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"Look, this is my ship."
Star-Lord to Thor[src]

The Benatar[1] is an M-class spaceship used by the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers. It became the Guardians' main spacecraft after the damaged Milano was left behind on Berhert.

In the aftermath of the Snap, the Benatar became the primary vehicle used by the Avengers to journey around Earth and travel through space. After the Blip, the Benatar was returned to the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Used by the Guardians

"We got two ships, and a large assortment of morons. So me and Groot will go with the pirate-angel here, and the morons will go to Knowhere to try and stop Thanos."
Rocket Raccoon[src]

The Benatar carrying the Guardians of the Galaxy

After the Milano was severely damaged in 2014 by a quantum asteroid field and subsequently abandoned on Berhert, the Guardians of the Galaxy eventually acquired a new ship with an auxiliary pod ship attached, which they dubbed the Benatar. Four years later, the Guardians of the Galaxy received a distress call sent by the Asgardian ship Statesman.

Thor on the Benatar

They took the Benatar to the location indicated by the distress call in order to rescue its sender, only to find multiple bodies floating in outer space among spaceship debris. However, one Asgardian was still alive: Thor, who fell onto the Benatar cockpit window. Thor was promptly taken aboard the spaceship.

The Benatar disengages the pod

Once Thor was awakened by Mantis, he explained that the Asgardians had been attacked by Thanos and the Black Order. Thor took some time to recover from his ordeal aboard the Benatar but then decided to head to Nidavellir so he could have a new weapon forged to fight Thanos. Thor, along with Rocket Raccoon and Groot, used the auxiliary pod to travel to Nidavellir while the other Guardians left for Knowhere, as they suspected Thanos would go there to take the Reality Stone from the Collector.

The Benatar on Titan

The Guardians landed the Benatar in Knowhere's third quadrant. Disembarking, they infiltrated the planet and encountered Thanos, who defeated them and captured Gamora.[2] The Guardians then returned to the Benatar, where Star-Lord attempted to distract himself by playing music, much to Drax's displeasure. They soon realized that they had been left a message by Nebula, who instructed them to meet her on Titan, prompting Star-Lord to fly the Benatar there.[3]

Used by the Avengers

The Benatar is brought to Earth

"You better not throw up on my ship."
Rocket Raccoon to the Avengers[src]

Following the Snap, Tony Stark and Nebula were the only survivors on Titan and used the Benatar to lay a course back to Earth. En route it was found that the Benatar’s fuel cells had been damaged during the battle on Titan. Without a supply of spare parts, however, the two were unable to repair the ship and they were left stranded in deep space. Before the oxygen supply ran out, Captain Marvel, who had been sent by the Avengers, found the ship and carried it to Earth and landed it on the front lawn of the Avengers Compound.

The Benatar carrying the Avengers

On Earth, Rocket Raccoon managed to repair the damages to the ship. Once Nebula revealed that another energy surge was detected on Thanos' planet, Rocket piloted the ship, with Captain Marvel co-piloting, and flew Captain America, War Machine, Thor, Black Widow, Bruce Banner and Nebula into space, arriving on the planet. Following Thanos' death, the others, minus Thor, used the Benatar to return to Earth.

The Benatar prepares to land in New Asgard

As official members of the Avengers, Nebula and Rocket used the Benatar to return to space in order to help other planets recover from the Snap. By 2023, Rocket returned to Nidavellir and reclaimed the Benatar’s space pod, reattaching it to the main ship. After the Time Heist had been proposed, Nebula and Rocket used the Benatar to return to Earth, landing at the Avengers Compound. Rocket and Hulk then flew the Benatar to Tønsberg, Norway, which had now been named New Asgard, to retrieve Thor and fly him back to the Compound.

The Benatar is shrunken and given to Hawkeye

Once the Time Heist had been planned, the Benatar was then shrunk down via Pym Particles and given to Hawkeye. Hawkeye, Black Widow, War Machine and Nebula then used the Quantum Realm to create an alternate 2014 timeline. Upon arriving, the Benatar was restored to its normal size and the four used it to fly from Earth to Morag. Upon arriving on Morag, Nebula input the coordinates to Vormir on the Benatar for Black Widow and Hawkeye while the space pod was disengaged for herself and War Machine to potentially use.

The Benatar travelling to Vormir

Hawkeye and Black Widow sat in the pilot seats of the Benatar enjoying the ride as the ship flew them to Vormir, going along the set course. Once they arrived, they landed the ship and disembarked, using the Pym Particles to shrink the ship down once more. After Hawkeye had collected the Soul Stone, he returned to his time, bringing the Benatar back with him.[4]

Returned to the Guardians

The Benatar is returned to the Guardians of the Galaxy

"Just so you know, this is my ship still. I'm in charge."
Star-Lord to Thor[src]

Following the battle, Clint Barton relinquished the Benatar, restoring it to its normal size and returning it to the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Guardians then flew the ship from New York to Tønsberg, Norway in order to retrieve Thor and return to space, with Thor and Star-Lord arguing over who was the ship's captain.[4]

Design and Capabilities

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  • The Benatar is named after American singer and songwriter Pat Benatar.[5]


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