearing Barnes' voice in his head, as he then collected his gun and placed it underneath his chin, preparing to end his life, while he continued to hear Barnes' voice telling him to do it.

Poindexter is comforted from Wilson Fisk

However, just before Poindexter could pull the gun's trigger, he was interrupted by a sudden phone call, as he was shocked to discover that it was Wilson Fisk on the phone, who told Poindexter about how his mother had passed away while he was in Ryker's Island. Fisk told Poindexter that his mother had left him a box of memories, including the hammer he had used to kill his father, telling Poindexter that his mother was proud of who he was and like his mother had done for him before her death, he wanted to accept Poindexter for who he was, and who he was meant to become, without shame.

Poindexter opens his door to Felix Manning

Fisk told Poindexter that a gift had been sent to him, which would let Poindexter become who he was, promising that if he was to accept this, then he would never abandon him. Once Fisk had hung up the call, Poindexter answered the door to Felix Manning, who invited him to join him downstairs where their car was waiting. Poindexter then was given a replica of Daredevil's Suit by Melvin Potter and was ordered to impersonate Daredevil and assassinate Jasper Evans, who was currently being interviewed by the New York Bulletin about all the crimes he committed for Fisk.[2]

Attack on the Bulletin

Poindexter kills the New York Bulletin staff

"Who are you?"
"I'm Daredevil."
Daredevil and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Having donned the Daredevil Suit, Poindexter was taken to the New York Bulletin Building, where he then proceeded to cut out the lights across the entire building, before he began his attack on the staff. As one employee had attempted to stop Poindexter, he then proceeded to strike the man's leg, before stabbing his Billy Club into his throat. Poindexter continued using the Billy Club as a projectile weapon, as he launched it at staff members, causing devastating injuries to Amber who he left brain dead, while also striking people across the face and strangling another man with his tie, leaving multiple people dead in his wake.

Poindexter preparing to kill Foggy Nelson

As Poindexter stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by all the corpses of the staff members he had killed, he tore the Billy Club out of the throat of a female journalist, before he had then turned around to see Foggy Nelson looking at him. As Poindexter continued hearing the voices of Julie Barnes and Eileen Mercer inside his head, those voices were drowned out by the voice of Wilson Fisk, who had given Poindexter the peace that he had required. Poindexter then threw the Billy Club towards Nelson, only for it to be caught at the last moment by the actual Daredevil, much to the great surprise of Poindexter.

Poindexter challenging the real Daredevil

Poindexter and Daredevil then squared off against each other, which had allowed Nelson to get to safety while Daredevil held up the Billy Club inside his hand. Having stared each other down for a moment, Daredevil had questioned who Poindexter was, only for Poindexter to claim that he was Daredevil. In response, Daredevil then threw the Billy Club at Poindexter, who dodged it as the two charged towards each other and began to fight, finding themselves equally matched, as Daredevil was able to land several heavy punches which knocked Poindexter back, although the Suit offered him more protection.

Poindexter furiously fighting Daredevil

Poindexter had deduced that he was at a considerable disadvantage when he had tried to fight Daredevil in close quarters, as he allowed Daredevil to knock him back to create distance, before throwing the Billy Club onto the ground, causing it to then bounce up and strike Daredevil on the chin with considerable force. Poindexter then used this momentary distraction to charge into Daredevil and push him up against a table, as Poindexter also ducked under the table to ensure that he maintained a distance between himself and Daredevil, as Poindexter grabbed nearby stationery to throw at Daredevil.

Poindexter throws his Billy Club at Daredevil

As he continued using the items at hand as his weapons, Poindexter then threw the Billy Club up at the ceiling, causing the lights to crash down, which Daredevil barely avoided. With Daredevil getting himself out of danger by overturning a table and hiding behind it, Poindexter grabbed a handful of pens and scissors, which he then threw at his enemy, embedding the items in the table. Daredevil continued running from the danger, as Poindexter was able to use the distance between them to his advantage, throwing the various items at Daredevil, as he struck Daredevil in the hand when he had tried to reach for a blade.

Poindexter calmly tracking down Daredevil

With Daredevil continuing to try and move around the office without being seen, Poindexter calmly grabbed a computer screen and threw it at him, with Daredevil also using a chair to block the attack. As he remained silent, Poindexter figured out where Daredevil was hiding, as he began tormenting the hero by simply throwing a baseball at the wall, causing it to bounce back into Daredevil's face, before throwing a blade as Daredevil then tried to move to the other side. However, Daredevil then managed to trick Poindexter as he kicked out a filing cabinet which distracted Poindexter, allowing Daredevil to get behind him and begin punching him multiple times in the head and chest.

Poindexter attempting to subdue Daredevil

Poindexter had once again found himself at a complete disadvantage as he fought Daredevil into close quarters, as they both desperately grappled with one another, only for Daredevil to break Poindexter's grip before he slammed his head on a desk. Daredevil then knocked Poindexter onto the floor before kicking him across the room. Having gained distance from Daredevil, Poindexter responded by grabbing a snow-globe and then throwing it at Daredevil, which he caught, only for Poindexter to throw a pencil into it, which had smashed the glass, showering Daredevil with water and glass which distracted him.

Poindexter defeating Daredevil in their duel

Having regained an advantage with a distance, Poindexter grabbed any pens and scissors he could find and then began launching them at Daredevil, who had tried to use book selves for cover before they grappled with one another again. As Daredevil tried to get him into a headlock, Poindexter responded by stabbing him into the shoulder with a pair of scissors, which caused Daredevil to fall backward in agony, before Poindexter then smashed a bookcase on top of him. With Daredevil trapped, Poindexter finally ended their fight by kicking him in the head, which had then knocked Daredevil unconscious.

Poindexter stabs Mitchell Ellison in the gut

With nothing standing in his way, Poindexter prepared to continue his mission to assassinate Jasper Evans, as he then found the room that Nelson had hidden inside and discovered that Evans was now being protected by Karen Page, who had held her gun up to Poindexter. In response, Poindexter then threw a blade at Page's hand, causing her to drop the gun, before Nelson ran forward and punched Poindexter, only to be easily subdued. With Mitchell Ellison then finally attempted to block his path, Poindexter threw a pen into Ellison's gut, subduing him, leaving onto Page to stand between Poindexter and Evans.

Poindexter shoots Jasper Evans in the head

Without saying a word, Poindexter had then calmly picked up Page's gun that she had dropped, as he stepped over to her and Evans, with Page still desperately pleading for their lives. Poindexter then lifted the gun to Page's head, before then turning it and shooting Evans directly in the face, killing him instantly and covering both himself and Page in Evan's blood. With his mission now completed, Poindexter then pulled the gun apart, before smiling and telling Page that it had been nice to see her again, as Poindexter had then turned around and walked out, leaving Page in a state of complete horror.

