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"You remember the Battle of Harokin? When I got hit in the face with a broadsword?"
Thor to Frigga[src]

The Battle of Harokin was a conflict in which the Asgardians were victorious, that took place in Harokin.


Thor and his friends, Sif and the Warriors Three, fought in the Battle of Harokin. Asgardian forces fought and won the war.[1]


"I remember you celebrated the Battle of Harokin so much that you nearly started the second."
"Well, the first was so much fun."
Thor and Sif[src]

In 2013, during their celebrations after Thor and the Warriors Three had finished protecting the Nine Realms, Sif and Thor talked about the time of when they had celebrated the Battle of Harokin and how Sif had nearly started a second battle, to which Sif said that the first was so much fun.[1]

Later, Frigga encountered a version of Thor from 2023 who had traveled to 2013 to obtain the Reality Stone. After she inquired about his prosthetic eye, Future Thor claimed that he lost his real eye during the Battle of Harokin, although Frigga was able to quickly see through the lie.[2]


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