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"You got three with the Regeneration Cradle, one in the cab. I could take out the driver."
"Negative. That truck crashes, the gem could level the city. We need to draw out Ultron."
Hawkeye and Captain America[src]

The Battle of Seoul was a major battle between the Avengers and Ultron with his sentries in Seoul, South Korea. Desiring a new body for his consciousness, Ultron breached U-GIN's Genetic Research Facility to form a new vibranium synthetic body in U-GIN's Regeneration Cradle.

When Wanda Maximoff realized Ultron's actual plan was to cause a global catastrophe that would usher in a new age of Earth's evolution, the Avengers arrived, led by Captain America, and chased Ultron's U-GIN Truck across the streets of Seoul. Although the Avengers took custody of the Cradle, Ultron kidnapped Black Widow.


Escape from U-GIN

"We have to evolve. There's no room for the weak."
"And who decides who's weak?"
"Life. Life always decides."
Ultron and Pietro Maximoff[src]

Having experienced nightmares from Wanda Maximoff, the Avengers recuperated at Clint Barton's Homestead. Eventually, they realized that Ultron was attempting to create a new body in an attempt to "evolve." Ultron brainwashed U-Gin Geneticist Helen Cho, using the Scepter, and had her build a new body out of cells and the vibranium Ultron stole from Ulysses Klaue. Realizing this, the Avengers split up in an attempt to stop him, with Tony Stark going to Oslo, Norway to prevent Ultron from accessing the United States of America's nuclear codes and Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye going to Seoul to stop Ultron as he attempted to upload his mind into the new body.

Helen Cho urges Captain America to get the Regeneration Cradle

During the upload procedure, Maximoff was able to read Ultron's mind, discovering his plan to destroy humanity. Before leaving Ultron, Maximoff freed Cho from the Scepter's control, leading Ultron to kill the rest of U-Gin employees and left Cho severely injured. When Captain America entered the U-GIN lab, he arrived to see Cho on the ground and was warned about the Regeneration Cradle and the Infinity Stone that Ultron is planning to use to create the body inside.[3]


Captain America furiously battles Ultron

"You're no match for him, Cap."
"...Thanks, Barton."
Hawkeye and Captain America[src]

Hawkeye managed to locate Ultron in a U-GIN Truck. Hawkeye suggested shooting it, but Captain America pointed out the possibility that the Infinity Stone inside Ultron's synthetic body could destroy the city. Rogers jumped on the truck, interrupting Ultron's download. Rogers decided to keep Ultron busy so that Hawkeye and Black Widow could retrieve the body. Rogers and Ultron fought, with Rogers doing his best to hold his own. At one point in the battle, Rogers lost his shield. Following the battle on a motorcycle, Black Widow was able to retrieve it for him. The fight eventually spilled into a moving train when Rogers tried to drawn Ultron away from the Cradle.

Quicksilver helps Captain America fight Ultron

Meanwhile, Romanoff entered the truck; however, the Ultron Sentries lifted the truck into the air to evade a road blockade set up by Seoul Police. On the train, Ultron almost defeated Rogers when Pietro and Wanda Maximoff came to Rogers' aid. Ultron begged the twins not to turn against him, but Maximoff pointed out that they had no choice. Ultron killed the conductor of the train and fled. This caused the train to speed out of control. Rogers had Quicksilver move civilians out of the way while Maximoff used her powers to successfully stop the train. Romanoff managed to roll the Regeneration Cradle into the Quinjet in midair, but she was kidnapped by Ultron in the process.[3]


The Maximoffs decided to aid the Avengers

"The Avengers cannot defeat Ultron. Not alone."
"Why does your Vision sound like J.A.R.V.I.S.?"
"We reconfigured J.A.R.V.I.S.' matrix to create something new."
Thor, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark[src]

The Avengers managed to retrieve the Regeneration Cradle, sending it back to Avengers Tower for Bruce Banner and Tony Stark to examine it.

Ultron knocked Black Widow unconscious, and took her to Baron Strucker's HYDRA Research Base in Sokovia.

Pietro and Wanda Maximoff managed to learn about Ultron's plan to eradicate all human life, so they defected from his side and joined the Avengers in order to stop him. Meanwhile, the Avengers debated whether to activate the body Ultron was created, when Thor suddenly broke in and struck the Regeneration Cradle with his hammer, as the body, Vision, came out. Vision and the Maximoffs helped the Avengers to defeat Ultron when they went to rescue Romanoff.[3]

Repairs began in Seoul following the incident and continued to as late as May 3, 2016 when Seoul was among the cities noted by WHiH News anchor Christine Everhart to be still "on the mend" as a result of the incidents involving the Avengers, in part due to their tactical response, as the issue of the Avengers' management and responsibility was being discussed.[4]