"I'm here on Morag. Ain't no Orb, ain't no you."
"Well, I was in the neighborhood. I thought I'd save you the hassle."
Yondu Udonta and Peter Quill[src]

The Battle of Morag was a confrontation between the outlaw Star-Lord, who had come to the planet Morag to find the Orb, and a group of Sakaarans led by the Kree Korath the Pursuer, who had been sent to retrieve the Orb by Ronan the Accuser.



The Orb stored in the Temple Vault on Morag

The Orb was hidden with the Power Stone stored inside, on the planet Morag, storing it in a secret tomb that was hidden beneath the planet's vast ocean. The ocean would recede every 300 years, making the tomb accessible.[3]

The Ravagers are hired by a Xandarian merchant called the Broker to recover the Orb from the planet Morag. In an attempt to separate from the Ravagers, Star-Lord travels to Morag alone to recover the Orb.[1]



Star-Lord collects the Orb

"Oh, forget this!"
Korath the Pursuer and Star-Lord[src]

Star-Lord entered the Temple Vault and retrieved the Orb from the containment device with a Gravity Mine. Korath the Pursuer arrived with a group of Sakaarans to retrieve the Orb for Ronan the Accuser. The Sakaarans surround Quill and Korath demanded the Orb. Quill turned the Orb over but kicked a Plasma Sphere at the two Sakaarans which broke and disintegrated them. Quill shot Korath with his Quad Blasters and retrieved the Orb. Korath got to his feet and shot at Quill who ducked and escaped through the hole in the wall created by the blast with his Jet Boots.

Quill headed for the Milano as Korath pursued him. Quill threw the Gravity Mine near the Sakaarans guarding the Milano, pulling them to the ground and allowing Quill to enter the ship. Quill was able to lift off and dodge several blasts from the Necroblaster canon. The Milano is caught in a geyser before Quill is able to escape into space.[1]


Ravagers morag 1

Yondu Udonta puts a bounty on Peter Quill

"Put a bounty on him! Forty K. But I want him back alive."
Yondu Udonta[src]

Yondu Udonta arrived on Morag to find the Orb missing. He contacts Star-Lord who informs him he took the Orb and plans to sell it. Yondu orders the Ravagers to put a bounty on Quill's head.

Quill traveled to Xandar to sell the Orb to the Broker. Quill informs him that Ronan the Accuser was after the Orb as well and the Broker refused to purchase it. Quill left the Broker's Shop and was attacked by Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and Groot.[1]


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