"Stay down. Final warning."
"I could do this all day."
Iron Man and Captain America[src]

The Battle of the HYDRA Siberian Facility was the final confrontation in the Avengers Civil War that pitted Captain America and the Winter Soldier against Iron Man at the HYDRA Siberian Facility.

The grand plan orchestrated by Helmut Zemo came to fruition as the resulting conflict split the Avengers apart which spelled dire consequences for a future war.


"All due respect, you're not going to solve this with boys in bullet vests. You gotta let us bring him in."
"And how will that end any differently from the last time?"
"Because this time I won't be wearing loafers and a silk suit. 72 hours, guaranteed."
"36 hours. Barnes. Rogers. Wilson."
"Thank you, sir."
Tony Stark and Thaddeus Ross[src]

Helmut Zemo questions and tortures Vasily Karpov

Helmut Zemo located Vasily Karpov, one of the former leaders of the Winter Soldier Program, who was in hiding with HYDRA having been wiped out. Having discovered Karpov's location, Zemo knew that he would be unable to easily break into Karpov's home so instead faked a car crash and asked Karpov to invite him inside to discuss the matter in private.


Helmut Zemo leaves Vasily Karpov to drown

As soon as Karpov opened the door, Zemo attacked and subdued Karpov before tying him upside down above a sink slowly filling with water. Using a hammer to bust through the walls of Karpov's cellar, Zemo found and took the Winter Soldier Book from Karpov's HYDRA files and introduced himself while speaking politely to Karpov, before demanding information that occurred back in the year 1991. Despite Zemo making his intentions very clear that he would not stop until he had the information he needed to exact his violent revenge, noting that his loyalties did not lie within HYDRA, Karpov refused to help him. Seeing that Karpov would not speak to him, Zemo left the tap running while Karpov gave the famous HYDRA salute. Zemo then walked straight out of the house, taking his new stolen belongings.


Helmut Zemo frames the Winter Soldier for a bombing

Bucky Barnes had been framed for a bombing attack on the Vienna International Centre the day the Sokovia Accords were being signed. Barnes' friend Steve Rogers, otherwise known as Captain America, brought it on himself to bring Barnes in, knowing that ordinary humans would not survive an encounter with a super soldier, especially one that had once nearly beat him to death. However, Barnes tells Rogers that he does not do assassinations anymore and that the attack in Vienna was not his.

Captain America Civil War 29

Bucky Barnes escapes from Black Panther

A chase through Bucharest only resulted in Barnes, Captain America, Falcon/Sam Wilson and Black Panther/T'Challa being arrested. All four were escorted to a Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building; the two Avengers and Black Panther were placed in an office and had their equipment confiscated, while Barnes was heavily restrained in a mobile cell, to be psychologically evaluated.


Helmut Zemo manages to activate the Winter Soldier

Prior to Barnes' interrogation, Theo Broussard, the psychiatrist who was supposed to be carrying out the evaluation, was murdered by Helmut Zemo. Zemo impersonated Broussard, and carried out the evaluation as normal until he was able to speak a trigger phrase intended to activate Barnes' Winter Soldier programming and send Barnes on a rampage; Captain America realized that "Broussard" was an impostor, but was too late to prevent the attack.


Zemo being confronted by Steve Rogers

After killing several Joint Counter Terrorist Centre employees and nearly killing Black Widow, Barnes attempted to escape in a helicopter, but Captain America prevented him from leaving, causing Barnes to crash it. Captain America saved Barnes from drowning after falling into the river, and Barnes' Winter Soldier programming had worn off by the time he awoke.

The Joint Counter Terrorist Centre gave Iron Man 36 hours to capture Barnes and bring in his renegade comrades. Although War Machine/James RhodesVision, Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff and Black Panther agreed to help Stark, he still felt undermanned and recruited high school student Peter Parker, who Stark had managed to discover was a superhero named Spider-Man, under the pretense of giving him a educational grant under the Stark September Foundation program.


Iron Man finds and threatens Captain America

After enlisting Clint Barton to rescue Wanda Maximoff and recruit Scott Lang, who had been recommended by Wilson, Rogers and his team made their way to Flughafen Leipzig-Halle, where a Quinjet was waiting to take them to Siberia. Iron Man evacuated the airport, alerting Captain America and his team to the heroes' presence. Captain America jogged out onto the runway towards a helicopter, which was then quickly disabled by Iron Man as he, War Machine, Black Panther and Black Widow approached Captain America. Captain America attempted to convince them that Barnes was innocent, however Iron Man grew impatient and ordered Spider-Man to web Captain America's hands and steal his shield.

Civil War TV Spot 55 with Spider-Man

Iron Man's faction and Captain America's faction charging towards each other

Falcon soon located the Quinjet and notified Captain America, who then gave the signal to Hawkeye. Hawkeye fired an arrow at the webbing, freeing Captain America as Ant-Man revealed himself to be hiding on Captain America's shield and managed to take Spider-Man by surprise, hitting him and retaking the shield. Stark turned around to the source of the arrow, locating Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch via scan as War Machine announced Falcon and Barnes' position and the battle began.

