"We do this my way. You kill anybody, you're on your own."
Luke Cage and Bushmaster[src]

The Battle at Yangsi Gonshi Warehouse was a confrontation between Yangsi Gonshi and the temporary alliance of Bushmaster and Luke Cage.


"As for our other problem, my security team suspects he's watching us."
"Oh, hopefully so. That's the whole point of putting cheese in a rat trap."
Hai-Qing Yang and Mariah Dillard[src]

Despite her family's credo to don't have to deal with the drugs, Mariah Dillard decided to cooperate with Yangsi Gonshi. She offered Hai-Qing Yang to establish his business in Harlem. In return, she asked to put Bushmaster's name on their drugs to ruin his reputation. Yang kept his side of the bargain and new heroin flooded the streets of Harlem.

Bushmaster faced further problems when his reputation was damaged by drugs and put his aim on Hai-Qing Yang to stop him. Yang informed Dillard that his security team suspects McIver is watching them. Dillard said that she hopes so because all of this is a trap for McIver.[3]


"Yuh waan fi talk mi name? Eh? Puttin' that poison on di streets like it's me, eh?"
"Mariah was right. Rats always follow the cheese."
Bushmaster and Hai-Qing Yang[src]
Cage working with Bushmaster

Luke Cage confronts Yangsi Gonshi

Following Hai-Qing Yang, Bushmaster came to the warehouse where Yangsi Gonshi produced heroin. McIver confronted with Yang and then he ordered his men to attack McIver. As he went to fight the gang, he was unexpectedly assisted by Luke Cage. With their goals aligned, they both joined forces and fought against the Hatchet Men although Cage made sure that McIver did not kill anyone. By combining their forces, Cage and Bushmaster successfully defeated all hostiles.[3]


"Poisonin' di pickney dem. Now yuh see why Babylon muss burn. First dem. Then her."
"Why don't you kill each other, get it over with so I can get some goddamn sleep? How many more people have to die?"
"Anyone fi get in the way. Anyone."
Bushmaster and Luke Cage[src]
Once they defeated their attackers, the hostility between them resumed when they disagreed on what to do with the warehouse. McIver wanted to destroy the warehouse and burn the heroin. Cage confronted him because he did not want the Hatchet Men's deaths and the drugs could be used as evidence. However, McIver decided to use explosive device and gave Cage a chance to leave before he destroyed the building, his adversary wouldn't let him. After briefly fighting, Bushmaster managed to fight Cage off and made his escape. Also, he managed to put device on Cage and it exploded but Cage contained the explosion.[3]


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