Poindexter escapes from the crime scene

However, as Poindexter had attempted to escape through the back stairs, he was confronted by Ray Nadeem and a team of FBI agents, who all ordered him to surrender. Reacting quickly, Poindexter had disarmed Nadeem before engaging these FBI agents in the narrow hallway, as he swiftly managed to overpower the agents and knock them down the stairs, punching them in the throat to take them out of the fight. As Nadeem had then attempted to aim his gun at him, Poindexter shielded himself with an agent, forcing Nadeem to lower his weapon as Poindexter escaped by jumping down the stairs.[2]

Poindexter vacuums his apartment's floor

Having managed to get away from Nadeem and the other FBI agents during the chaos at the New York Bulletin Building, Poindexter then back returned to his apartment, as he removed the Daredevil helmet. Having ensured that he was safe from being discovered, Poindexter had then managed to gain some semblance of consciousness by listening to Eileen Mercer's tape recording on how he would need to build his life upon structure and order. Knowing that he did something outside his rules, Poindexter then cleaned his messy apartment from his last mental breakdown as an attempt to return his life to stability.[5]

Attempts to Rebuild

Poindexter stops Julie Barnes during a jog

"I'm sorry for scaring you. I just wanted to explain myself. When we worked together at the suicide hotline, I saw the way you were with other people. Patient, compassionate, and I... I need that right now. My life is out of control. I have no family, and I'm about to lose my job. Please. I just want to talk."
―Benjamin Poindexter to Julie Barnes[src]

While on the same route during their morning runs, Poindexter then managed to find Julie Barnes, as Poindexter pushed another jogger out of his way to get closer to her. Although Barnes asked him to stay away, Poindexter begged her to hear him out, as he noted that he wanted to speak with him in public in the middle of New York City so that she felt safe, promising not to come any closer than he needed to ensure that she was not threatened.

Poindexter begs to talk with Julie Barnes

Poindexter had then immediately apologized for everything that had happened at the Presidential Hotel, insisting that he did not mean to scare her and wanted to explain himself. Poindexter then told Barnes that during their time working together while at the Brooklyn Suicide Prevention Center, he had seen her compassion and kindness, as he explained that he needed all that compassion in his life due to everything falling apart around him due to the FBI considering firing him while he had no family to support him, as Poindexter had asked Barnes to talk with him, promising to go anywhere she felt safe.

Poindexter buying coffee at Coffee A Go-Go

Barnes agreed as she and Poindexter went to Coffee A Go-Go, as he ordered a decaf coffee, while she had then ordered her regular drink from Richie. Poindexter then awkwardly tried to explain to Barnes that he had never actually been sexually attracted to her, as he attempted to insist that he was not stalking her while acknowledging that he understood why this seemed like he was. Poindexter claimed that he only wanted to be more like Barnes, to which she noted how creepy that still sounded, while she collected their cups of coffee and had then invited Poindexter to sit with her for their conversation.

Poindexter and Julie Barnes discuss the FBI

Once they sat down together, Poindexter told Barnes how he felt that she was so good and kind, while she noted how he saved lives as an agent of the FBI. However, Poindexter noted that in his life as an FBI agent, as well as being in the United States Army before that, he had been helped to keep on the straight and narrow path, but now he was feeling that this was falling away from him and he was drowning, and he did not know which way he was swimming. Seeing signs of him having a panic attack, Barnes told Poindexter to breathe, as he noted how this was an example of how Barnes was able to help people.

Poindexter explains how he might get fired

While Barnes was getting nervous being around him, Poindexter then noted how she helped people to right themselves as he asked her to think of him as another person calling into a hotline for help. Barnes asked what had happened to the FBI that had led to his job is at risk, as Poindexter told her that the FBI had needed a scapegoat for the Albanian Syndicate's attack on Wilson Fisk, as Poindexter did an awkward impersonation of a goat, which they had laughed at. Barnes recommended that Poindexter get a good therapist, while Poindexter remembered Eileen Mercer and noted that he used to have one.

Poindexter is offered help from Julie Barnes

When Poindexter had noted that Mercer had died, Barnes offered her sympathies, before she then offered to help Poindexter with all of his mental health, much to his shock and relief. However, Barnes made it clear that she did not want Poindexter to make her risky regret her decision to help him, with Poindexter promising that he would not let that happen. Their conversation was then interrupted as Poindexter got a text message from Ray Nadeem, telling him to come back into their FBI Office that evening to have a conversation about his job, as Poindexter put his phone away and continued talking with Barnes.[5]

Ray Nadeem's Offer

Poindexter greeting Ray Nadeem at the FBI

"I don't care about back pay. What am I going to do for those six months?"
"I know it seems like a stretch, but you have got a bright future ahead of you in the Bureau. Play the long game."
―Benjamin Poindexter and Andrea Morales[src]

That evening, Poindexter returned into the FBI Office where he was greeted by Ray Nadeem, having walked past several other agents who had given him their dirty looks. Nadeem thanked Poindexter for coming in, although he noted that Nadeem had made it clear that he had to, as Nadeem told him that there was someone who he wanted him to meet with. While he was still nervous about the situation and what it was about, Poindexter had then followed Nadeem inside the FBI's meeting room to see what Nadeem had meant.

Poindexter thanks Ray Nadeem for his help

To his surprise, Poindexter was introduced to Andrea Morales, who Nadeem explained was an old friend of his and was an attorney, with Nadeem telling Poindexter that their fellow FBI agents had taken up a collection to pay for any of Poindexter's legal fees with his case with suing the FBI for wrongful termination. While Poindexter was in his state of shock, Morales explained that she believed that she should pursue this case, as Nadeem promised that it cost would be paid for. Poindexter then expressed his gratitude to Nadeem, as Nadeem then noted how Poindexter saved his life so did not owe him anything.

Poindexter has a talk with Andrea Morales

Once Nadeem had gone, Poindexter and Morales had discussed his case, as she told him that they would not get as far as arbitration in a courtroom, as Poindexter noted how amazing this all was before questioning how long the case would take. However, when Morales noted that he would likely get his job back in six months, Poindexter was shocked, despite Morales offering to get him back pay. Despite this, Poindexter noted that he did not care about back pay, but just could not imagine what to do with himself for six months, as Morales promised that he would have a future if he played the long game.

