"I've been fighting with one hand tied behind my back. What happens when I'm finally set free?"
Captain Marvel to Starforce[src]

The Battle at Mar-Vell's Laboratory was the altercation between a surviving group of Skrulls hiding in Planet C-53's orbit, and a Kree offensive including the Starforce. The battle was initially a chase for the Tesseract, where the stakes later escalated when Accuser Warships arrived to bombard C-53's surface with Kree Ballistic Missiles. Captain Marvel stopped the bombings and neutralized all members of the Starforce, and finally Yon-Rogg in the Mojave Desert, while the Skrulls escaped down to Louisiana for temporary refuge.


After Vers remembered part of her past memories, she realized that Skrulls are the victims of Kree's oppression, and decided to help them escape from the Kree. In order to do that, Norex modified their Quadjet to be able to launch into orbit, where Mar-Vell's Laboratory was located. He then remained on Earth to stall Yon-Rogg, who saw through his disguise and executed him. He subsequently contacted Ronan the Accuser to confirm the presence of Skrulls on Earth.[1]


Chase for the Tesseract

"Arm wrestle for the Tesseract?"
"I used to find you amusing. Let's put an end to this. For the good of all Kree!"
Captain Marvel and Yon-Rogg[src]

Captain Marvel defeats the Supreme Intelligence

Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau, Talos, and Goose arrived at Mar-Vell's Laboratory, but they were ambushed by Starforce, who sent Danvers to commune with the Supreme Intelligence, imprisoned the Skrull refugees and decided to dispose of Fury and Rambeau. But before they could, Danvers overpowered the Intelligence in a mental battle, managed to break free from it and the Photon Inhibitor, and asserted control over her full range of cosmic powers. In the process, she caused the cells where the Kree were keeping the Skrull refugees to overload, giving them a chance to escape as well as depowered the energy cuffs on Fury and Rambeau.

Captain Marvel destroys the Kree Ballistic Missiles

After quickly overpowering Starforce, Danvers retrieved the Tesseract and saved Fury and Rambeau from their Kree captors. She then instructed Fury to take the Tesseract while she used lunchbox used to carry it as a decoy. He refused to touch it but Goose swallowed it. Danvers then stalled Starforce by letting them think she had the Tesseract, causing an all-out battle between Danvers and her former teammates and allowing the Skrulls, Fury, Rambeau and Goose to escape in a Quadjet. Ultimately, when Yon-Rogg managed to pin her against the wall only for Danvers to break free, was her ruse exposed. As Danvers was distracted by Korath the Pursuer and Bron-Char, Yon-Rogg led his remaining troops to the hanger prevent the Quadjet from escaping, but Rambeau destroyed the Helion to the clear the way as she flew back down to Earth, incidentally flushing the remaining Kree troops into space. Yon-Rogg and Minn-Erva then embarked on space pods in pursuit. Danvers tried to stop Yon-Rogg but he managed to launch his pod with her on the exterior and ultimately manage to throw her off during re-entry. Fortunately, Danvers managed to discover her ability to fly

Captain Marvel gives Ronan the Accuser a warning

Rambeau flew the Quadjet through the canyons of the Mojave Desert to evade Minn-Erva, ultimately managing to outflank and destroy her pod, killing her. Yon-Rogg subsequently made another attack on the Quadjet only for Danvers to appear and cause him to crash.

Shortly afterwards, Ronan the Accuser's fleet of Accuser Warships then arrived outside Earth's atmosphere through the Universal Neural Teleportation Network and fired a barrage of Kree Ballistic Missiles at Earth, but Danvers destroyed all of them when she stopped one mid-flight and hurled it at the other incoming missiles. This unexpected occurrence surprised Ronan, as he assumed Earth didn't have a sufficient defense system After destroying them, she confronted the Accuser Warships and destroyed a group of their fighters sent to eliminate her. Then, she punched her way through and easily destroyed an Accuser Warship before hovering in front of Ronan's fleet and made released a powerful energy pulse, daring him for a second round. Recognizing Danvers' incredible power, Ronan ordered his surviving ships to retreat, vowing to return for Danvers, whom he had designated a weapon.[1]

Duel in the Mojave Desert

Yon-Rogg and Carol Danvers face off

"This is that moment. This is that moment, Vers! Turn off the light show, and prove, prove to me, you can beat me without-"
"I have nothing to prove to you."
Yon-Rogg and Captain Marvel[src]

After defeating the Kree armada, Carol Danvers went back on Earth to the Mojave Desert to face Yon-Rogg, causing nearby power grid lines to overload by her mere presence near them. Yon-Rogg admitted that he admired her progress since when he had first met her, and invited her to a 'fair' fight without using her powers to prove herself to him. Danvers, not going by the rules of her former boss anymore, simply incapacitated him with a single photon blast, stating that she had nothing to prove to him. She then put him back in his still functioning pod to send him to Hala with a warning message to the Supreme Intelligence of her intent to put an end to its war and lies.[1]


Captain Marvel leaves Earth

As the Kree forces attacking Earth were defeated, the remaining Skrulls gathered in Rambeau Residence for temporary refuge, along with Carol Danvers and Nick Fury. Danvers agreed to finish what Mar-Vell had started and decided to help the Skrulls find a new home away from the Kree. After saying goodbye to the Rambeau's and giving Fury an upgraded Transmitter Pager to summon her in the event of emergency, she took off into space with the Skrulls.

Suffering a defeat at the hands of Captain Marvel, the Kree Empire became aware of a new security force protecting Earth. Although Ronan the Accuser claimed they would come back for Danvers, he failed to deliver that promise as the peace treaty between the Kree and Xandar caused him to defect from the Kree, and later be killed by the Guardians of the Galaxy during the Battle of Xandar.[1][2]

Following Fury's return to S.H.I.E.L.D., a rumor went around that the Kree burned out his left eye for refusing to surrender the Tesseract. However, Fury was more concerned how many other intergalactic threats remained unknown to humanity. Believing S.H.I.E.L.D. alone couldn't protect the planet, he began drafting an initiative to recruit individuals with powers and abilities like Danvers.[1]


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