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"Remember, these dudes have Hammer weapons."
"What, are you about to tell me to wait in the car?"
"I didn't say all that."
"What, you think I can't with this arm?"
Luke Cage and Misty Knight[src]

The Battle at Irie Taxi Garage was a conflict between Luke Cage and Misty Knight and the Stylers who were put on patrol for the hostage of Piranha Jones.


"Those cabs the Stylers were driving I caught a partial plate. Traced it to a place in Brooklyn."
"So why not call it in?"
"You're off the reservation again, aren't you? Listen, we do this right, it won't matter."
"You know I've got your back, right? But just so we're clear, when we're out there, what I say goes."
Misty Knight and Luke Cage[src]

After being defeated at High Bridge for the protection of Harlem, Luke Cage returned back to Pop's Barber Shop to look for Piranha Jones, who was now gone missing. Now having a new prosthetic arm, Misty Knight came to the Barbershop to check on Cage, in order to question on behalf Jones disappearance. Knight then noted to Cage that one of the Stylers were driving a taxi cab and traced them back to Brooklyn. Cage then came with an idea to attack the Stylers with help of Knight, leading to them agreeing with the plan.

Meanwhile, Jones was held hostage from the Stylers after he was kidnapped. Bushmaster entered the room where Jones was at and told him to lend in his password and give the cash from Mariah Dillard to transfer to his banking account. Despite being reluctant to do it, Jones did what he asked but threatened Bushmaster that Cage would come after him. Bushmaster scoffed at Jones for thinking of that kind of idea but Jones told him that nobody can harm Cage, leading Bushmaster to be agitated. Once Jones did what Bushmaster asked, he was then killed by the Stylers.[3]


"You're making me rethink this whole sidekick thing."
Luke Cage to Misty Knight[src]

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"So, with Piranha dead, you think Bushmaster got what he wanted?"
"It sure as hell looks that way."
"If your theory's right, Mariah will have lost the club and the money."
Luke Cage and Misty Knight[src]

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