Poindexter devastated by Julie Barnes' text

They were then interrupted once Morales got a phone call as she left the room, leaving Poindexter to consider his situation. Once he was alone, Poindexter text Julie Barnes, asking if they could talk, only to get a surprising text back where Barnes seemingly told him that she never wanted to speak to him again and asked Poindexter to leave her alone. When Poindexter then tried to text and call Barnes to get help, he found that he had been blocked from contacting her phone number, leaving him feeling as if he had been completely abandoned by the one and only person who had he felt he could still rely on.[5]

Defending his Apartment

Poindexter prepares for his home invasion

"I'm FBI. I have ID. If you look in my pocket, you'll find my wallet. Two armed suspects broke into my home."
―Benjamin Poindexter to NYPD officers[src]

Heading back home, Poindexter felt completely distraught with his last message with Julie Barnes as he walked upstairs to his apartment but heard a disturbance inside the room, listening to someone talking. Grabbing some small glass pillars from a nearby lantern, Poindexter then entered his home only to find it empty, as he looked around to see if they ever took anything from his guest room and kitchen.

Poindexter realizes his vault was breached

Going inside his bedroom, Poindexter went to the vault, discovering that it was unlocked. Poindexter turned on the lights and noticed that one of his tapes were gone, assuming that some thief had stolen. After Poindexter had found out that his cassette player was stolen as well as one of his tape recordings, he picked up his handgun and grabbed his sniper scope. Poindexter walked towards his open window and looked out for any targets after realizing that the thief might have been Daredevil.

Poindexter taking aim at the two intruders

Looking at the reflection of the floor above, Poindexter decided to take a shot at his target by ricocheting the bullets on metal bars of a fire escape from the building across his apartment. Poindexter had been right about his invaders, as they turned out to be Ray Nadeem and Daredevil. Poindexter managed to shoot and wound Nadeem in the chest. Once Nadeem and Daredevil had gone down, Poindexter took another look with his scope and aimed once again just in case if they had gone back up.

Poindexter explaining himself to the NYPD

Poindexter shot at any sudden movements from Daredevil when he used a newspaper to flank his aim. As he noticed Daredevil on a mirror, Poindexter attempted to ricochet the bullets onto him but wasted his shot, leading Nadeem to escape while he was reloading. Poindexter tried to chase only be barred by Daredevil. On the fire escape, Poindexter tried to hit Daredevil with the glass pillars but his foe blocked them with a grill plating. Poindexter was stopped from this assault when the New York City Police Department arrived and explained his situation to them.[5]

Recruited by Kingpin

Poindexter burning all Eileen Mercer's tapes

"Dex, rage cannot stay inside. It needs to go somewhere or it becomes a poison. It will kill you from within."
Wilson Fisk to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Once the police left his apartment, Poindexter reflected the situation and made his decision. Tired of the rules and Mercer, he gathered all of Eileen Mercer's tape recordings and burned them. Not long after, Felix Manning knocked on his door again and asked to follow him.

Poindexter quietly follows Felix Manning

Heading back to the hotel, Poindexter followed Manning to the suite and went inside the elevator, as he stood silently and pondered on his life, letting his insanity get to him, hearing incoming voices inside his head. Heading inside the hallway where a Cleaning Crew, who was secretly working for Wilson Fisk fixed up the complex, Poindexter was escorted into a room where the Fisk was located. In completely out of loss, Poindexter was surprised to discover that Fisk was outside his penthouse and had monitors on the agents and other locations to spy on.

Poindexter listens to Wilson Fisk's advice

No longer caring about the FBI, Poindexter informed Fisk about his problem, saying that Nadeem knows about his crime. Fisk assured Poindexter that they will solve the problem and that he has nothing to worry about. Noticing his frustration, Fisk advised Poindexter to not let all his rage be bottled up inside him or it will kill him from within, telling him that to let out his anger he would let it out a primal scream, as the only satisfaction of release. Poindexter did as what Fisk was told and with that, Fisk embraced him with a hug, becoming firmly loyal to him, as well as Fisk's agent.[5]

Kingpin's Pawn

Threatening Ray Nadeem

Poindexter visiting the Nadeem Residence

"What does he want from me, Dex?"
"Your friend. The one you brought to my home."
"I don't know who he is. Or where he is."
"Yeah, you do."
Ray Nadeem and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Now following Wilson Fisk, Poindexter visited Ray Nadeem on Kingpin's orders after he failed to report to the FBI about Fisk. He was welcomed inside of the Nadeem Residence by Seema Nadeem and greeted Sami Nadeem. As Ray Nadeem was in the shower, Poindexter advised Sami on how to throw a curveball while playing baseball before Nadeem arrived. Poindexter was thanked by Sami and was asked by Ray about his reasoning to have come inside of his house. Poindexter responded that he needed to taste Seema's cooking to which she was flattered and invited him for breakfast.

Poindexter privately confronts Ray Nadeem

Poindexter then asked Seema that if he could have a talk with Ray and was given space before being told when breakfast was ready. Heading outside to talk, Poindexter confronted him about his betrayal and luring him away from his home. Poindexter furiously answered that Fisk wanted Nadeem to be alive and was informed that Daredevil whom Nadeem had worked with was the person who trespassed his apartment. Despite being told of not knowing his location, Poindexter refused of his knowledge before being interrupted by Seema in the other room. He told Nadeem that he was bleeding and that he'll cover Seema once he changed his shirt.[10]

Arresting Crime Bosses

Poindexter is assigned on a mission

"We only refer to him by his code name."
"What code name?"
―Benjamin Poindexter and Ray Nadeem[src]

Arriving inside of the New York City FBI Office, Poindexter instated that Ray Nadeem needed to call Daredevil and help them prepare for a trap against the vigilante. Not long after, thanks to Wilson Fisk, Poindexter was reinstated by Tammy Hattley who was also under Fisk's influence. He later joined a meeting with the other corrupted FBI agents, as Nadeem was shocked that Fisk coerced so many of his colleagues to work for him. He smugly informed Nadeem that they will only refer to Fisk about his code name "Kingpin", before Hattley ordered the agents to apprehend all of the influential criminals that Fisk has listed.

Poindexter arrests Everett Starr in public

Among the criminal figures that FBI arrested, Poindexter arrived at the workshop of John Hammer, as his team arrived to apprehend him through aggressive measures. Driving to Everett Starr's residence, Poindexter arrested Starr on the spot with Nadeem being suspicious of his actions as he handcuffs Starr. Poindexter then arrived towards Rosalie Carbone's ceremony, Pondexter was ready to apprehend her but was told Nadeem that he will be the one to do it. As the public had celebrated, Carbone was then lead away for Poindexter and Arinori to take Carbone into custody.