Following the Clash, Barton, Lang, Maximoff, and Wilson were captured and imprisoned in the Raft while Parker was sent back to New York by Stark's request.[2]


Confronting Zemo


Captain America and Iron Man confront Helmut Zemo

"This isn't going to change what happened."
"I don't care. He killed my mom."
Captain America and Iron Man[src]

Before disappearing from the airport, Natasha Romanoff tells Stark that Barnes was framed by Helmut Zemo, and Stark later finds evidence confirming this. Stark follows Rogers and Barnes to the HYDRA Siberian Facility, and is shadowed by T'Challa. They discover that the other Winter Soldiers have been killed by Zemo, who is Sokovian and wants to punish the Avengers for his family's death. He shows them footage revealing the Winter Soldier killing Stark's parents in 1991.[2]

Planned Revenge

"Vengeance has consumed you. It's consuming them. I am done letting it consume me."
T'Challa to Helmut Zemo[src]
Cap Tony Civil War Empire

Tony Stark learns Steve Rogers withheld the truth

Enraged to learn that Rogers was aware of this Stark turns on Barnes. Stark knocks away Rogers and grabs Barnes as Zemo retreats. Rogers throws his shield, deflecting an otherwise fatal repulsor blast. Iron Man restrains Rogers as he once again goes after Barnes, who manages to disable the repulsor gauntlet with his Prosthetic Arm. Iron Man launches a rocket which destroys one side of the room as Captain America destroys the restraints holding him back. As Stark is pinned down from the rubble. Barns takes his chance and runs to an escape hatch located at the top of the facility. Rogers attempts to talk Stark down but Iron Man attacks Barnes again, forcing Rogers to brake one of Iron Man's rocket boots. Iron Man used his lasers to trap Captain America from him, returning his focus onto Barnes.


Iron Man tries to battle the Winter Soldier

Iron Man fought Barnes who was trying to escape to the top of the building, Captain America and destroyed Stark's armor targeting system, leaving the former to have to use his own eyes to destroy the hatch. When trying to throw his shield again, Iron Man shot the shield mid-air, leaving Captain America defenseless and continued his attack on Barnes.

Captain America Civil War 83

Captain America and Winter Soldier fight Iron Man together

Having Barnes trapped inside, Iron Man fought him in hand-to-hand combat until he had him in his grasp. Iron Man questioned did he remember his parents, with the latter stating he remembered everyone he killed for HYDRA. Captain America jumped on the pair and knocking himself and Stark to the ground below. Captain America insisted that killing Barnes wouldn't change anything, but Iron Man stated he didn't care, wanting to avenge his mother's death, and was willing to kill Rogers to get to the Winter Soldier.


Captain America is pitted against Iron Man

The two battled in hand-to-hand until Captain America was overpowered by Iron Man, Barnes saved him by knocking Stark back with Captain America's shield, leading to a two on one brawl. Iron Man quickly shot Captain America backward, leaving Winter Soldier to fight Iron Man alone in hand-to-hand combat. Barnes attempted to remove Iron Man's arc-reactor, but the latter used his uni-beam to disintegrate the Winter Soldier's prosthetic arm.

Defeated Iron Man

Captain America and Iron Man stand down from battle

Captain America rushed at Iron Man in rage to defend Barnes from being executed, leading to Iron Man to shoot beams at the former's shield. Captain America then pushed Iron Man into a wall and began to pummel him, with the latter having the ability to stop the super soldier. Iron Man ordered F.R.I.D.A.Y. to analyze Captain America's fighting pattern, stopping his shield and beat the captain into submission. Rogers again tried to tell Stark that he was defending his friend and that he was his friend, but Stark refused to listen and continued the fight, ordering Rogers to stand down.


Black Panther subdues Helmut Zemo

Rogers refused and stated he could do this all day, Iron Man's foot was grabbed by a wounded Winter Soldier, who was kicked back. Captain America then grabbed Iron Man from behind, picking him up and slamming him into the ground. Rogers then proceeded to destroy Stark's helmet and the arc reactor, shutting down his suit. Rogers helps Barnes up, but leaves his shield after Stark protests that he does not deserve and that his father made the shield. Satisfied that he has irreparably fractured the Avengers, Zemo attempts suicide, but is apprehended by T'Challa.[2]


"Thank you for this."
"Your friend and my father, they were both victims. If I can help one of them find peace..."
"You know if they find out he's here, they'll come for him."
"Let them try."
Steve Rogers and T'Challa[src]
Frozen Bucky

Barnes is put into cryostasis in Wakanda

In the aftermath, T'Challa haned Zemo over to Everett Ross, who placed Zemo under custody. Stark provided Rhodes with exoskeletal leg braces to let him walk again. Rogers and Barnes escaped to Wakanda, where T'Challa granted them asylum. Barnes decided to go under cryosleep until such a time that he can be mentally cured of his HYDRA brainwashing. Rogers warned T'Challa that if the outside world were to discover that Wakanda was harboring the Winter Soldier, they would come for him, but T'Challa brushed it aside, proudly stating that he would let them try. Rogers then left Wakanda and broke into the Raft, freeing Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Hawkeye and Ant-Man.[2]



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