"How do I open this thing? Is there some sort of a four-digit code maybe… Maybe a birth date or something…"
"What are you doing?"
"Taking your pod."
Thor and Rocket Raccoon[src]

The Benatar’s Space Pod was an auxiliary vehicle attached to the Benatar M-class spaceship used by the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers. It was first used to transport Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Thor to Nidavellir and was later deployed to be used by War Machine and Nebula on Morag.



"We got two ships, and a large assortment of morons. So me and Groot will go with the pirate-angel here, and the morons will go to Knowhere to try and stop Thanos."
Rocket Raccoon[src]

After the Milano was severely damaged by a quantum asteroid field and subsequently abandoned on Berhert in 2014, the Guardians of the Galaxy acquired a new ship with an auxiliary ship attached, which they dubbed the Benatar.

The pod is detached from the Benatar

In 2018, when the Statesman fell under attack from Thanos, the Asgardians broadcast a distress signal which was picked up by the Guardians. However, they had arrived too late to prevent Thanos from destroying the refugee ship, but were able to recover Thor and brought him aboard the Benatar. After discussing Thanos and the Infinity Stones, the Guardians and Thor agreed to split up, with Rocket Raccoon and Groot accompanying Thor and took the pod to Nidavellir so as to forge Stormbreaker while the rest of the Guardians used the Benatar to travel to Knowhere so they could prevent Thanos from claiming the Reality Stone.[1]

Forging Stormbreaker

Thor, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot heading to Nidavellir

"You'll have to restart the forge. Awaken the heart of a dying star."
"Rabbit, fire up the pod."
Eitri and Thor[src]

When the trio arrived at Nidavellir, they found it in a state of disrepair. Landing on the planet and disembarking, they met a giant dwarf named Eitri, who explaining that Thanos had forced the Dwarves to forge him an Infinity Gauntlet before he'd killed them all and crippled Eitri. Though Eitri could direct them in forging Stormbreaker, such an act would require the dwarf star to be open once again. Thus, Thor elected to pull the station's rings himself and attached a cable to the pod. Rocket Raccoon expressed skepticism that Thor could move such gigantic rings by himself, only for the God of Thunder to suddenly swing him and the pod around before launching them all towards the furthest ring. Thor acted like an anchor as the pod pulled the rings into alignment, reawakening the star.

Thor got on top of the pod, proudly boasting to Rocket of the true majesty of Nidavellir. Subsequently, Thor leaped off the pod to hold open the star's iris long enough for the Uru to melt into place. Unfortunately, Thor sustained mortal injuries from the solar radiation and was thrown towards the forge. Rocket piloted the pod in pursuit but wasn't able to catch him in time and landed back inside the station, where Stormbreaker revived Thor. The pod was subsequently left behind on Nidavellir as Thor, Rocket and Groot used the Bifrost Bridge to transport themselves directly to Wakanda on Earth, joining the fight against the Black Order.[1]

Time Heist

"Barton, come in. Romanoff, come in, we have a problem. Come in, we have a prob– Thanos knows."

After the Benatar was brought to Earth by Captain Marvel, Rocket Raccoon repaired the damages the ship had incurred during the Battle of Titan. Sometime between 2018 and 2023, Rocket, who had been using the Benatar to travel throughout space with Nebula, returned to Nidavellir and reclaimed the space pod, reattaching it to the Benatar.

The space pod is deployed on Morag

During the Time Heist, the Benatar and the space pod were shrunk down via Pym Particles so that Hawkeye could easily carry it on his person. As Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nebula and War Machine were sent back in time to 2014, the Benatar was restored to its normal size so that the four could fly off Earth and to Morag. Upon arriving on Morag, Nebula input the coordinates to Vormir on the main ship for Black Widow and Hawkeye while the space pod was disengaged for herself and War Machine to potentially use.

Nebula spots the Sanctuary II

After Nebula successfully retrieved the Orb, War Machine and Nebula planned to use their Time-Space GPS to return to their original timeline, effectively abandoning the space pod in the alternate past. However, while War Machine successfully returned, Nebula was unable to as her network and synaptic drive linked with that of her alternate past self. Realizing that the Thanos of this timeline had been made aware of their plan, Nebula rushed to the space pod and used its communication device to inform Romanoff and Barton, although to no avail. The space pod, with Nebula inside of it, was then tractor-beamed into the Sanctuary II.

The pod was presumably destroyed when the Sanctuary II was transported into the original timeline and eradicated by Captain Marvel during the Battle of Earth.[2]


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