Poindexter mandates to take over the room

Going to the Presidential Hotel, Poindexter returned to the monitor room and ordered the reaming agents to be removed despite being there in a short amount of time. Poindexter made an excuse to have Tammy Hattley to told to leave the perimeter and let it be handled by him and the other agents. As the agents were ready to leave, Poindexter grabbed a cup of coffee and made a passive joke about his suspension, smiling at the prospective motive once he was done drinking his coffee. Poindexter was tasked for the time being he will be manned by corrupted agents.[10]

Meeting of Criminals

Poindexter listens to Wilson Fisk's orders

"What do you want me to do?"
"Be ready. Daredevil will know it's a trap, but he'll come anyway."
―Benjamin Poindexter and Kingpin[src]

Knowing that Nadeem had contact with Daredevil, Fisk had him call up and informed him that Fisk had just left the Hotel, having turned up at the Red Fish Blue Restaurant and try to capture him, at which point, Fisk and his team of corrupt agents that will ambush and finally kill him. Having caught their targets and brought them to a disclosed location, Poindexter was told by Fisk that he should be ready, noting that Daredevil would know this would be a trap but would still likely come regardless, so Poindexter would have to be ready by dressing up on his own suit.

Poindexter standing next to the Kingpin

Poindexter joined Fisk at the meeting after a brief talk about what he will do before it starts. The Kingpin held his meeting and negotiate with them about paying him in protection money by twenty percent of all of their earnings in exchange. When Starr showed great disrespect to Fisk, before telling him that he would not be contributing to his demands, Poindexter promptly killed him with his Billy Club and stood by Kingpin's side. Once the crime bosses looked in horror, Fisk raised the price to twenty-five percent, which Carbone and the others agreed to.

Poindexter closely threatening Ray Nadeem

As the meeting continued, however, it quickly became apparent that Daredevil had still failed to make an appearance, Poindexter went over to the other room to see if Daredevil had arrived. Poindexter searched for Daredevil inside the Restaurant and found nothing, which caused Fisk considerable anger as he barely managed to remain seated without launching into a murderous rage. Before leaving the meeting with Kingpin, Poindexter questioned Nadeem if he was the one who had warned Daredevil, but Nadeem insisted that they had all heard him on the phone and therefore he had no chance to warn Daredevil.[10]

Duel at Clinton Church

Poindexter agrees on killing Karen Page

"I want you to kill Karen Page."
"Consider it done."
Kingpin and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Once they left the Red Fish Blue Restaurant, Wilson Fisk was informed by Wellers that they had located Karen Page in Clinton Church. While in the car, Poindexter was told by Fisk that he rarely allowed people to know him personally, but used to have a friend named James Wesley, who was one of those people who became a surrogate son to him before Page had murdered him. Fisk informed him that when he sent Poindexter to attack the New York Bulletin Building, he was not aware that Page was the one who killed him. Poindexter asked Fisk if there was something he wanted him to do, to which Fisk immediately asked him to murder Page, as Poindexter dutifully accepted and told Fisk to consider it done, before stepping out of the car to kill his target.

Poindexter arriving at Clinton Church

Arriving at the church while wearing the Daredevil Suit, Poindexter was preparing himself with the upcoming attack that he was about to bestow upon. Being taken for a ride, Ray Nadeem was questioning Poindexter about what he was about to do to which he told to drive straight and park at the side of the street. As he was at the address of the church, Poindexter told Nadeem that he should wait for him after he was finished, before he was told about what he'll do, responding that he will make the team proud. Soon as the sermon conducted by Father Paul Lantom was interrupted, Poindexter yelled at the auditorium for Page's name.

Poindexter has a stand-off with Karen Page

When his call for Page went unanswered, Poindexter began to equip his Billy Club and made rippling noises with the seat of the church. As he called out Page's name out loud in the church, Poindexter was confronted by three bystanders in front of him and decided to attack the innocent participants of the sermon with his Billy Club. Before he could start killing them, Page revealed herself, as Poindexter approached her and happily greeted, saying it was nice to see her again. Before he could kill her, Poindexter was attacked by Daredevil from behind who has arrived to save Page.

Poindexter aggressively kills Paul Lantom

Poindexter got back from the ground and briefly brawled with Daredevil, as they trade blows, he was beaten out before he used a bystander to shield him, only for Daredevil to attack him directly and letting the bystander go. As he was kicked by Daredevil, Poindexter threw a glass at him and grabbed his leg so he could force Daredevil to the side and punched him the face. Using this opportunity, Poindexter walked in front of the crowd and threw his Billy Club at Page only for Lantom to be stabbed while he was protecting her.

Poindexter fighting against Daredevil

As Daredevil heard of Lantom's death, Poindexter was pushed and dragged from his place and the fight escalated as Daredevil drove Poindexter away from Page and the civilians. Despite Poindexter attempts to kill his target, he was prevented by his enemy. Poindexter managed to get Daredevil of him and continued his pursuit of Page before his opponent could recover. Following her up the church balcony, he began looking for her. However, he was distracted by the arrival of the exhausted and wounded Daredevil.

Poindexter is defeated off from the balcony

Tired of the continued interference of his enemy, Poindexter began to throw a punch only for him to be hit, as he continued to fight, he savagely beats Daredevil and punched him multiple times in the face. Knocking him unconscious, Poindexter grabbed a piece of wood and prepared for the killing blow. As he began to kill Daredevil, Poindexter was caught off guard by Page who was hiding away from him and knocked him off the balcony by using a pole. Defeated, Poindexter made his retreat and moved away from the church before Page could identify him.[11]

Continuing the Pursuit

Poindexter escapes after being defeated

"You need to assume command of the scene from the NYPD. Daredevil is a federal fugitive. Lockdown the church. Lockdown the entire area. We cannot let them escape."
―Benjamin Poindexter to Ray Nadeem[src]

Poindexter quickly retreated from Clinton Church and headed to a nearby alleyway to recover. Infuriated by his failure to kill Page, Poindexter took off his helmet and punched a few boxes nearby him. Poindexter held onto the side of a staircase and took a breathe while his sanity was being out of control. Having been spotted, Poindexter looked over to two nearby workers and proceeded to kill them with a couple of bottles from the garbage, walking away afterward.

Poindexter ordering Ray Nadeem to drive

Poindexter headed back into the car and took off his Daredevil Suit, ordering Ray Nadeem to head to the church that has now become a crime scene and take the command away from the New York City Police Department. While taking off his suit, Ray Nadeem questioned his actions only for him to aggressively talk down to him and ordered him that his and Nadeem's job was not done. Once they arrived, Poindexter and Nadeem took the command away from Strieber. Knowing that Karen Page and Daredevil were still inside the church, Poindexter ensured that the building would be searched, before Maggie Grace had filed for witness by his side.

