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"You better move."
"I'm telling you. You don't wanna go in there. She has a terrible temper."
Golden Tiger and Danny Rand[src]

The Battle at the Silver Lotus was the confrontation between Golden Tigers, Ryhno's Gang and combined forces of Iron Fist and Colleen Wing.


"What did they want?"
"Protection money."
Colleen Wing and Henry Yip[src]

As the war between Triads progressed, Golden Tigers provided protection for owners of establishments in Chinatown. One of them was Henry Yip, owner of the Silver Lotus who paid protection money to the Tigers. However, street gang led by Ryhno invaded Triads' territory to make some profit.

One day, they tried to shake Yip down for protection money outside his restaurant, but they were driven off by Colleen Wing who threatened to call the police. She was looking for his cousin Frank Choi as he had donated a box engraved with a mon to Bayard Community Center. Henry claimed to have no cousin by that name but actually, Choi owed the Tigers money and had gone into hiding.[2]


"You are in way over your heads. What do you think the Tigers will do when they see you, huh?"
"We'll deal with them. Like we're gonna deal with this."
Colleen Wing and Ryhno[src]

To extract information from Yip, Colleen Wing went to a restaurant with Danny Rand. In the restaurant, Rand and Wing enjoyed their meal and discussed the situation with Triads. Not long after, Ryhno's Gang entered the restaurant, searching for Yip. They came to the kitchen and threatened Yip and his employees to take their money. Then, one of the employees called the Golden Tigers to request some help.

Rand and Wing followed Ryhno and his men into the kitchen and tried to make them leave. Ryhno was quickly hit by Wing and his allies prepared to fight with her. Despite resistance from their side, Wing managed to fight and defeated all of them.

Meanwhile, members of the Golden Tigers arrived at the restaurant. Rand went to confront them while Wing dealt with the gang. Despite, Rand's attempt to make them leave. a fight soon broke out in the restaurant. While Wing fought the gang in the kitchen, Rand fought against the Tigers. After defeating the gang and persuading the Tigers to leave, Yip informed Wing that the man she is seeking, Frank Choi was currently hiding from the Tigers.[2]


"The Tigers say this is their turf. But we grew up here. It's all we know."
"It's cold in here. It must get colder at night. Any of you get sick, get hungry, you come by Bayard."
Ryhno and Colleen Wing[src]

At next day, Ryhno ordered BB and two gangsters to ambush Colleen Wing. BB threatened her with a gun but she quickly disarmed him. They decided to escape and Wing followed them to the hideout. After a tense confrontation with Ryhno, Wing explained that she fought them at the restaurant in order to stop them from being targeted by the Golden Tigers. As she left, Wing told them that Bayard Community Center will offer them food and sanctuary. Privately, BB apologized for pulling a gun on her, explaining that he had to do what Ryhno ordered to stay part of the gang.[3]