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"There's weekly shipments. Next one is tonight at 11:00. Bay Ridge Rail Yard."
Philip Cabroni[src]

Bay Ridge Rail Yard is a rail yard located in New York City.


Decoding the Roxxon Corporation ledger, Philip Cabroni informed Daredevil and Elektra about the shipment at the Bay Ridge Rail Yard. Arriving at the Rail Yard, Daredevil used his own heightened senses to find the boxcar which was filled with the brim with dirt. Daredevil and Elektra then were ambushed by the Hand members, disguised as Yakuza, so Daredevil and Elektra had to fight them.

Daredevil fights the Hand members

Hiding in the carriage, Daredevil and Elektra attacked the hostiles, avoiding the gunfire, and defeating the first wave. With the next wave coming in, Elektra hid while Daredevil took on them before Elektra knocked several of them. While distracted, Elektra did not see the other Hand member coming for her and slashing at the back of her neck with a knife, but she kept fighting and brutally beat him down before Daredevil stopped her. With the Hand members defeated, Daredevil examined her wound and they returned to his apartment to stitch the wound.[1]


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