Poindexter closely tourments Ray Nadeem

Poindexter began his hunt for his targets inside the church, but as Nadeem looked over Paul Lantom's body being stabbed, he questioned him for what had happened. Poindexter ignored his question and despite being told that Nadeem never signed up for this kind of work, he proceeded to tell him that he did. Poindexter looked over to Maggie Grace and told her that he had access from the crime scene inside the church. As soon as Grace understand that Nadeem needed to find Daredevil, she had got up and escort Poindexter and his squad to the other room where Murdock and Page are hiding away.

Poindexter investigating the Clinton Church

As soon as Grace had drooped her keys from her attempt to open the doorway, Poindexter told his squad to bust down the door with a chainsaw. Once the door was opened, Poindexter went inside the room and tried to find Daredevil. Using a flashlight, Poindexter looked over the room and as soon as he looked closely, he was stopped by Grace's sudden appearance. Grace would then gave Nadeem and Poindexter directions to the rooftop of the church and proceeded to go out of the room. Despite his efforts to look on over, Poindexter couldn't find them in any possible way of the church's structure.

Poindexter refuses to stop the investigation

Poindexter waited outside as his sanity began to deteriorate while talking to Arinori about his investigation. Poindexter was told that someone needs to call Kingpin about Daredevil and Page's escape but he proceeded to not let them and told Arinori that he will fail him. Once he was aggressively agitated, Poindexter was interrupted by Nadeem and told him to call Kingpin but he demanded not to and go along until he finds them. With his understanding, Nadeem decided to let Poindexter stay for a few more hours to which he was glad and walked along into the crime scene.

Poindexter arguing with Brett Mahoney

Once Foggy Nelson arrived at the scene, he revealed that Page was still in the church as Nelson informed agent Nadeem that he would now be surrendering Page over to the New York City Police Department, as Brett Mahoney led his team of police officers to arrest Page who had willingly surrendered to them. Poindexter went over to question Mahoney about Page but it was argued that she was an accomplice according to state law. Enraged, Poindexter refused to allow Mahoney to take Page, as the tensions between them had risen, Nadeem told Poindexter that they should be working on the same side to finish their investigation.

Poindexter screaming inside a nearby van

Poindexter was disappointed after Nadeem had talked with Mahoney, leading him to tell Nadeem that he had messed up the plan to kill them. Poindexter went back into the room where he suspected Daredevil and Page to be and found traces of blood on the coffin and proceeded to walk out of the church. Enraged, Poindexter was about to confront Grace for her prevention only to overhear a police officer's comment about the murder of Lantom which made him turn away. With his sanity becoming dire, Poindexter went inside a nearby van to scream, knowing he had failed Kingpin's request.[12]

Regaining Fisk's Favor

Poindexter waiting for Wilson Fisk's arrival

"Some lady had it. Wilson couldn't get her to sell it."
"That must have been very disappointing for him. It's the painting in his collection that means the most to us."
"I figured that so I thought I'd ask her just one last time."
―Benjamin Poindexter and Vanessa Marianna[src]

As Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna had arrived on their floor of the Presidential Hotel, Poindexter was waiting for them at the lobby. As Fisk continued to walk away, Poindexter tried to reconcile with him about his recent mission with Ray Nadeem. Fisk simply dismissed him despite Poindexter claiming to have something important to say, letting his sanity run rampant.

Poindexter tries to regain Wilson Fisk's trust

Disappointed with his failures, Poindexter arrived inside of Fisk's penthouse, along with his breakfast. After asking if he could get him anything else, Poindexter gave his apology for his failure of killing Karen Page and blamed Nadeem's interference with Brett Mahoney for Page managing to get away from him with her life. Despite his promise of taking care of Nadeem and Page, Poindexter was rejected by Fisk in his attempts to apologize and didn't want to have a huge burden on his shoulders. Facing rejection, Poindexter became more determined to regain Fisk's trust.

Poindexter finally meets Vanessa Marianna

Knowing that Kingpin failed to buy his favorite painting from Esther Falb, Poindexter killed Falb and brought the painting back to the penthouse where he formally met with Kingpin's betrothed, Marianna. Poindexter introduced her as the new James Wesley and told her that if she needed anything, she could just ask. As they look at the painting, Poindexter told Marianna that Fisk always had great taste in art and tried to get the person who owned it to sell but she rejected the offer. With Marianna feeling bad for Fisk, Poindexter asked for not to worry as he offered the lady one last time. Marianna asked Poindexter to hang up the art to which it would be his pleasure.

Poindexter watches Karen Page on the TV

While the New York State Supreme Court had filed testimony on Nadeem for working on Fisk's behalf, Page had been broadcasted into television where she would expose Fisk's action. Upon knowing this, Poindexter watched the television program where Page had told the press about Fisk lying to the public and working for the person who dressed as Daredevil and attacked the New York Bulletin. While watching the program with Arinori, Poindexter grew furious with Page and how she was continuing before the press had rejected Nadeem's request for prison time.[6]

Assassination of Ray Nadeem

Poindexter finds Ray Nadeem at his home

"I'm more than a fed now. I feel more myself than I have in my whole life. Fisk gave me that."
―Benjamin Poindexter to Ray Nadeem[src]

Later, after Ray Nadeem failed to inform the grand jury about Kingpin's activities, he retreated to his now-abandoned Residence, and Fisk tasked Poindexter to kill him. When he arrived, he found his former friend in the garden where a hole has been dug for a pool for his family. Poindexter tried to speak to Nadeem by going inside his house but Nadeem rejected his offer. Poindexter ridiculed Nadeem for his decision saying he was in a tough spot and how it must have been hard for him. Nadeem tried to convince Poindexter that Fisk will discard him after he was done with him.

Poindexter shoots and kills Ray Nadeem

Once he listened to Nadeem, Poindexter remained unconvinced and informed Nadeem that he is more than a federal agent and that he had never felt more than himself in his whole life ever since, he worked for Fisk. Knowing that he would not be able to convince him, Nadeem told him as long as he is alive his family is at risk and Poindexter continued to offer him once to leave with him. Nadeem told Poindexter that whatever needs to do he'll do it where they are standing. Nadeem pulled a gun and tried to shoot him, as Poindexter unhesitatingly shot and killed him, leaving his body in the hole.[6]

Learning the Truth

Covering Up

Poindexter attends an FBI press conference

"Suck it up."
"I'm only doing this because I have to."
―Benjamin Poindexter and Tammy Hattley[src]

Upon the news of Ray Nadeem's sudden death, the FBI was called for a press conference on the behalf of the public outcry and report it for the news channels. Poindexter participated with Tammy Hattley on the stage that press conference was held, saying she had condolences for the loved ones of Nadeem and other agents as she reported him as a mentally unstable and committed suicide on his residence.

