"When you met me, I was pick-pocketing on the L Train. Now I'm going to be a doctor."
―Becca Yoo to Colleen Wing[src]

Becca Yoo is a former student to Colleen Wing and a member of the Hand who became a doctor at Metro-General Hospital.


Early Life


"Becca Yoo's family kicked her out of the house when she was fifteen. They had nowhere to go. No one to care for them. This corrupt society was willing to let them rot on the streets. They were lost, just like you once were. But you found them. Trained them. You brought them into the Hand."
Bakuto to Colleen Wing[src]

Kicked out of her parents' home at the age of fifteen, Becca Yoo lived heavily in the streets, stealing money from people at train stations before she was taken in by the Hand. With their help, she trained and developed,and was eventually given resources to become a physician at Metro-General Hospital.[1]

Serving the Hand

Training Day

During one of the training days in the Chikara Dojo Becca Yoo and the other students watched a video of Colleen Wing's cage fight. Yoo was impressed with the fighting, stating that Wing kicked the shit out of her opponent. She watched on how Wing approached and took Darryl his cell phone, reminding him that there are no cellphones allowed in the dojo. Together with the other students Yoo lined up, before beginning their training.[2]

Betraying Colleen Wing

"I did my job. That's how the Hand functions. Everyone does their job. Your job was to tell Bakuto if you found Danny."
―Becca Yoo to Colleen Wing[src]

Arriving at the hospital, Yoo was greeted by her former sensei Colleen Wing asking for her assistance. She was asked if there was an antibiotics for a friend. She helped to an extent; directing Wing to the back of the hospital, she trapped her, sending her off with two other members of the Hand, Brian and Mary, whom bring her to Bakuto for failing to locate Iron Fist.[1]


  • Martial Artist: Trained at Chikara Dojo, Yoo would later become a part of the Hand, serving under the leadership of Bakuto.
  • Physician: Becca Yoo received secondary education that allowed her to work as a nurse at Metro-General Hospital.



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