Poindexter speaking with Foggy Nelson

As Foggy Nelson was called by the FBI to meet with them, he walked into the New York City FBI Office. Poindexter greeted him and jokingly told him that he won him fifty bucks, since some of the agents were betting that he wouldn't show up. Once Nelson had told him that he'll come for the FBI if they need any help, he took a picture of with Poindexter and post it to his campaign web page and police officers to know he was there. Poindexter told Nelson to relax upon being asked why he was there, Poindexter told Nelson that he was Nadeem's lawyer and shared his condolences before escorting him to another room.

Poindexter talking to Seema Nadeem's loss

Once Poindexter had brought Nelson to another conference room where Seema Nadeem was sitting in, she informed him that she wanted to be part of the investigation of her husband. Poindexter had added in by saying that Nadeem fooled a lot of people and doesn't blame the people in his life such as her son, Sami Nadeem and despite her being upset she is still part of the FBI family. Sitting along with Seema, Hattley told her to take all the time she needs and left the room with Nelson along with Poindexter. After they left the room, Poindexter told Hattley told her to suck it up but was told that she is only doing it because she has to.[7]


Poindexter is contacted by Daredevil

"If you... If you hurt Julie–"
"Fisk had her killed. He killed Julie, so he could replace her as your North Star."
―Benjamin Poindexter and Daredevil[src]

After leaving Foggy Nelson and Seema Nadeem alone to talk about Ray Nadeem, Poindexter received a phone call from Felix Manning and called him up from his cell phone. Unexpectedly, Poindexter was contacted by Daredevil about being confronted for his actions and his suit. Daredevil told Poindexter about him killing birdies with rocks to which he was confused as he continued about Eileen Mercer and how she would be disappointed about his murders. Poindexter was unfazed by Daredevil's attempts to angering him but became furious when Daredevil mentioned Julie Barnes, being told about how she would have been disappointed if she was still alive. Affected by this revelation, Poindexter told Daredevil to stop saying her name after claiming that Wilson Fisk had her killed.

Poindexter enters in an abandoned building

As the phone continued, Poindexter was given an address to locate whatever Daredevil had planned for him to see before he hung up. Heading to 16th Canal Place, Poindexter entered in an alleyway and accessed into an abandoned building and found himself in a kitchen. Checking the freezer, Poindexter found several frozen bodies, as well as Barnes' corpse, and was horrified by the discovery of her fate. After being done with his mourning, Daredevil called Poindexter and as he picked it up, he began to threaten him, believing that he was the one who killed her. Daredevil stated that Fisk was the one who killed Barnes.

Poindexter finds Julie Barnes' frozen corpse

Despite his initial refusal to believe him, Poindexter could not deny the facts when Daredevil explained Fisk's manipulation on him, such giving Barnes the job at the Presidential Hotel or knowing he stalked her, as he continued on that how he made Fisk his North Star than Barnes. Before hanging up, Poindexter questioned Daredevil on why he is telling him this information to which he was told that Fisk was getting married that night and he doesn't think that Fisk deserves a happy ending. Realizing that Fisk had fooled him and killed Barnes, Poindexter continued to mourn as his sanity began to get worse.[7]

Battle at Presidential Hotel

Poindexter threatens J. Lim to walk away

"Julie and I wish you the absolute best."
―Benjamin Poindexter to Kingpin[src]

In an awake of Fisk's manipulation, Poindexter brought along the frozen corpse of Julie Barnes and used an FBI branded vehicle, donning the Daredevil Suit. Driving towards the Presidential Hotel where Wilson Fisk was holding his wedding, Poindexter was approached by J. Lim and greeted him accordingly as he freaked out for a moment. Poindexter began talking to Barnes as he acknowledged Lim as one of the good agents. Once Lim began to question him, Poindexter warned his former friend to retreat but when they proved non-negotiable, he proceeded to dispatch them before continuing his hunt for Fisk.

Poindexter crashing Wilson Fisk's wedding

Using his knowledge of the security protocols, Poindexter managed to get by easily and interrupted during Fisk's and Vanessa Marianna's dance. Holding a mic, Poindexter mockingly made a toast to Fisk and sarcastically giving his well-wishes to the bride and groom, throwing the mic towards Marianna only to have it blocked by Daredevil at the last moment. Becoming angered, Poindexter looked at Daredevil for his mistake as chaos ensued in the party as Fisk's security arrived to fight him. Poindexter took to cover and threw a plate at one of the FBI agents and then took hostage with one of them confronting him.

Poindexter tries shooting at Tammy Hattley

Unbeknownst, Poindexter was hit by Daredevil while taking a hostage. Poindexter continued as Daredevil pursued the Fisk before he escapes. Poindexter kills Arinori and Mockta with forks and knives, walking up towards one of them and grabbing their gun. Poindexter discovers Tammy Hattley crawling over to her pistol and shot in her abdomen, coming closer to shoot her dead, the bullets had run out of bullets. Poindexter had enough fighting and threw his gun as Hattley's face, resuming his hunt for Fisk and Marianna. As he moved on to the floor that Fisk is living in, Poindexter killed Markham before entering the lobby.

Poindexter confronting Vanessa Marianna

By the time he arrived at Fisk's penthouse, Poindexter found Marianna attempting to escape and his two enemies fighting each other. Smiling at the prospect of killing Marianna, Poindexter approached her but was stopped by Daredevil, who kicked him down and shielded Marianna. Once he was down, Poindexter got back up and threw a bowl at Daredevil to knock him down. Poindexter was interfered by Fisk as he began to attack him while dodging his punches and throwing a bowl at him. Poindexter was knocked down by Fisk and thrown out from his feet, crashing through the glass staircase in the room and landed onto the ground.

Poindexter being challenged by Daredevil

As he got up, Poindexter picked up a piece of glass and threw at a chandler, resulting in Daredevil and Fisk being retreated from their fight. Poindexter fought against Fisk by throwing forks, spoons, and knives at him before Daredevil challenged by equipping two light poles from the chandler. Poindexter threw the utensils at Daredevil only to be reflected several times during the fight, much to his irritation. Poindexter tried to throw more only to apprehended by Daredevil and continued to fight outside of the balcony. Poindexter managed to beat Daredevil and threw him out of the windshield and used the broken glass to throw at Fisk, stabbing him at the thigh.

Poindexter becomes paralyzed by Kingpin

As soon as Daredevil got back up, Poindexter was beaten by him as he endured the number of attacks being thrown at him until he landed on a chair. Poindexter looked up at Marianna and took the opportunity to kill her by using a golden object only to be reflected by the prevention of Daredevil. Eventually, Poindexter was picked by Fisk for his attempt and was defeated by him once he crashed into the edge of the chimney, breaking his back and becoming unconscious during the battle. With Poindexter out of the fight, Daredevil managed to defeat Fisk and began to make a deal with to not interfere with his life.

Poindexter being arrested by the police

Not long after Daredevil defeated Fisk, a team of police officers from the New York City Police Department had arrived at Fisk's penthouse. Brett Mahoney and his team arrived to arrest Fisk and Marianna, Poindexter was paralyzed by his lower body and announces his legs couldn't move before he was taken into custody as Mahoney acknowledged Poindexter was not the real Daredevil. Once everyone was arrested, Poindexter was hospitalized for his injuries upon his three-way confrontation with Fisk and Daredevil.[7]


Spinal Surgery

Poindexter while undergoing spinal surgery

"He'll be permanently paralyzed. T8 and T9 are falling apart. Even using cadaver material, reconstruction is hopeless."
"I disagree. The Cogmium steel reinforcing framework is–"
"Can't replace pulverized vertebrae, Dr. Oyama."
"The patient knew the risks. We continue."
―Spinal Surgeon and Kenji Oyama[src]

Once he got medical treatment, Poindexter came into contact with doctor Kenji Oyama who offered him surgery that could potentially fix his paralysis. Poindexter accepted his offer despite the risk of going into it.

Poindexter waking up from his surgery

Once Poindexter agreed to go through an experimental surgery on his broken spine while being aware of the risk that it could make him permanently paralyzed, the doctors continued with their surgery, as Oyama had informed them that his work with the vertebrae will be reinforced with Cogmium steel. Upon the surgery had been taken place, Poindexter had awakened up and his iris began to turn into a bullseye.[7]


"The neighbor brought home a box of stray kittens. They were in the yard. I killed them with rocks, Dr. Mercer. I tried not to, but I liked it."
―Benjamin Poindexter to Eileen Mercer[src]

Being a byproduct of a broken and dysfunctional home and childhood trauma, Benjamin Poindexter is a violent, unhinged and ruthless man who grew up without a conscience, or the ability to properly empathize with anyone or feel remorse for his wrongdoings. Despite this, presumably due to his Borderline Personality Disorder and abandonment issues, he was very vulnerable, emotional and desired to be truly loved at a very young age. However, due to his childhood trauma, psychiatric issues and antisocial behavior, he heavily struggled with this. Subconsciously, Poindexter never truly loved anyone, including his parents, his coach, his therapist, and Julie Barnes, and deep down he used them for his own selfish needs and desires, and even hated them when they tried to leave him. However, when Wilson Fisk killed Barnes, his current North Star, it left him enraged and anguished and prompted him to try and murder Fisk and accept that his true self was a sadistic, homicidal and sociopathic maniac. However this also shows that even though he wasn’t fully capable of love, he really did care about Julie and did whatever it took to avenge her. He was also genuinely saddened by the deaths of his parents and therapist.

Homicidal and violent from the young age, Poindexter killed animals at a young age and enjoyed it. After Poindexter murdered Bradley, his sadistic and homicidal tendencies began to escalate as he got older despite receiving therapy, characterized by the hallucinatory sounds of swarming insects he frequently hears which reflect his internalized thoughts happening in his head and his chaotic internal self. His mental instability came to a head and worsened when his structured life and routine started centering around an obsession with a former coworker and his career collapsed and this struggle became even more evident when his "crush" became aware of his "feelings" and rejected him and he lost his job. However.

He would frequently murder criminals on the job and claim to have to use lethal force when in reality, he just enjoyed it. Like most sociopathic individuals, Poindexter has outbursts of extreme and uncontrollable rage. That being said, this is also very common with people with Borderline Personality Disorder. However, at his core, Poindexter is a completely insensitive and callous man who enjoys hurting and killing people, claiming that it was his real self. He wasn´t entirely without a code of honor and morals since he refused to kill his team during his first confrontation with the FBI.

Powers and Abilities


  • Bionic Enhancement: After Kingpin broke Poindexter's spine and paralyzed him, he underwent surgery to have it reinforced with Cogmium steel.


"I've known extraordinary people. But I've never seen a talent like yours."
Wilson Fisk to Benjamin Poindexter[src]
  • Master Marksman:

    Poindexter shooting the Albanian Syndicate

    Poindexter has extraordinary, near-inhuman talent in marksmanship; he could wield firearms with superior accuracy and precision, shooting members of the Albanian Syndicate, Jasper Evans and Ray Nadeem all in the head, and even ricochet bullets to hit his intended targets. Kingpin stated that he had never seen anyone with a talent like his, even after he previously admitted to being highly impressed with the Punisher's capacity for violence. He can use practically any object as a lethal projectile, even when he was only a child, he could drill a hole into a brick wall by repeatedly throwing a baseball in the same spot. He later ricocheted a baseball off a pole into his coach's head, killing him. He was also able to use the deconstructed parts of his gun to kill two Albanian Syndicate members, and stationery supplies in the New York Bulletin Building, like staplers, pens, pencils, a hole punch, and a pair of scissors, which successfully impaled into Daredevil's chest, even outpacing the perception of the latter's superhuman senses. Moreover, he was able to use chandelier crystals to hurl at Daredevil and Ray Nadeem with extreme velocity and deadly precision. He also threw edible forks, spoons, and knives at several agents at Wilson Fisk's wedding. He was even able to throw a gun backwards at Tammy Hattley's head while he was not looking and still managed to hit his target. Other items which he threw with deadly precision, including plates, Kingpin's breakfast tray, Daredevil's billy club, fire extinguishers, a computer monitor, a trash can, a snow globe, the Bible, votive candles, a statue, rosary beads, a collection plate, beer bottles, a microphone, decorative bowls, Daredevil himself, and broken glass shards. Poindexter is also able to pull off curve-shots and trick shots with an unerring amount of accuracy.
"He found someone as fast and as skilled as I've ever seen, and I couldn't take him. He found someone to kill me."
Matt Murdock to Maggie Grace[src]
  • Master Combatant:

    Poindexter fighting against Daredevil

    Poindexter is a highly skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant, having trained extensively in the United States Army and the FBI. His fighting style seems to be comprised oh Boxing, Karate, Jujitsu, Kali, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai. He was able to fight opponents such as Daredevil and Kingpin, as well as quickly defeat a group of FBI agents with ease. While he is skilled, Poindexter was unable to beat Murdock in hand-to-hand combat during their first due to the latter's greater training, and thus during their fights required his marksmanship and ranged attacks to even the odds. During their second fight, Poindexter faired better, though won due to Murdock being distracted by civilians. In their third fight involving Kingpin, he was able to briefly overpower Daredevil in close quarters combat.
  • Knife Mastery: Poindexter is a highly skilled knife-thrower. He accurately threw one at a photo of Julie Barnes in a fit of rage, hitting her face, threw knives at two FBI agents during Kingpin's wedding, and threw some during his fight against Daredevil and Kingpin.
  • Staff Mastery: Poindexter can throw Daredevil's billy club with lethal accuracy. He killed Everett Starr by throwing it at his head, and impaled Paul Lantom from a distance, nearly doing the same to Foggy Nelson if not for Daredevil's interference. He can even use them effectively in close quarters combat, such as his first fight against Daredevil. At Kingpin's wedding, he threw a microphone with the same form as a billy club.
  • Expert Acrobat: Poindexter demonstrated a moderate degree of parkour skill when he escaped from the FBI after the Attack on the New York Bulletin Building. During his attack on Kingpin's wedding, he was able to flip back up off the ground and throw projectiles in one motion.
"This isn't the first time you've used lethal force."
"I'm FBI SWAT, Doc. What do you think a sniper does?"
Myman and Benjamin Poindexter[src]
  • Master Assassin: Poindexter is an extremely skilled and dangerous assassin due to his deadly talent in marksmanship. While still a child, he could easily kill an adult such as Bradley using nothing but a baseball. Poindexter was ordered by Wilson Fisk to kill Jasper Evans and Ray Nadeem, which he did successfully, as well as Amber, Everett Starr, Paul Lantom, Esther Falb, Arinori, Mockta, and Markham. Poindexter has also killed many other hostiles on behalf of the FBI and the United States Army working as a sniper.
  • Expert Tactician: Poindexter is a capable planner. As an agent of the FBI, he helps coordinate their missions such transferring prisoners, guarding secure places, searching areas, and arresting suspects. He used his knowledge of FBI protocols to bypass security and ambush Kingpin at his wedding. He is skilled at tracking and gathering intel such as when he spied on Julie Barnes. He is shown to be skilled at deception to where he can hide his psychopathy for years, nearly convinced Craig to kill his own stepfather, and kept his identity as the impostor Daredevil hidden from his co-workers. He also prefers to use the environment to his advantage when in a fight, using any objects around him to throw as deadly projectiles at his opponents.



"I'm familiar with the M11. Did a couple of years in the Army. Got real cozy with the M11. It's reliable."
―Benjamin Poindexter to Craig[src]

Other Equipment

  • Bulletproof Vest: While on his missions with the FBI, Poindexter wears a bulletproof vest under his jacket or FBI SWAT uniform, able to withstand ballistic impact from many calibers.
  • Daredevil's Suit:

    Poindexter fights wearing the Daredevil Suit

    After being recognized by Wilson Fisk, Poindexter was given Daredevil's impermeable armored suit and decided to take it in order used in the New York Bulletin, in an attempt to shut down any plan to expose Fisk. The suit was created by Melvin Potter, who made Fisk's suit, Potter was persuaded by Fisk to make another suit by replicating it in case Daredevil will infiltrate him. The second suit that Poindexter equips is a red and black suit with a mask and helmet resembling the Christian Devil, leading to taking the name and slandering it. This suit is highly durable, allowing him to be nearly unfazed by an opponent's attacks and recover more quickly from being hit, such as taking hits in the head with a punch by the real Daredevil.
  • Billy Club: When Poindexter was asked by Wilson Fisk to put on the armored suit for him, Poindexter also utilized Daredevil's special Billy Club. It can be used as a short staff, or two individual sticks joined by a high tensile wire for grappling. It can also be split into two individual short sticks for close-quarters combat. It is kept in a holster on the suit's left thigh.


"Suicide Prevention, this is Dex. Who am I speaking with?"
―Benjamin Poindexter to Craig[src]
  • Brooklyn Suicide Prevention Center:

    Poindexter and Julie Barnes while at work

    Poindexter formerly worked for the Brooklyn Suicide Prevention Center, an organization that answers suicide hotline calls around New York City. While working at the suicide hotline, Poindexter met Julie Barnes which resulted in him having her full attention throughout the workplace.
  • Benjamin Poindexter's Apartment: Poindexter's hotel apartment was his former residence that he keeps it tightly neat and clean. However, when his date with Julie Barnes went completely wrong, Poindexter began breaking his furniture due to his sanity. Eventually, Poindexter would later clean his floor from the aftermath of his rage.
  • New York City FBI Office: Poindexter's workplace was the headquarters of the FBI Crime Division in New York City, where he spent his time as an FBI agent such as socializing with his co-workers and talking to many suspects that walk into their headquarters.
  • Presidential Hotel: While monitoring Wilson Fisk, Poindexter had watched him from the security room and take orders for his routine. Once he worked for Fisk, Poindexter had visited him from time to time such as bringing his food into his penthouse.



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  • In the comics, Lester, is a psychotic assassin and mercenary commonly known as Bullseye and the arch-nemesis of Daredevil, who worked as the right-hand henchman of Kingpin, and caused the deaths of both Elektra and Karen Page.
    • Benjamin Poindexter's name is derived from the Ultimate Universe version of the character.
  • In the sixth episode of the first season of Daredevil, a hidden sniper appears for a brief moment with an ace of spades in his bag, a nod to the character's weapon of choice in the comics.
    • When showrunner Steven S. DeKnight was asked about the scene in an interview with IGN, DeKnight said: "I can say absolutely nothing except people have a fine, fine astute eye. Whether or not that was Bullseye, time will tell."[13] This version of the character was apparently scrapped, as Poindexter was introduced as an FBI agent in the final season.
  • Poindexter's apartment number is 131, a reference to Bullseye's first appearance in Daredevil #131.
  • The black baseball cap with a white target worn by Poindexter in the episode The Perfect Game is a reference to Bullseye's symbol on his original costume.
    • Poindexter's iris turned into a bullseye in the final episode A New Napkin is also a reference to the Bullseye symbol.
  • Poindexter adopting Daredevil's Suit and persona is a loose reference to the Daredevil: Born Again storyline, where Kingpin let a mental patient loose in Daredevil's costume to kill Foggy Nelson.

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